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  1. Victor Nazarian

    I’m curious. What specifically did Gina Carano say? I’ve seen many obscure comments using nebulous language about why Gina Carano is being attacked. What words did she use in what context did she use them?

    1. JayArnold

      Honestly absolutely nothing harmful, abusive or insulting to anyone. I’ve followed her social media pretty closely. She was harassed by a group of twitter trolls who demanded that she “put pronouns in her bio” …. this went on for weeks and they became increasing obnoxious, abusive and threatening to her (you can good “Gina Carano Data Racer” to see a snapshot of some of the abuse) so she finally put “beep bop boop” like R2D2 just to shut them down and they threw a tantrum. What it did was show that she did not align with Lucasfilms woke agenda which is apparently inexcusable. She also suggested covid lockdowns were doing more harm than good, and that mandates are unconstitutional, and that the voting process should be cleaned up and be more transparent so folks would have more trust in it. Things you may agree or disagree with but certainly nothing very controversial. They finally fired her when she made a post that pointed out that the Holocuast did not begin with concentration camps. It actually began with the normalization of neighbors hating neighbors for irrational reason – and warned that that the political divide today is causing an irrational hatred and perhaps folks should be more tolerant of each other because it once lead to very bad violence. LucasFilm twisted into something antisemitic and claimed they fired her for being some sort of a bigot. They kind of reinforced the point of the meme she posted because they are clearly intolerant of, and harbor outright hatred for those with political views to the right of Carl Marx. What’s funny is many of her castmates and crew who actually know her and worked with her have spoken up about what a terrific person she is. Just tells you something about the Lucasfilm leadership.

      1. Ellie

        Well said! Perfectly on point, and 100% truth.

        Gina Carano did nothing wrong.

      2. Kevin

        Yet LucasFilm let Pedro Pascal’s Twitter comments, equating “Children in cages” to the holocaust and Trump to Hitler, slide. They are a completely one sided and hypocritical company.

        1. Kevin Is A Moron

          He did no such thing, either. So shut up about him already, you moron.

          1. ^This guy is a moron

            Maybe remove your mouth from Pedro’s privates and do a simple online search, which will show you that he did, in fact, say those things via his twitter.

      3. Yasmar Notlob

        TLDR, Gina was fired for comparing vaccine mandates with the Holocaust. Makes sense!

        1. Jeremy

          No she did not compare the two. If you think that is what her tweet was saying, all I can recommend is going back to middle school to learn better reading comprehension.

        2. Chris Wood

          As Compared to what Whoopie Goldberg said. She didn’t didn’t think the holocaust wasn’t about race, because it was only white people killing white people.

        3. JayArnold

          Yasmar quit spewing BS. That is not at all what the meme she posted was about. Not even close. Read my post above.

      4. Mr White

        Thats alot of words of someone who is a very wrong.

        Considering the number of jews in high places in Hollywood, one might think it best not to flippantly bring up the holocaust in regards to a life saving vaccine against a pandemic.

        The only hatred is coming from people who like you who want people to die and be able to say what you what, no matter how offensive or incorrect it is without consequence.

        1. Griz

          Except for the fact that everything you just said is wro g because Gina mever did any of that.

          So you are either Ignorant or a Liar.

          Either way you should avoid commenting until you educate yourself or just stfu.

      5. Jammer777

        You stated that perfectly.

  2. Christian

    They fired her for being a Conservative. I think Conservatives should start firing liberals to see how they like it.

    1. JayArnold

      And she never really did voice any strong political opinions. For instance in an election year she never once voiced any support for any candidates. Never even once mentioned Trumps name. Her opinions seemed to be more philosophy based – from which one could derive she leans right of center. She’s been known to point out liberal hypocrisy but that’s about it. The wild eyed woken leftists will smear anyone as a bigot who does not align with their lunatic fringe agenda.

      1. RC

        That’s also false

      2. Yasmar Notlob

        Uh.. so her getting fired for an anti-science stand somehow is more horrifying to you than getting fired for supporting a politician? Weird flex but ok!

        1. Jammer777

          Anti-science stand? Like what? How the CDC suddenly lifted the mask mandate just in time for the state of the union address because polls said people didn’t like them? As if covid suddenly disappeared. It wasn’t about science, it was about control.

      3. BradJ

        No signs of intelligent life here. Next solar system.

    2. RC

      They fired her for bullying Pedro’s sister

      1. bob roberts

        What specifically did she do that could be classified as “bullying”? I can’t find it.

      2. Ellie

        Why you gotta lie? That’s completely not true, and you know it.

      3. Sgtspanky

        What absolute rubbish!

      4. Kevin

        Um, I did a search about that and, shocker, absolutely nothing of the sort came back. Quite the opposite actually. Gina has had nothing but great things to say about Pedro Pascal. And Pedro has been staunch supporter of her’s. Why would that be if she was “bullying his sister” like you claim?

    3. Tarc

      The problem you’d find there, bud, is that liberals wouldn’t be working for conservative bosses anyways. We bug right out when faced with morons like that.

      And yea, she was fired for conservative views. Anyone who still spouts the “election-was-stolen!” tinfoil nuttery deserves to get canned.

      1. Kevin

        Lol. You keep telling yourself that. Oh wait that’s right Liberals would rather not work and live off the government dole to begin with. And, by the way, Carano said absolutely NOTHING about “the election-was-stolen” Only one spouting tinfoil buttery here is you buddy.

        1. Yasmar Notlob

          Waiting for the stats on how much red states consume Federal money vs blue states… *crickets*

        2. Kevin

          You do realize that federal money states use isn’t just for welfare, right?

      2. JayArnold

        Tarc – Tell everyone you are intolerant of differing view points and closed without just coming out and saying it. Sounds like you are the moron and you don’t even realize it. Also she never posted that the “election was stolen”. The only thing she she posted about it was the day after the election when the results were still in dispute and multiple recounts were taking place. She made a post suggesting we clean up the election process, give it greater transparency and require voter ID’s. Any normal person would agree. But if wild eyed liberals read that as “the election was stolen” maybe it’s because they believe it was?

      3. Mike

        Ever heard of free speech more on.
        Conservatives want to conserve the Constitution and the freedoms it insures. Liberal progessives want to do away with it and promote Soviet style socialism. In my day people like you were considered traitors.

    4. Manny

      The one problem is that Conservatives do not run creative or liberal companies that require free thinkers. So after doing a lot of movies about one religion and other assorted fantasies there is not much in their tool box.

  3. Bob

    I’m not offended by her opinions, everyone has their right. I was offended by how poor an actor she is. Every scene was she was in was dragged down by her stiff chops.

    1. David M

      My opinion is you didn’t watch the same show I did and you are a troll.

      1. Tarc

        Sure hope she sees this, bud.

      2. Manny

        There is an actual study of how certain states consume more of the Federal dollar which leaves the states who actually produce this dollars with a percentage of it.

        Therefore if we follow Conservative spouting those Red states should only get what they produce based on GDP and population.

        1. Griz

          None of that has anything to do with Gina Carano.

          You’re wasting bandwidth posting stupid deflections

    2. Yasmar Notlob

      This. What she was successful at was conveying some degree of realism in her fights. Acting wise, no way. Her role required her to grimace or pop out a few witty one-liners. Now that was not her fault, but that certainly doesn’t provide any grounds for her being hailed as an irreplaceable actress.

    3. Manny

      I guess the show must have been different which I was also watching. She is a really bad actress and all you have to do is compare her to the others around her. Rosario Dawson first appearance and consistent acting ability details this as an example.

      1. JayArnold

        LOL – Sure bud. So Jon Favreau just casted a “bad actress” for a character he created himself. I think he knows a little more about acting and casting than you do. Also you are clearly not a fan of the show because if you were you would have watched the “Gallery” specials where pretty much the whole cast and crew had high praise for her acting ad the way she played the character. “You can’t take your eyes off her” was what Pedro Pascal said about her.

  4. David M

    When even Forbes calls you out for firing someone, you know you are an idiot. If Lucas Film has half a brain, and I do not know if they do, they need to create a new character and leave Cara Dune in the past pile of ideological dumb decisions. Businesses who bend the knee to twitter deserve all the money they lose when all they have to do is ignore the Woke & Far Right bafoons both.

    1. JayArnold

      Well said.

  5. If this is even true, this is a huge mistake. They absolutely should NOT replace Mrs. Carano. Mary Elizabeth Winstead is amazing, but so is Carano, and Gina earned her place. They should put BOTH of these ladies in Star Wars. Disney has made enough mistakes in the past to upset/disappoint fans. They are on a good track with the latest Mando/Boba Fett series, why ruin it by failing to listen about Carano. I’m a former Stormtrooper for charity for 15 years, so was my late Son. Don’t ruin your fans’ faith, Disney.

  6. Wing

    Let’s take these Inside Magic are with a grain of salt y’all. First they have an article that says they’re bringing back Gina Carano and other saying the replacing Gina Carano? They can’t get it try to save their lives can they? It was a mistake to fire her in the first place, Disney claims are they for women but they clearly proven false to that claim. I believe the late great Maya Angelou said if one woman stands up for herself she stands up for all women. And even if this is true how long before Disney’s fans aka the Twitter nuts decided to turn on this replacement for her own beliefs? Disney does a chance to turn this around but they know what they need to do but they don’t have the strength to do it I’m going to pray that someone with enough Bank take Star Wars away from Disney they clearly mishandled it and they don’t deserve it

  7. Tarc

    Carano was fired for being an anti-mask and pro-“HURR DURR the election was stolen!” moron. Also some antisemitic stuff later.

    So, sorry, loony-tunes; y’all are finally realizing that actions have consequences.

    The Carano fanbois can follow her to that Ben Shapiro-produced movie she’s working on, though, I’m sur the five people who actually watch it will rave, lol.

    1. Griz

      How can she be anti-mask when see posted a video about making masks at the beginning of the Pandemic?

      You are clearly lying about an election being stolen talk as well.

      You are also lying anout her posting anything antisemitic.

      You are Ignorant and should avoid posting until you can stop making a fool of yourself.

  8. Jo236

    So Gina Carano can be fired for simply giving her opinion and speaking her mind. Yet Whoopi Goldberg runs her mouth on that ridiculous show The View about Jews and still has a job and that stupid show still airs. Talk about 2 sided 🤦🤦🤦🤬🤬

    1. K

      Well said!

    2. W

      Hypocrisy denial arrogance, all three attributes describe Disney to a tee.

    3. BradJ

      What did Whoopi say about Jews? There’s your first clue.

  9. Boba Catt

    Winstead is playing Dr. Aphra from the comics.

  10. Katrina Dymond

    Well I guess George Lucas and Disney can drop dead . Just like all other woke companies ,can say goodbye to my money. I have saved a thousand dollars, and will sell all my Disney and Lucas stuff.

    1. Mr White

      “can drop dead” yeah but its the left spread hatred. Apply some critical thinking to the things you say…

  11. Marty

    Carano was fired for several things she expressed on social media:
    1) Anti-trans statements
    2) Anti-Semitic statements
    3) Spreading vaccine disinformation.
    4) Being an embarrassment to Disney.

    #4 will get you fired much quicker than the previous 3.

    1. JayArnold

      You are full of BS. She expressed NONE of those things you listed. She was fired because her political opinions fall somewhere to the right of Carl Marx….. and when Lucasfilm realized the she could not be bullied or intimidated into aligning with their wild eyed woken agenda she became a very dangerous person those intolerant people. The fact that does not NEED their money meant she could afford to stand up for herself. You see Disney does not want strong independent women… they want women who can be easily pushed around and manipulated.

    2. Er

      And yet Whoopi goldberg was called out by a Holocaust Survivor and Gina was not. Easy to see who was being anti-semitic and who wasn’t

  12. Gerard

    I will probably skip. Cancel cancel culture

  13. TrashPandaGrrl

    Ok, I started believing rumors that she was going to be back in Mandalorian season 4 so created a Disney+ account – my sister’s account lapsed after she was fired, snd we just let it go. If she’s actually being replaced, I’m canceling MY account. Who needs their idiocy?

  14. Scott

    There’s too much hate out there. I’m glad they fired her. She must stupid to not get vaccinated then make it public.

    1. Griz

      Great, another person making an Ignorant comment that doesn’t know anything about what really happened.

      Get a clue Scott.

  15. TheoFel

    Good luck with that. You can’t just write in a character to replace Gina’s Cara Dune, and presenting her in that light just cuts the new character off at the knees.

  16. Ray Rose

    I have stopped watching the series due to Gina’s firing. I loved it. Won’t ever watch it again until they hire her back!

  17. Julian H

    What a sad day for LucasFilm and Disney, when they give in to the Cancel Culture, SHAME on them. Gina was great in the role.

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