Comments for Safari Driver Recalls “Keeping High-Paying Guests” Amused During Bizarre Encounter

Kilimanjaro Safaris vehicle

Credit: Disney


  1. Hannah

    On our most recent trip, the male lion was alert and active on their rock formation. When we turned the corner to the back side of the rocks, he made his way to a high perch and let out a very impressive roar! Even our driver was excited and surprised! We have seen the lions many times and they almost always are sleeping so this encounter was a very special treat!

  2. Kimm

    I absolutely love the safari and the gorilla encounter. Sadly, with all that is going on with Disney now, we won’t be going back any time soon. We haven’t been for almost 2 years, when we used to go at least 6 times a year, or more.

  3. Sue

    I was on the safari with my 4 year old daughter years ago and as we drove by an embankment a pair of rhinos came down the hill quite quickly and came out right behind our truck. I have it on video. I kept thinking hmmm if we were a little slower they would have run into the side of the vehicle.

  4. I,as many others, have been dvc members for about 12 years- been about 30 trips to wdw or DL but now with ridiculously high prices, much less in return, too much wokeness and politicizing their views on the larger percentage to satisfy a smaller group, i will be selling off my dvc, no more annual passes, disney plus is now discontinued and i am sure i wont be the only one. I know myself wont make a difference but when others,and there will be many others, who follow suit, Disney will realize this is NOT the path Mr Disney, himself, wanted to go down. Too bad

  5. Scott

    I was unfortunately stuck for a half hour when a group of Wildebeest decided to stay in the middle of the road. It was cute for five minutes and then people started asking,”Can’t you honk at them or something?” Nope. Just got to wait for them to do their thing. Sorry about your lunch reservations uptight guests lol.

    1. Deborah

      Best to use the bathroom before your safari, and don’t hydrate too much. Plan for the worse case best experience.

  6. Mark

    My family and I go to Florida multiple times a year and always stop in at Disney World. But no more they can keep their wokeness and child indoctrination and I’ll keep my money. It was fun while it lasted

  7. Jose Torres

    I use to go to WDW every year with my mother. Even the last time before the pandemic that she had to use a wheel chair. Right now without the magical express it’s imposible. Not because of the cost but because the fact that is imposible to take care of her the luggage and everything else arriving and leaving it us not possible.

    1. AMJ

      We’ve had several times our truck has been delayrd on the Safari. Once a giraffe came right up to the truck, stuck their head inside it. The driver was calmly freeking out, “Please DO NOT TOUCH the giraffe! Do not get near it!” Like we had a choice. We’ve had animals block the road a few times. None of these stops lasted too long, maybe 10 minutes, max.
      But our last ride we were stuck for over 45 minutes. A truck about 3 trucks ahead broke down and a new vehicle has to be sent out. We were stuck about where the fake ostrich eggs are. However, a mom a few rows ahead of us started doing Safari trivia with her 2 kids. After about 5 questions a lot of us joined in.
      Only time I’ve been happy with the Disney+ web app!

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