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johnny depp as jack sparrow

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  1. RobbieRa

    Why not stick to a theme? The article is about John Waters support of his long-time friend Johnny Depp, but NOOOO! ITM has to fall into it’s usual cancel jargon, when it has been proven again and again many, many people stand for JUSTICEFORJOHNNYDEPP!

  2. Marentos

    Amber Heard should be locked up and psychologically evaluated, I wouldn’t touch her with a ten foot pole, you live and you learn johnny depp stay away from crazies, peace brother may the force be with you

    1. Kevin

      No, it’s……
      I wouldn’t touch her with a 10 meter cattle prod (Bill Murray, Ghostbusters)

      1. Barbara

        AH has taken care of destroying her own career and Johnny didn’t have to stoop to her leve to do it. Just sat back and watched it happen. Good job Johnny.

    2. Mary

      Oh there’s quite a few of us that would love to touch her, but there’s this thing called jail

  3. Beverly

    Some people are just toxic through and through; Amber Heard is one of them. Many people have spoken in Johnny’s favour multiple times. I am one of them.

  4. Ang

    There are 2 things that strike me as strange. Firstly, Depp’s previous female partners have come out in support of him. If you beat one wife, you abuse them all. It’s rare than an abuser only targets one partner & leaves the others alone.

    Secondly, & more damningly imo, Heard’s parents have spoken up for him, saying she’s made the same “unfounded” (their word) allegation about other men. If my parents said that about me, I’d worry I was in the wrong. If they even suspected my partner was hurting me then they’d do all they could to protect me. My parents were suspicioos that my partner & I moved in together quickly & were worried I was being used or taken for a ride. They argued with her, with me many times & refused to speak to her. After 14 years they admitted they’d made a mistake. They would never have said she meant the world to them or that they supported her in an argument between us. (To be far, on the very rare occasions we’ve argued, they did tell me when they thought I was in the wrong, but it was for minor things, not that one of us was abusing the other!). I cannot believe that any parent would side with a person abusing their child.

    The whole thing seems fishy to me. As far as I’m aware, there’s not a single other woman who has come out & said anything bad about Depp. That is so strange & I find it hard to believe he’s an abuser.

  5. Corrie

    Being a victim of domestic violence myself, I know without a shadow of a doubt that amber Heard is no victim. I’ve listened to conversations between them and no person who has been attacked mentally or physically would have talked to their assailant the way she was. I stand with Johnny Depp as fan and as someone who understands what he has been through. #justiceforjohnny

    1. Mary

      Thanks for your comment, I’m so sorry u were in that kind of situation. I think they should in all respect put a few people that have been in your shoes on the stand and compare them to her and see for themselves the differences or at least put a therapy doctor on the stand.

      1. Oh come on the director is just hype. Johnny is drug addict he’s blow 650million and hasn’t payed his taxes in 20 years He beat up Amber.He is a piece of dhit.

        1. Steven

          The piece of sh1t here is you since you obviously don’t fully do research but rather just run your mouth. Amber is a vindictive and compulsive liar!

  6. When the story first brook Disney was shocked and going to distance them self from Johny. But now that they have realized that with out Johny their is no pirate’s. So they are having people give him positive reviews. Johnny is a junkie who blew through 650 million. Hasn’t filled his taxes in 20 years and beat up amber. A piece of dhit.

    1. Linda Camacho

      Get your facts straight instead of relying on rumor and innuendo. Depp’s tax payments were handled by TMG, which failed to pay ON TIME, which resulted in fines.

    2. AH

      Where is your proof?

    3. Kristina

      Johnny is no junkie, yes he may do drug and has been open about that for years, the junkie is AH she has multiple prescriptions for drugs and always wants more, the company that he used didn’t pay his taxes and cost him alot of money which wasn’t his fault but he had to deal with the consequences of other peoples wrong doings, and again the only piece of s@it is amber and the one he left in his bed

    4. Mary

      Did your hearing aid quit working? Evidently since she’s admitted in recording to starting fights and doing the hitting!

    5. Gnei

      Someone seems to have a massive crush on AH… blinded by beauty.

      1. Ariel

        Beauty is as beauty does. She is hideous and he’s an idiot.

  7. Johny Depp is a great actor and should never have been axed I’ve had a lot of experience with woman and they will cut you to the core and bring you to your knees out of pure jealousy and vindictiveness. I believe Mr Depp is an innocent man and he’s been hurt by a very deceitful woman.


    |Amber Who? She is a no talent actress trying to make a little money on the side.. The world is going to Hec and Disney is at the front of the line. |GEEEZZZ!!!

  9. Sherry

    Can’t believe he is the bad one here, she’s no prize & I’ve read conflicting stories she’s said. She’s a liar looking for more $$ since she has no career

    1. I will say as a classically trained actress myself I found no merit in Amber Heards performance even before I knew anything about the relationship.

  10. Myra Lawson

    I’ve said this many many times, a bad woman can bring a good man down and that’s exactly what’s happened with Johnny Depp. He fell in love with a Beautiful woman but she had an agenda. Her career took off to new heights after being associated with Depp. Then she accuses him of abuse and dumps him. Her name is everywhere then for an extended period of time. No one will ever make me believe he was abusive to her! If anything it was the opposite!! It doesn’t take a brain to figure that one out!!

  11. I’m not sure what to think. I know the signs of abuse and I don’t see any of them in Johnny Depp.
    None of his past relationships seem to have made any aligations against him.
    So I will side with Johnny!

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