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Spaceship Earth st EPCOT in Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Disney


  1. TotalDramaDisney

    Oh! Thank goodness! I was worried they were removing something important.

    1. Tracey

      If you don’t like it then why do you keep going? I will say when it opened it was spectacular and now it is a little out of date. It is important for the history and for the future. Since you have to much hate and negativity and you don’t like it then just away. Turn in your annual pass. I apologize that you have so much hate in your something as grand as Disney. For your information hater they are just closing the ride not removing the ball

      1. Tracey, please calm down. It doesn’t sound like they are “hating” maybe not that interested in the new project! You seem to be getting too worked up.

      2. Mark

        Epcot is my favorite Disney park but I personally never cared about this attraction at all.

  2. Judy Knapp

    No, I don’t like the changes at Epcot. I like the uniqueness of the park and do NOT want it to be just another MK of rides. It’s like cheapening it instead of featuring it. World Showcase is wonderful with all of countries, their architecture, their foods. Make Epcot a show case not a kiddie park.

    1. KenG

      If you recall all the countries were originally suppose to have attractions but budget cuts prevented that. Germany was going to have “The Rhine River” ride, Japan a Mt. Fuju ride (similar to Matterhorn), Italy a Pinocchio dark ride and so on.

      So after decade France finally got an attraction beyond the film, the others are still waiting.

      Over in Future World there are no more or less rides than there were in the early 80’s. Guardians replaced Universe of Energy, Mission Space replaced Horizons as examples.

      The Moana area is not going to be a “ride” as I know it and again, originally that area was going to more of a park-like and experience place but money was not there for.

      So really it is the same as it always has been. (I have the original pre-opening book form 1981 that shows all the concept art has a lot of these plans that never happened.)

      1. For all of the changes that were to take place for WDW’S 50th anniversary I’m amazed that so few were ever completed. It’s just been an ongoing shutdown and installation of green walls that appeared one after another. Is it impressive to this 72 year old ex Disney Store employee? Not at all! I haven’t been back since the green walls screwed up my visit in 2014. With the current company greed and guest service failures I can’t see a reason to return. Your “leadership” has killed theDisney Traditions training that expressed that we always were to EXCEED the Guest’s expectations. Not tear them down behind green walls.

    2. Ken


    3. Mark

      I don’t care if they add rides as long as they don’t replace anything. For example if Japan got a Mount Fuji ride behind everything else, I wouldn’t care, and nobody would force you to ride it.

      That said, I’m annoyed with the Frozen ride replacing Maelstrom as that was a far better representation of Norse culture.

  3. JNoonan

    Ok so basically they’re closing the bathrooms between Test Track and Mexico? Baby center too? Wow.

    1. Carol Robertd

      Just spent a few hours at Epcot with my family, ticket total was over $1300 it was the most disappointing fay of our 3 week vacation
      We have been many times to dksney over the last 30 years. The magic has GONE, it was grubby, lacking in services, overcrowded , and too many places closed, and walking thru areas that wete cordoned off did not add to the ambience. Very sad to say we will not be back.

      1. KenR

        Agreed. I love Epcot but am a frequent visitor to WDW. For anyone choosing to spend a day at one of the parks. Epcot is by far the worst and has been the worst for over a decade. They have limped along by having food, art and garden festivals and very little in terms of updated attractions for far too long. Now they are renovating Future World but have already drastically scaled back the original plans. Now guest are left with a maze of construction walls and ancient boring rides. They should have closed down Future world and got the construction done instead of charging people full price and working around them. Hopefully the Disney company will figure out a way to build a new ride in under half a decade like it does now.

      2. Reader

        This article was so full of filler and ads that I could not even figure out what is closing.

      3. GRUMPY of snowwhite

        We went January 2022…..it sucked….start by getting rid of long lines…….have been 11 times since 1971….
        Not the same

  4. Courtney

    I have never even heard of this before.

    1. Userdand

      Nothing on Earth is forever even though Walt tried to make a sweet bit of it so. Waiting for the iconic Main St experience to fall next. Sometimes progress sucks.

  5. The new name is IPCOT – Intellectual Property Cash-in Of Today!

  6. Julian

    I would of liked to have seen it, and I believe it was a good place to cool off in. But its typical yet one more change and again not in a good way.

  7. Carol B

    We only happened upon it by accident. It was very interesting to see, but it was never really advertised. If you didn’t happen to go through that building you missed it. That was a mistake – it was worth seeing at least once.

  8. Li

    We will miss this area. Very nice spot to stop and recharge. Plus it offered nice views of that area of the Park….and some of best rest rooms in Epcot. Not happy.

  9. Miksmidt McHurst

    I can’t believe Spaceship Earth is finally going away. I don’t know how I feel about this “Bruno’s giant balls” ride, I don’t think it will be the same.

  10. cb

    All these fast rides and kid stuff should be at Magic Kingdom not Epcot . Soon there will be nothing for Adults .Maybe some company that has a brain make a park with slow rides and stuff for adults .Parents is what brings these children to the parks and if there is not enough for the parents to do they soon will not go. Make a park for older people only

    1. Ron Rando

      They have a park for old people in Florida, it’s called The Villages.

      1. Userdand

        Your turn will come if you live long enough when all you cherish is tossed aside for the new generation and the world becomes less familiar and comforting. Your response will change. Mark this date in your calendar.

    2. Melissa

      Families don’t all like this new stuff either. We have 4 littles (and I never liked fast rides anyway). Many of the new rides are not good for my littles. And the ones they still can do now have lines beyond their attention span. We don’t give each kid screens either so they rely on traditional patience in lines. We have a short upcoming trip since my oldest was disappointed about our COVID cancelation. Then we are done. An old version of Disney where the whole family can play and learn together, that kind of a park we would be back for.

  11. Kenr

    Seriously, who cares about that? Close down the awful Figment Ride and put something truly worthwhile into that beautiful pavilion that has been wasting away and neglected for years. It’s baffling how a company known for its “imagineers” and great movies, can’t come up with a great “imagination” ride and a compelling and great movie for the theatre. They can’t do that, yet they find money to spend being woke by re-theming Splash Mountain and removing Zippity-Doo-Da from their playlist.

    1. Userdand

      Woke is firmly ingrained in WDW business culture now and they aren’t looking over their shoulder to see what’s gaining on them. Buh bye, Disney. Dump their stock now if you have any.

  12. Kevin

    I still think that EPCOT is not the place for a Guardians of the Galaxy rollercoaster. EPCOT has always been about science and imagination, Leave movie tie-ins like Guardians for Hollywood Studios.

  13. Ken Brenner

    A long time WDW fan, mainly Epcot and some at Magic Kingdom. Epcot was special because:
    1. More open and spread out
    2. A beautiful lake and lots of nice landscaping
    3. It was unique – offering more “informational” type attractions
    If people want rides and fun things for kids, there are 3 other parks.
    Things they’ve already done that I don’t like:
    – Replacing Maelstrom with Frozen (which belongs in another park anyway)
    – Moving the France movie to nighttime only, and adding a “sing along)
    – Removing the fountain of nations, with its beautiful nighttime show of lights and music
    I soo NO reason to change Spaceship Earth. It is designed to be timeless.
    Additionally, I cannot understand whey they would build those huge barges for the nighttime show and leave them in the lake all the time. It ruins the look of what was once a very beautiful view and place.
    I really question the abilities of current WDW leadership.
    Very sad…

    1. KenR

      I’m still trying to figure out why it takes them half a decade and longer to build one ride when they managed to build the entire Magic Kingdom and more in that same amount of time back in the 60s and 70s.

  14. Patricia

    I must have missed “60 Minutes”! Exactly what attraction is closing for good? As for the imagineers, there aren’t any, and haven’t had a single one since Joe Rohde!!!

  15. John

    Worked for WDW for a solid 35 years. The minute I was eligible for retirement I took it. Place has changed and not for the better. First the reservation system is a joke. Telling people they have to plan their visit months in advance is awful. Plans do and will change for folks. And guess what? You lose close to 50% of your “down payment” if you need to cancel. The end of Fast Pass is terrible. Genie+ is a joke. Everything is all about $$$$$ now. I cannot even bring in guests into the park anymore without jumping thru a million hoops. They want $$$$ from everyone.

    1. Julian H

      Hi John never a truer word has been spoken.

      I have loved Disney and have been coming for 20 + years from the UK staying on property at Port Orleans Riverside mostly, but I cannot justify paying over $1500.00 more than 2 years ago and getting far less for for my money than i did before.

      There was always some planning to do, but not even close to what Disney expects you to do now, its just not a holiday anymore, until things change sadly we are done with Disney, we will still come to the USA as my family and I enjoy it so much and the fun people etc, but we are now staying over at Universal where we get so much more with less hassle for your money. Disney need to see that to have a proper vacation they need to learn from Universal. And stop this Money grab at any opportunity

      1. Andrea Conti

        Well said. Much more for your money at Universal. Disney has changed so badly. And to keep taking away good rides and songs is terrible woke decisions. I enjoyed Space Sip Earth for its educational story through time. Sad.

  16. Kelley

    It has been a long time since I have been WDW but when we went it was so magical & it makes me sad to hear that any part of it has gone downhill! Epcot was such a great place to learn about different countries & cultures, that people otherwise might not ever get to experience! If they are going to have so much closed up & not worth seeing that park, they need to lower ticket prices!

    1. Dorcas Kershaw

      WDW is no longer the magical place it was designed to be. After 40 years of bringing family, and even having my husband work there after retirement the last time we went I said , “ who is responsible for ruining this,” ? .The joy and spontaneity is gone. Too many cast members do not have the polish and refinement that was once so evident. DWD has become an organization that supports the Woke
      Mentality . No standard equals no difference than any place else. Disney was a place you could go and escape everyone’s viewpoints. No longer worth spending the money. I can go to Walmart for this environment.

  17. kathy

    Epcot has needed a fresh look for along time. to spend the money and not be able to get on anything with 1 to 2 hr wait. I hope they are taking this into consideration. I’ve been there twice in the last few months and only gotten on 2 things. Please refresh and renew or people will stop going. The ball has always been a bore for the last 40 some years.

    1. Jim M

      You obviously miss the point of Spaceship Earth. It lays down the whole premise of Epcot by showing the evolution of mankind until you get to the top where you feel as though you are in outer space. It makes you appreciate everything that we as humans have accomplished over time. I always found it to be a moving experience. It was never intended to be a thrill ride, so get over yourself.

      1. Kim

        One of my favorite experiences is Spaceship earth…all of the vintage rides were amazing and moving. So sad to see them all go. I am glad my 12 year old daughter at least got to experience Spaceship earth and Imagination. She would have LOVED the dinosaur and motion rides. So sad they are gone.

  18. Userdand

    Woke is firmly ingrained in WDW business culture now and they aren’t looking over their shoulder to see what’s gaining on them. Buh bye, Disney. Dump their stock now if you have any.

  19. Robyn Morin

    Really not understanding the “woke” comments. Disney is Not “woke”. Disney is greedy, corporate, selfish, and with was the deal with TROS? (I don’t care that the last part isn’t relevant, because it still needed to be said.) Woke, to me, is being accepting of others and sensitive to their wants, dreams, and, most importantly, needs. Disney isn’t sensitive to that. If they were, it wouldn’t take emptying a kid’s collage fund and taking out two mortgages to visit! They would care about their guests and want future guests to feel Welcomed, not burdened by financial ruin.

    1. Robyn Morin

      *wth, not “with”

  20. Kim

    We just went to Epcot in Feb. It was so sad. The beauty of Epcot when I was a kid was that it was like taking a trip into a time machine and learning about the evolution of life and all that it could become in the future. Now that the future is here, of course it’s time for Epcot to also evolve and create a new future. That’s the point of Epcot right? To basically be like a World Fair? But it sounds like they are turning it into a movie theme park. And what they should have done is shut down the entire park and do the over haul/redesign at once instead of working around the guests. All of those green walls were so depressing. And Mission Space? That was the most awful ride I have even been on in my life!!!! And there’s been deaths on that ride!!! They need to shut that down!! All the $$ Disney makes and they can’t give us something as innovative as Epcot circa 1980s/90s? I was so sad about it that I went and watched all the shut down rides on YouTube.

  21. Ken

    When they ripped out the Fountain of Nations, they lost my family as customers.

  22. Sarah

    The attraction closing in this article is The EPCOT Experience, which opened in 2019. It is not Spaceship Earth.

  23. Paula

    Don’t like the changes. The Epcot Ball is iconic…

    1. Be Nice

      I am not sure where you are getting that spaceship earth is closing let me just say SPACESHIP EARTH IS NOT closing for good.
      What is closing is in the area between “future’ world or World discovery and World Showcase there is a building that has a film showcasing what they have been planning for the future of Epcot. The building has bathrooms, some photo op areas and during some of the festivals will house a food booth so it has some a/c eating area.

  24. Tom Knill

    Disney can start by getting rid Michael Strahan and Kelley Rippa!

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