Comments for Disney Pauses Political Donations in Florida Amid ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill Backlash

bob chapek

Credit: Screenshot via Annual Shareholders Meeting


  1. I love Disney

    Bob Chapek has been criticized severely since his becoming CEO – he’s raised prices dramatically, increased charges such as genie+, gotten rid of important amenities such as the Magic Express, issued an obnoxious statement against Scarjo, inspired an online petition to get him removed…. Throughout all this, Chapek has never apologized. Now, there’s a bill that Disney did not write and did not pass, and Chapek is apologizing for being associated to it. It’s like Universal bulldozing Harry Potter Land because of JK Rowling.
    This, to me, shows Chapek’s true weakness in his position at Disney. It is like Lindsay Ellis, the popular liberal Youtuber who got taken out for her racist comments against the movie Raya and the Last Dragon. Chapek can only be taken out for something such as Disney’s anti-gay stance, (or he wouldn’t have apologized for it), and people who truly want him removed should seize this opportunity.

    1. Price

      I couldn’t agree more, this is probably the best way to get Chapek out of the CEO position if people still genuinely hate him and want him gone then they should Most DEFINITELY seize this opportunity and continue to use the #FireChapek and the #BoycottDisney and sign that fire Chapek petition! And maybe even do a LGBTQ protest outside the parks!! Disney and Chapek have F’ed up massively and maybe this detrimental backlash will be the very thing that gets that penny pinching bean counter out of the company! ✊🏻

  2. Mike

    As is almost always these days…these comments are POINTLESS and end up being twisted into a way to CANCEL someone because they don’t immediately jump to appease WHATEVER specific group that is stomping their feet at the moment. “ALL who come to this happy place” should be welcomed EQUALLY to all Disney Parks …no one group more…none less. Mr. Chapek / Walt Disney Co. should stay out of politics AND China (we still have ability to make t-shirts and souvenirs in the good old USA). Keep it simple… “a place to relive fond memories of the past and savor the challenge and promise of the future”. Return to what would make Walt proud.

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