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Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World Resort as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration

Credit: Disney


  1. Cheir

    Really need to write CANADA in title so that Americans don’t need to read half a post to find out it’s worthless to us

  2. THX1138

    It’s always good to pass on how to save money.
    Didn’t have to work so hard at it before.
    Disney has Jumped the Shark!

  3. Larry

    This info is NOT useless to Americans. I’ve been using Disney Gift cards on Disney trips for years. My local grocery store chain gives “fuel perks” points when you purchase gift cards so it’s a win, win. I don’t have to carry cash, I give gift cards to my children to use so they don’t lose money and I’m getting a reduced gas price when I return home from my trip.

    You can also get a Disney Visa Card through Chase Bank that allows you to build Disney Rewards Dollars (which I’ve used on trips) AND, because your a Disney Visa Card holder you also get special perks like Special Character meet and greets, etc that are specifically for Disney Visa cardholders. All these perks add up to save $$.

  4. Mark

    I find the best way to saving money on a Disney trip is to cancel it. This seems to work best.

    1. Don’t know if they do this in Canada, but in the US if you have a Target credit card you save 5% on all purchases. Including gift cards. The Disney VISA card also gives you a 10% discount at certain restaurants and a discount on some gift shop purchases. You can create a Disney gift card account and consolidate all your Disney gift cards into one or a few cards so you don’t need to travel with ad many.

  5. Sharon

    I discovered that I can purchase Disney gift cards using my Target red card at Target and automatically save 5%. Doesn’t sound like a lot but the money adds up quickly at Disney

  6. Darren

    Some banks in Canada also offer US funds accounts with a US funds credit card attached to it. People may wish to check if this is available to them as well check if there are any associated fees or minimum requirements. In addition to being able to easily transfer funds between the US and Canadian accounts, a US account conforms to US routing and account structures making other payments, such as checks, easier to process in the US.

  7. Julian H

    You know another way is to load up a Travel Money Credit Card, in the UK there are many options, from the Post Office to travel Companies and banks. You preload it with US Dollars currencies, you can keep topping it up when the rate is good before your holiday, its an electronic version of travel cheques, this way the money is protected and you do not have to spend it just in Disney, but anywhere that takes credit cards. There are no fees and you can track your balance on line. Why give all your money to Disney, they are way too greedy these days, so much choice besides them.

    Also with these travel Credit Cards prepaid you can not only top up you can also switch the currencies if you have any left for another holiday in another Country if you wish to.

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