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  1. Dave

    That person complaining about the people in the Lightning Lane moving while Stand-By is at a stand still, how is that any different from when FastPass was in play. Yeah, I know, it sucks that you have to pay extra to skip the line…how is that any different than what pretty much every other theme park has been doing for years? I relatively close to Cedar Point and Kings Island, where to skip the lines, you pay up to $80 extra on top of your ticket to do so. And with the prices now at a lot of the seasonal parks, adding the Lightning Lane equivalent there, you’re paying almost what you’re paying for a day at a Disney Park. It’s easy to throw shade at Disney for this, but it’s hardly something that just Disney is guilty of. I’m surprised it’s taken this long to put it in place. I really have no problem with this system, because I really disliked the old system where you had to make park selections 90 days in advance if you even had a chance of riding rides like the Seven Dwarves Mine Car ride or the Avatar ride. I loved going in and going with the flow. The 90 day thing often kept me from doing that.

    Hot take time, I personally think that it should be more expensive. Right now, it’s at a price that people would easily add on, creating a rather huge number in the Lightning Queues, causing Stand-by to grind to a halt. I think that if you raise it to a price that only a few would pay because its a “Gotta have it” type of thing, you’d have a healthy number in that queue, but it wouldn’t get to the point where those who opt not to do it would be stuck in the lines for hours on end.

    It’s not perfect though, and it’s easy to grouse about it. But lets face it, its not going anywhere, because its the Standard at pretty much EVERY PARK regardless of if its Disney or not.

    1. GoldStandard

      The Disney parks are so popular, that even without genie/lightning, lines would be long. Just take all or most of the people passing you in the lightning lane and add them to the regular queue.

      Yes, Genie+ is an additional expense, but it is worth it when you take into account what you pay for airfare, hotel, rental car, park tix, high food prices, etc.

      You have already made the investment, so at that point, you should maximize your time in the park. If adding on Genie allows you to avoid waiting an hour or two for rides, it essentially provides you with double the ride experience (or more) for a sliver of additional total trip cost. Time is $, simple as that.

      We paid the extra for rise of the resistance too, because a 2 hour wait otherwise is too much of a time cost. Riding the 8 most popular rides without fast pass would take at least 8-9 hours on many days, for rides that last 5-7 minutes on average.
      Add in the time walking back and forth, and your day is gone.

      We just got back from Disneyland, and our experience with Genie was awesome. Virtually no waits, allowing us to maximize our experience in the park. Rode everything we wanted, and had plenty of time to experience live shows, character experience, shopping and more.

      Most visitors we see are walking around in park purchased mouse gear (mouse ears are $40 in the park). Just avoid the overpriced park gear (and if tou want it buy before or after at a regular retailer). And bring your own drinks into the park. A soda or bottled water is around $5. Plenty of ways to save $ to afford Genie to maximize your time capital.

      Simply put, if you don’t factor in the Genie cost and benefit into your trip, you are spending hundreds of dollars per person to stand in line most of the day.

  2. J

    Please, please, please do not blame this crap decision on capitalism. That’s complete nonsense. If capitalism was given a chance, they wouldn’t have had to raise prices and implement Genie +. This is all a result of the lockdowns which made almost 0 impact on Covid deaths and destroyed a strong healthy economy. Let us hope and pray that Disney will back off this nonsense when they’ve made up for the losses in 2020.

  3. I do not intend to pay for genie plus. The person complaining in this article said they could afford to go to the parks yearly. That must be nice. When my kids were little, we tried to go every 3 years. Disney is expensive. We are going in 9 days. After this one, I think I want to see other places I have not been such as Hawaii or Europe.

    1. Dawn T

      We are DVC owners and we are going to Interval the heck out of our time now that the greed has gotten so out of control at Disney. I am typing this from our Wilderness Lodge timeshare and we are only on our 3rd day and are disgusted. Loved our ownership here until this year (Feb/March 2022).

  4. Dawn T

    We are DVC owners and we are going to Interval the heck out of our time now that the greed has gotten so out of control at Disney. I am typing this from our Wilderness Lodge timeshare and we are only on our 3rd day and are disgusted. Loved our ownership here until this year (Feb/March 2022).

    1. Lisa

      Same. DVC and Annual Pass Holder – I’m going to let the Annual Pass expire. We went at the end of January and it was probably my worst park experience out of many. Tried Genie Plus at Magic Kingdom and 10 out of 10 WOULD NOT RECOMMEND! One selection at a time just drags you back and forth across the park until there are no more worthwhile selections available. I’m just sad that the current leadership doesn’t appear to be committed to the Disney experience that I have always had in the past and is now only driven by the additional dollars that they can generate. Perks that made the expense worth it like Magical Express, free parking at resorts, and Fast Pass. At what point is it enough money? I might even be more accepting of these changes if the extra dollars were going to the employees, but that’s not the case. It’s going to serve corporate greed and the almighty shareholder. I’m so disappointed – this isn’t the Disney World that I have loved and enjoyed in the past.

      1. Steve E

        We have been DVC members for 12 years. We went in February. The experience has completely gone downhill. We still enjoy the resort hotels, but our park money will be going someplace else. Even my wife, an avid Disney fan and 2-time college program worker, said Disney has become horrible. Everybody is looking at their phones. I cannot tell you how many people I ran into because we were all on our phones. February was supposed to be a low-mid season, but we had to wait in three hour lines for the big rides. Man I remember a decade ago when select parks were open past midnight so most of the crowds were gone. Now they just open half the park thirty minutes earlier. I had to drive my in-laws back and forth from the airport with the loss of Magical Express, which isn’t bad but just another perk lost.

        But like I said, DVC gives us a base camp to explore other sites in Orlando whereas before we had no issue staying on property.

  5. EK

    You see, the good part of capitalism is you get the freedom to not give your business to a company. So use your capitalist freedoms to show them you want change. Money talks people.

  6. Alan

    We just returned from a trip to Orlando at the beginning of February, including a 3 day visit to WDW. I added Genie + to those tickets for my family of 5 all three days. We went to Magic Kingdom the first day and Epcot the second. I was genuinely disgusted with every aspect of the WDW experience, to the point that we just didn’t go the third day. I have 5 unused tickets, all with Genie+, because we just couldn’t stomach a third day in those parks. The crowds were incredible, the lines were incredible, and Genie+ was practically useless. I have been to WDW with my family on 5 previous trips, and while those also had their challenges, we still managed to have fun and enjoy ourselves. There was just nothing fun about this trip. The food was subpar, the lines for rides weren’t moving very well, and the experience was just lacking overall. Unless they make some really vast improvements, I don’t think I will ever return to those parks. The cost just isn’t worth it.

    1. Jason Nelson

      Thanks for sharing that. You outlined our experience verbatim, except we had 4 days of passes but only used 3. We do well financially and go to Disneyland once a year and WDW every few years, so it’s not a $ thing. We literally could not figure out how to have a fun day with the crowd sizes in the parks. I would GLADLY pay DOUBLE the ticket price just to get in if that meant some of the magic could come back with less people being packed in. It’s simple supply and demand! If something is too cheap, it will be overbought. That was our experience the last week of Feb 2022.

  7. George

    I looked at the name of this article and refused to read it. Capitalism is the problem? Really?
    Capitalism built those parks and everything around it. Capitalism made cars available to the working class. Capitalism allows anybody in America to pursue their own dream. Capitalism and competition are joined at the hip. They bring innovation and low cost to everything we touch.
    Remember those nasty capitalists got a covid vaccine to market.
    It’s government that put us in this mess. Disney lost over 10 billion dollars from covid. Thankfully Florida has a governor with brains!
    I don’t like the paid Genie any more than the rest of you but Disney was the last major park to charge for “quick access”.
    The crowds will subside once people are able to vacation elsewhere with freedom.

  8. Ohlongjohnson

    Lightning Lane should be sold in increments of $10 to $100 with ticketholders being sorted in line by the price of their ticket. Now THAT’S Capitalism!

  9. Dan

    I have been inside the Disney parks about 77 times in my life. Big fan, obviously. Everything worked very well in Disney Parks, even through the pandemic. This Genie service is a a dealbreaker, and the current state of affairs has lifelong Disney champions like myself bailing in droves. First, like many, I don’t always stay on property (since I have family nearby). Since parks guests can make Genie reservations an hour early, all the good rides get sold out/booked before non-property guests even have a chance. An additional woe – no more rope-dropping – on-property guests get into the parks 30 minutes early every day, since there are no longer “extra magic hours”. Therefore, non-property guests are screwed. No ability to utilize Genie for shorter lines or planning since everything is booked when their window opens, and no rope-dropping. My past 77 visits, I never waited longer than about 45 minutes in any Disney line, and it was usually more like 10-20 minutes, thanks to proper planning with Fastpasses. But now – if I’m off-property, I face 45-120+ minute lines at all major rides. We were in HS over Christmas shortly after Genie rolled out, trying to figure it out. We complained to a guest leader in plaid at 9:30AM, and he said “don’t worry, you’ll probably still be able to ride 2-3 rides today”. Well, I didn’t pay $800 to walk around and look at the landscaping. I have never gone to a Disney park and not ridden or done 95% of them that day. The worst part about Genie is that that app is faulty. It’s extremely buggy. And it causes everyone to be glued to their phone, virtually every second. You’re constantly looking and trying and hoping something opens up (if it’s even working right). You look around – and every other park guest is glued to their phones. So yeah – this all forces people to stay on-property ($$$) and buy this Genie service, which doesn’t work for most ($$$).

    I want Bob Iger back.

    Wait until Tron and Guardians open. If you aren’t staying on property – you aren’t getting on those rides – unless you want to wait 4+ hours in line. And then – if it breaks down – you’ll be booted with no return ticket. That’s the new deal, and it’s happening constantly with Rise of the Resistance. Lose hours of your day for nothing…then hop into Genie to see everything is booked, then check the line times in the app to see all the good ones are 70-90 minutes.

    Disney is popular. But what they are doing is packing their parks to the degree that perhaps 35% of the guests now can’t experience what they want to and always did. That hasn’t happened in my past 77 visits. They are burning goodwill by the minute with their trusted base (like me). Why not use the park reservation system and reduce the number of guest allowed in the park, throw Genie in the trash, and raise park ticket prices and bring back Fastpass? I am also a Disney shareholder, BTW. The current model is absolutely set up as a cash grab. I get it – businesses were hurt during the pandemic and are trying to recover. But damn, Disney is burning bridges. So much of their revenue comes from their “champions” and “purists” and “fanatics” like me, who visit 5-10 days every year (and bring friends). And every purist I know is bailing. Watch the stock. Come on Disney, go back to what worked, and remember to care about those of us who were the champions. Without us, you’ll make money one-time from newbies who will be frustrated, post on social that it was the nightmare they hoped to avoid, and who won’t return….all while you’ve run off your best customers. I want my Disney back.

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