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Mickey Mouse at Walt Disney World Resort as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebration

Credit: Disney


  1. F

    STOP GROOMING Children, Freaks!

    1. Carl

      How is “Welcome, kids of all ages!” grooming???????

      Everyone that goes to Disneyland walks through that magic gate and becomes their 10 year old self. Sex isn’t an issue for 10 years olds as it appears it is to you.

  2. J

    Unfortunately, the magic is gone! Gavin Newsome must be in charge now. Disgusting!

    1. Janis

      Wrong. DeSantis is governor in Florida. Newsom is in California. Besides, Disney is a company not an arm of government. So much for a private company making decisions about its own salutations. But why are we not surprised at the backlash from Florida’s commandos in Tallahassee? When the cruise lines wanted to follow CDC guidelines for admitting passengers, DeSantis tried blocking them from doing so. He was willing for Covid positive passengers to expose thousands during a cruise and risk another shutdown of the cruise industry. Yeah, definitely a free market concept.

  3. David

    Not happy about this! I support gay and lesbians in our society and would stand up for anyone who is put down. That being said, there are males and females in our society. If you dont like that, learn to because there are things about me that i cant change but i dont want the rest of America to cowtail to me.

    Disney you want money so why do you alienate the people who put the money in your hands?

  4. Dawn

    Disney is getting ridiculous, God made Genders its not up to us to change it.

    1. Rita

      Perfectly said!

  5. Ann

    🤬🤮 that’s how I feel. Disney stay out of politics – I am a woman and want to be addressed as one period!!

    1. Judith Haney

      I support the Parental Rights Law. I support the, “Silent Majority” Castmembers at Walt Disney World who support the Parental Rights Bill, in Florida, put forth by Governor Ron De Santis. The Disney Company is “Tone Deaf”.

  6. H Corbin

    This is evil and despicable.

  7. Dave

    Lowered grooming and appearance standards to roadside carnival standards, now this. Keep catering to your cast members wants.

  8. MB

    As a WDW Cast Member, this is not what we want either!

  9. Peter

    What are they gonna do when Desantis becomes president? Seriously how are these people gonna feel?

    1. stephen

      Trump has a better chance of getting elected again over the dork in charge of Florida right now.

  10. Dee

    I am done! I am canceling my Disney+ and not shopping for anything Disney for my family anymore!

    1. bob

      *cough* cancel culture *cough*

  11. Steve

    This is disgraceful. Walt Disney would be ashamed of what his park has become. I will not be renewing my Disney+

  12. Serena

    This makes me so sad. Slowly the magic is disappearing to cater to a few.

  13. Patti

    Never mind the billions of people that actually happily identify as male or female. We simply don’t matter anymore. Disney just keeps upping the reasons to spend money elsewhere. Especially when you consider just how much money you need to spend to experience the Disney parks. They’ve priced me right out of anymore vacations, but at their current rate of “wokeness,” I’m really okay with it. There was a time when I would have been devastated to think I might never go to Disney again. Now I really don’t care and that’s so sad.

    1. JS

      I believe that they are just purposely causing divisiveness because they enjoy it. Dividing us all will never lead to progress.

  14. A

    Oh good grief! Stop the insanity.

  15. JS

    I respect that they want inclusiveness, but this probably goes too far. Maybe as a woman I like to be called a lady. Why not say something more like “ladies, gentlemen, and all distinguished guests”. Pretending that men and women don’t exist just seems un-inclusive. There are many in the transgender community who use gender specific pronouns and though I really can’t speak for them, I would think that they would feel left out as well.

  16. lb

    even if you are changing gender, arent you either changing to a boy or a girl?!?!????

  17. Cg

    The pandering, the pandering!!! As a queer person I have to say that this is just ridiculous. Nobody ever actually cared about the “ladies and gentlemen” thing. We just wanted queer people to not be hidden away from media 🙄 but Disney is too scared to lose money. They would rather destroy anything queer that their storywriters try to create than do the right thing and stop hiding our existence. And they could have said “ladies, gentlemen, and dreamers of all ages” if they really wanted to pander like this but they just had to go the extra mile to look woke, i guess.

  18. Amanda

    Actually I am completely against this, I seen nothing wrong with the way things were. Why can’t y’all just leave stuff alone!! This world is already screwed up enough as it is not to mention it’s messing up our children along the way. I will not be bring my granddaughter to Disney now and I’ll try my beast to introduce her to movies that aren’t Disney. Thank you for that! Btw your are wonderfully made in your mother’s womb..God is in control of your gender all it takes is one look and you’ll see and if you try to change and alter the way God made you then your one sick twisted individual and you need professional help!!!!

  19. Me

    Wow, total bummer. America is completely going to hell.

  20. James Saxon, Jr.

    Disney was created for family and family based virtues, however, the company has taken a complete turn around to support the gay agenda. Quit giving in to the small homosexual liberals or you will lose your larger audience. Don’t fight this new bill. Don’t take away gender based pronouns. Don’t put any same sex characters kissing one another or other homosexual acts in your movies. If you continue to give in to the liberal agenda we will be forced to boycott “all” Disney parks, TV channels, and Disney products. Your new stand is an absolute anti-family move and your customers will not stand for it.

    1. Farnsworth Hemmington

      This has nothing to do with a gay agenda. This is gender identity politics. Gayness is a completely different phenomenon and cannot be shoved down somebody’s throat or trained into a child any more than straightness can

  21. NYMom

    This is getting ridiculous. I am a woman. There’s nothing shameful or offensive about that, and if there is, that is a problem. There are ways to be welcoming without wiping away our identities. And – as a parent of two kids – we are strongly thinking that our Disney plus subscription needs to go. God made men and women, and both genders are amazing in their own way. Our kids need a strong foundation, not a bunch of wayward opinions thrust into their gullet.

  22. Rick 46

    Let’s ruin the experience for 99.5% of the children and their parents to satisfy that .5% that may have gender identity issues. Or to put it another way, let’s make sure to brainwash the little kids that they may not know if they are really a boy or girl. How anyone thinks it’s OK to teach gender identity to 5-8 year old children is beyond me. And they won’t admit that’s the issue so they call it the “Don’t Say Gay” bill which is total BS. Unbelievable also that Disney says “Let’s introduce queerness at every opportunity”. I for one am done with Disney and it’s sad that a lot of children won’t get the opportunity to enjoy the true Disney Magic that used to be.

  23. J

    You cannot tell grown men and women what to do or say! Do not presume to tell our children either!

    1. Claire

      God made 2 genders people!!

  24. Jo

    This is why God is punishing this country for what you people are doing to us. Sticking it down our throats again! We are doomed for failure. Just wait.

  25. Mickeymouse3

    If a male identifies as a female, he would then be called a she…and vice-versa. Gender is still a factor. So is Disney just trying to get everyone to be referred to as an “it” so as not to offend anyone? “Yes ma’am” or “No sir” will be replaced by “Yes it” or “No it”?

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