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  1. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    This is some kind of a joke, right? I want full capacity back.

    1. John

      You didn’t read the article, did you? Have you been there lately? I think what your idea of what full capacity is is backwards. I was there in November at their current 35% capacity. I have also been there during Christmas break pre-pandemic at literally “full capacity” where they denied people entrance. The amount of people, lines and crowds were the same, maybe even a bit less pre-pandemic, so the 35% thing is BS. Just a publicity thing by Disney to appease COVID concerns.

      1. Lisa

        I agree, it seems MORE crowded now than pre -pandemic!

  2. Andrew

    It’s a straight up lie if they are saying parks aren’t at capacity. We’ve been there many times over the past ten years and were just there for President’s week. I have NEVER seen crowds like that. Not even at Christmas time.

    1. Kahleen

      Exactly! We went to Disneyland for Presidents Day and it was so crammed packed! It wasn’t fun at all. The Genie+ system is horrible and a rip off. Just a way for Disney to get more money. The rides broke down rapidly all over the park everyday. We maybe did 2 rides a day on the Genie+ system and it doesn’t even apply to the big rides!! I’m sure Walt looks sadly on Disney now and what it’s become.

    2. Angie

      I was there presidents weekend too and the park was packed! Trying to get food was a joke because so many stands are closed.

  3. Gigi

    Absolute lie to say they are not at full capacity. Been going for 15 years and Christmas was a nightmare! Worse than any other Christmas I have been. Wish they would stop lying to the public on this.

  4. James

    Let’s see…, Disney controls the numbers, they say when prices go up for peak seasons, no one will ever know what the true numbers are, so Disney saying this is just BS.

  5. Kate Kreuter

    I was there over Presidents week and while I understand it was a peak travel period, the crowd levels were laughable. The wait time exceeded 2 hours, sometimes nearing 3! As a former employee of WDW I was blown away by the decline in service in every area. And the fact that the company is lying about numbers and charging people more for even less is disgusting. I don’t know where the magic went but it’s certainly not at Disney. Having to tell my kids “No” so many times at their favorite place and seeing their disappointed little faces broke my heart. Bob Chapek needs to go.

  6. Pauoa

    Haven’t been in a while but it seems that since this new ceo took over all the problems have started hopefully the calling of him to be fired will go through if not I will not be returning anymore and just remember the magical moments I did have

  7. Jill

    We were just there a week ago and in my opinion, the parks were way overbooked. We spent the money for genie + and during our trip to Hollywood Studios, we were able to use the genie+ for 2 rides and 1 ride that we had to pay extra for, the amount of people at Hollywood Studios was ridiculous and not acceptable. This was our 5th trip to Disney and won’t be back until they figure out how to run post-Covid and lower the capacity at the parks. We too like many will be visiting Universal.

    1. Steve-O

      We went to Orlando for Spring Break the week of the 14th and decided to avoid Disney and Universal like the plague. Disney ended up selling out every single day, while Universal’s ‘fast pass’ (or whatever they call it) was priced at $500 on the one day it was available and not sold out. Zero chance I wanted to be anywhere near that. We ended up having a great time–the one theme park we went to was Busch Gardens in Tampa (roughly an hour and 15 minute drive from Orlando) to ride their record-setting coaster, and we had a blast there! Lines got a little long on the best rides, but we walked on rides until 11:30 or so. We decided on that trip that no way were we going to Disney until October at the earliest, and even then we won’t go if the reports are still coming in about over-crowded, low-service, technical glitches everywhere. We can wait until they get this worked out, or just enjoy our previous memories of Disney if they never get it worked out.

  8. Jessica

    The parks are not enjoyable anymore. They cramp the a lot of people, in some area you can’t even move.
    I feel very bad for people who traveled from long distance and pay a fur tune to have a bad experience.

  9. Kathy

    I don’t understand this article at all. I was just at the Magic Kingdom for two days the week of Feb. 19, 2022. It was totally packed and there were long lines for rides. We did use the Genie pass and it took two days to get to do everything we wanted to do. I’ve been to Disney in years past and it was not like this. Also, not having trans to get from the parking lot to the ferry is ridiculous! Thank heavens they used to them to take you back, but for the money you spend, the least they can do is provide a tram on your way into the park. We managed to have a good time because we planned in rest days and got a place close by with a pool, but I can’t imagine that the crowds weren’t at capacity.

  10. LESLIE

    Took my grandbabies to Disney World week of Feb 21st, 2022. Was not enjoyable at all due to the crowds. Don’t waste your time nor money! Had to wait hour or better to ride one ride. Disney needs to only allow so many in the park. There should be a cut off and limit & control compactly levels. Very disappointed… won’t return!!!

  11. Joe S

    Looks like everyone is saying it was packed. Does this writer have a short position on DIS?

  12. Nicole

    Disney is definitely lying. The crowds at the parks currently are ridiculous. There is no room to walk, 2 hour wait times on rides. It’s a small world was a 65 min wait when I went Feb. 10th. I use to love going to Disney. I actually canceled the 9 day trip I had for September. It’s not worth it. It’s no longer the most magical place on earth.

    1. Steve-O

      The “It’s a Small World” wait time really is the most accurate measurement of crowd size at Disney. If it’s over a 20-minute wait then the park is too crowded lol. I have only been once when that wait was more than 10 minutes, and that was a very crowded day!

  13. Walt

    This is a complete lie. It’s funny when you google park capacity it says confidential. So as long as they hide it they can claim whatever they want. I can tell you the parks are so over crowded right now they aren’t much fun for anyone. We go because we have annual passes and even if we only get on a couple rides we know we can come back another day. We went on March 2nd stood in a 3 hr line for ROTR, 2 hrs for smugglers run and 3 hrs for Tower of terror. Every line we stood in was people not just complaining but truly upset because it was a waste of time and money for them and the kids.

  14. Mary

    Why in the world would you post a comment about the ECV problems as a valid complaint. Obviously, this traveler did not plan correctly before the trip. Rentals from companies other than Disney’s are available. Take responsibility for your own failures when you travel.

    1. Steve-O

      I think it was more a complaint about not having had to do that before (as they had plenty available) couple with the lack of trams to the park (which is a new thing I guess?). I get where they’re coming from. If you never had to plan that before as there were always plenty, but suddenly there aren’t and you had no idea you’d be upset too.

  15. Erin

    We are AP holders have been for over 8 yrs.. keeping park reservation system screws us. Now we cant just decide to go for the day .. because when we want to go there may not be any AP availability. Hate the system . It is for Disney to funnel business to less popular parks as needed.
    We are looking into Universal as well.

  16. Betsy

    I was just there last week. I am a Florida resident and have been to Disney so many times over the last 40+ years. Disney is not nearly as nice as it used to be. Cast members do not have any enthusiasm, place is not as sparkly clean, so many disappointments. Overall, still okay but just not what it used to be. New lightening lane is a rip off (for those who used it). We just got up early and were in line for our favorites early. Who wants to stand in a line for 3 hours when you can go in at 7:30-8 am and be on the new ride in 20 minutes?

  17. Julian H

    OMG, what a load of CRAP, never going back to Full Capacity really, the parks are well over capacity now its got to be verging on a H&S issue.

    I think Disney must have hired a Russian Diplomat to do their PR…

    One lie another.

    1. Matthew

      But whose fault is this?

      Bob Chapek or Josh D’Amaro?

      Chapek may will be the one who instigates the entire vision of the company, but all the lower-level decisions are not EXECUTED by Chapek.

      You keep FAILING to mention Josh D’Amaro, the man whom everyone KEEPS GIVING A PASS for the errors.

      1. Steve-O

        I’m sure it’s a group of people responsible, with poor Chapek being the face of it. Getting rid of him won’t solve anything, except maybe sending a message that people don’t like the direction the parks are going. However, with every article mentioning how crowded the parks are it seems that they’re complaining while spending plenty of money–and that won’t change anything. The only thing that will change is if people stop going….and as we’ve seen most people just won’t do that. We took a vacation to Orlando this year for spring break and made the decision we weren’t going anywhere near the parks. One of the best decisions I’ve ever made. We did do Disney Springs a couple of nights, and I have to say I LOVED the new parking garages (I hadn’t been in a few years, obviously) so that was a great addition….and free. We got our taste of Disney just fine from that.

    2. Matthew

      Or is this just the COLLECTIVE fault of all running parties (executives, the board AND shareholders), and does D’Amaro NOT deserve to be singled out?

      1. Julian H

        Matthew I’m not up to-date with Josh D’Amaro, but all I see and hear is Bob Chapek, (as the CEO) indeed if Josh is to blame as well so be it, along with the rest of the greedy board, this collective Greedy Bunch need to go.

        1. Matthew

          Sadly I think we could well be in this for the long haul, because it seems like Disney’s current business model is one of MUTUAL personal gain for both shareholders AND the board, and that’s why shareholders LIKE Chapek, and that the rebellion against him stood absolutely NO chance 🙁

          But Chapek’s current agenda of greed and self-obsession simply cannot last forever. Hopefully people will eventually stop going and vote with their wallets……at which point the shareholders will stop getting the money and HOPEFULLY elect a better CEO.

          The idea of MUTUAL personal gain for both greedy execs and EQUALLY greedy shareholders could just be the state of the entertainment and leisure industry at large, and not JUST with Disney……..

          1. Julian H

            Sadly I agree with your comments. Such a shame Disney has gone down this route.

            I’ve loved Disney and over 20 + years and have had holidays on Disney property, this year however I have moved over to Universal. Disney has just got way too greedy.

            I’m in the UK and love holidaying in the USA, nice people and we always have a good time, this will continue but without Disney in the mix.

        2. Steve-O

          The only way this stops is if people stop going. As we’ve seen from the many “the parks are too crowded” comments, that isn’t happening.

  18. Angela Klein

    We were at the Animal Kingdom last Thursday and it wasn’t too packed, however we did wait in line for Avatar for 2 hours and will never do that again! What was very disappointing was that the parking lot trams were not working at all! It was an awful walk back to the car after walking all day when you are tired and your feet are killing you!

  19. Heather

    I think you are wrong to not bring max because my brother in law and his father loves Disney. They are out of state and need to cheer them. The brother in law loss his mother and brother through covid. His dad has cancer.

  20. usetolovetheparks

    Was there last week and it was more overcrowded than before the pandemic.

  21. Renee Pack

    We’ve been to Disney World many times in May, June, July, August, September, October and December. This year, 2022, we went in February. It was crowded and the most disappointing trip ever. We went with the attitude that we weren’t going to “pay” for fast passes. Well, we ended up buying a few lightning lanes because of the crowds. We waited for 2 hours for Remy’s Adventure. We have never waited 2 hours for a ride in all of our many years of going to Disney. IF we ever choose to go back….we will have to consider buying Genie+. But, Disney needs to up their games. So many rides were down while we were there….which of course makes the wait time worse when they reopen.

  22. It ‘could be true’ that the parks are net at full capacity…IF THEY UPPED THE FULL CAPACITY NUMBER! If Disney is so concerned for guests experience, maybe they should make capacity at a more manageable number…working at MK, I know that full capacity is 10,000 PER PARK…maybe they should make full capacity 5-8,000…give guests some breathing room…withe the price of park tickets they would make enough $$$$…AND FOR GOD’S SAKE BRIBG BACK FP…GENIE SUCKS (and I haven’t used it)…if you feel like it more nickel n dime at Disney…be lime Kelli and go to Universal…Disney will not begin to change until guests totals drop…there are plenty of other things to do for a week in Orlando!!!

  23. Toni

    Agree with so many others, we’ve gone to WDW every year for 10 years, it was our happy place, and it was never as crowded as it is now. We rarely waited more than 45 minutes unless it was a brand new ride or a holiday. Most likely will never return, we will look for other destinations where we can enjoy our trip. It just isn’t what it used to be, it really feels like the focus on the guest experience is gone, so glad we didn’t end up buying into DVC in 2019!

  24. Tish

    This is so disheartening. I’ve been to Disney multiple times over the past 15 years and it’s never been this bad. I’ve gone in different seasons during peak time, off peak, whatever. I’ve taken a vacation to Tampa and gotten rained out, so randomly decided to go to Magic Kingdom for the day. My sister and I were planning birthday surprises for my nephew and my daughter and planning to take them to WDW this summer. I am now seriously considering choosing a different location. My sister in particular will blow her top if we have to wait 3 hours for one ride. Disney could fix this, they’re simply choosing not to. They charge $150 per person per park PER DAY, and I guess they still feel like they could get more money. Bring back Walt…this current experience is in no way what he meant for it to be 😔

  25. RONNIE


  26. David A Menke

    We were at WDW 2 weeks ago. The Magic Kingdom was a nightmare with the crowds at opening. We have been visiting Disney Parks for 50 years and ad vet Disney Fanatics, but the Magic was overruled by the crowds. My wife was knocked to the ground by a child carrier, (without help from the culprit) and while I was in a store shopping, one of the scooters, back me into a cabinet. People on the scooters were all over, and not respectable to the folks and crowds. This was the worst I have ever seen Disney Parks over crowding. We left after 4 hours. This was an 8 day trip, and we spent most of the time due to crowds, in Epcot, and Animal Kingdom, along with 2 days at Hollywood Studios. We will not be returning until crowds are not so overwhelming, or they raise the prices to eliminate so many people. Something has to be done!

  27. Patricia Tucker

    have a trip planned for later this year and are seriously considering cancelling due to the huge and unmanageable crowds that Disney claims not be at capacity, yet I see reports that the parks are “sold out” due to capacity. We have gone to WDW numerous times and have enjoyed each tremendously, but with the prices both at the resorts and the parks and the reduced level of service on many levels I fear that this visit would be more of a disappointment filled with bitter memories than one of joy.

  28. Candace

    Get rid of the magic keys so we can all enjoy the parks again. It’s ridiculous, many of them visit multiple times a week!

  29. Arins

    They should triple the capacity and lower the price by half.

  30. Danger Dan

    Saved you a click: Disney parks will never be at full capacity because Disney eliminated capacities. They will cram in every $ (I mean person) possible because there is no capacity.

  31. Eugenia

    Well if this is true, I’m gonna only have a pass for a short while until grandkid gets older than I’m done. I was a lifer; planned to have the top pass every year since I’ve been able to afford it.

    But the lack of access, long lines, extra money to get on rides and 30 bucks just to park just isn’t worth it. I’ll get the grandkids on some rides and then we’ll be happy with the memories because it’s just not fun or even affordable anymore. I’m sure right now Disney is coasting on the fact it’s only been less than a year that passholders could come back and only about a year since any entertainment was open anywhere.

    But it will get old.

  32. Jeff Barnes

    I think what we are seeing now is a result of the overall labor shortage. Less CM’s to man the rides and thus they are not running at full capacity. You couple that with the amount of shows or other offerings not quite open yet and you have a situation that exaggerates the high volume of visitors. The number is high, but I think we are seeing exaggerated wait times partially due to the rides not running at full capacity. For example, when I was there weekend of Presidents’ Day, space mountain was not loading both trains on each side, they were only loading one car… that is a big difference.

  33. Jeremy

    I’ve always said that I’d pay double if they’d cut the number of people.

    Huge crowds suck. Hike your prices, please.

    Or limit visitors. Or limit out-of-country tourists.

    It sounds crappy, but standing in line isn’t fun.

    1. Andrew W

      Why out of country? We had two years of not being able to visit! I agree with limiting numbers but not to the exclusion of tourists outside US we have been passholders since 2005 and visited 3 times a year since.


    We visited Disney World in November of 2020. Capacity was at 35%. It was AWESOME. Best vacation ever. We returned in December of 2021. Not sure of Capacity but WORST vacation ever. Already spent extra money because of time if year. Disney still has most all things my grandkids were used to closed or not allowed or reopened. People/other quest were VERY RUDE, OBNOXIOUS and not sure what planet they came from. Definitely ruined the entire experience or MAGIC of DISNEY. Hoping Disney figures out a happy medium.

  35. Andrew

    We are UK passholders and have been since 2005, I don’t for one minute believe anything that comes out of the mouth of a Disney park’s spokespersons mouth! We were there for 2 weeks in February and it’s traditionally a ‘quieter’ time but every day was packed, in the end we gave up and spent the rest of our time at Universal, and it was fabulous! We have taken the heartbreaking decision to give up our passes when they expire in October, we cannot even get the reservations we need to make a trip from the UK worthwhile. For us now it will be Universal, Seaworld and Busch Gardens until Bob ‘big paycheck’ Chapek either sees sense or is replaced by someone who cares about guests!

  36. Linda

    I have been coming to Disney world in Florida since the first summer that it was opened with the family of eight coming in from Rhode Island I have never waited more than an hour for each traction rides and if anybody doesn’t know what an e-ticket ride is it’s the haunted Mansion space mountain thunder mountain etc I was there in 2019 after many many years of going to the park and then taking a 10-year break the crowds back in 2019 before pre-pamadenic were outrageous two and three hour waits for lines you couldn’t even move in the park I’m disabled I was on a wheelchair I tried to be very courteous and stay out of people’s way but people practically ran me completely over walked into me everything else I took another chance because it was a very bad experience in 2019 because we ended up with a death in the family when we came home so I retook my grandson spring break last March of 2021 because the pulmonologist said you were only at 35% it was good then now you wouldn’t catch me in the Disney parks are two hour wait for a little teeny baby ride is outrageous a two-hour wait at splash mountain outrageous way back when I went to the park for the first 25 years we didn’t have a problem with people cutting lines throwing trash on the floor and not cleaning it up you didn’t have people fighting rides did not break down like they do nowadays for the amount of money you pay now anybody would be a fool to buy your tickets I had a 4-day park hopper for $99 for 4 days now the last time I went for one day it was $164 outrageous in the park wasn’t even open the whole time it didn’t open till later on in the morning and it closed at 9:00 at night I would advise anybody who thought Disney was magic 20 years ago not to return because you will be highly disappointed at the filth of the park the rudeness of the guests that are visiting and there’s no way in the devil that I would pay extra money per day per person just to get into a fast lane that is outrageous that ought to tell you there are way too many parks in the park so take a pay cut up there higher level management and lower the tickets back Walt Disney made Disney world and Disneyland family oriented that families could afford no middle class or lower family can even afford that trip without saving for years the only ones you’re attracted to that Park are people who are rich overseas that have the money to come and I think it’s wrong to close down a park for celebrity or a stupid football player they are no more special than the rest of the people go back to Walt Disney’s ideas and we won’t have a problem thank you so very much this is Linda Evans out of Daleville Alabama

  37. John

    I was there in November at their current supposed 35% capacity. I have also been there during Christmas break pre-pandemic at literally “full capacity” where they denied people entrance. The amount of people, lines and crowds were the same, maybe even a bit less pre-pandemic, so the 35% thing is BS. Just a publicity thing by Disney to appease COVID concerns.

  38. John

    It’s all hogwash. I was there in November at their current supposed 35% capacity. I have also been there during Christmas break pre-pandemic at literally “full capacity” where they denied people entrance. The amount of people, lines and crowds were the same, maybe even a bit less pre-pandemic, so the 35% thing is BS. Just a publicity thing by Disney to appease COVID concerns.

  39. Dave y Smith

    I just want the dining plan to return asap. Disney is winning big time without a dining plan. The crazy thing is they also win with a dining plan so why not offer it? Americans need a break.

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