Comments for Bob Chapek “Furious”, No Longer Talks To Former Disney CEO Bob Iger After “Tense” Falling Out

disney ceo bob chapek (left) and executive chairman bob iger (right)

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  1. Matthew Muir

    I believe the foundations of Chapek’s downfall are already being laid…….

    1. Julian H

      Lets hope so, Disney is so far adrift from what it used to be and what I loved. Chapek and his Greedy Board need to be replaced, cannot happen soon enough in my eyes.

      1. Matthew Muir

        But do you think a boycott could work?

        Be honest

        1. Julian H

          I hope it will, I’m not attending Disney until things change. – They need to move in a new direction more to Walt’s vision and I hope that they replace this greedy Board and Bob too.

          1. Patti

            Same. Disney has strayed so far from Walt’s vision that the whole company needs a name change. Rich executives getting richer by riding Walt’s iconic surname is disgusting.

      2. Matthew Muir

        Or do you think it might just backfire and cause Chapek to get even more aggressive?

      3. Matthew Muir

        Or do we as consumers have no real power to influence Disney?

        I think shareholders might hold ALL the cards….

      4. Amen. You have stated exactly what I believe!

      5. In my opinion he has ruined the Disney brand. All he does is continue to raise prices. Some for the second or third time. They have totally priced out the lower income families. It is shocking how much the price of EVERYTHING has gone up. I realize they lost a lot of money, but so did everybody else. Trying to make up all the money lost on the back of families is not the way to go. Disney is perfectly capable of loosing money during Covid. Most companies had to take a lose. Shame on Disney for trying to make it all back on the shoulders of the Disney fans. My family is going at Christmas 2022. This will probably be my last trip because I can no longer afford it. This version of WDW is NOT what Walt had in mind

    2. Joe

      If Bob Chapek goes Disney will be 100 times WORSE.

      1. Matthew


      2. Matthew Muir

        Do you think the next CEO could be WORSE than Chapek, Joe?

        1. Joe

          Most definitely. Chapek is running the parks badly. That’s true. Keep in mind they have to maintain the parks pay the workers. Build new attractions. Like the highly over-priced Galactic StarCruser Hotel. Then they pay millions upon millions for Disney + shows.
          I myself have been priced out of Disney. If I were running Disney I wouldnt’ve raised prices or built new over priced hotel or even launched a streaming service. That’s me. If you think Disney can’t get worse it can. It can be more WOKE and less family friendly. Chapek may be one of the last hope Disney has to return. That’s why he is battling removal.

          1. Matthew

            And part of me fears that the current state of Disney’s management is NOT a result of Chapek himself. It’s the OTHER way round. Chapek is a PRODUCT of this current culture of greed.

            And that’s why the next CEO could be FAR, FAR worse

          2. Julian H

            I disagree TOTALLY Joe, Josh D’Amaro as Matthew had mentioned before Bob Igre and Bob Chapek with their poor vision and greed along with the current board have taken all the magic away from Disney. The costs and jumping through hoops to have a holiday in Disney is simply outrageous. I for one think that a new CEO with a new vision more attuned to Walts is the way to go. For me, I’ve decided to holiday in Universal etc and not visit Disney again until things change. 20 Years + I have travelled from the UK to Disney staying on property, this year I am not do this, I’m still coming to the USE and Florida but staying at Universal, the hotels are less expensive, the holiday experience is chilled and you do not have to jump through so many hoops like Disney to have a good time, all lacking from Disney these days.

            1. Matthew

              I honstly think only someone younger could bring back Walt’s vision.

              At least while Michael Eisner was head of the company he cared MORE for customers, and gets FAR more of a pass than Iger or Chapek.

              Some people say that Josh D’Amaro deserves LESS than Chapek because he has more charisma but I don’t think charisma means that much. It may just all be a desperate attempt to DETRACT from his greed

            2. Matthew

              And some people say that my loud, angry calls for a boycott are becoming UNHINGED, Julian

              Chances are they may be right, because they don’t think a boycott CAN work. They believe the current state of Disney is not BECAUSE of Bob Chapek. It’s the OTHER way round Chapek is a PRODUCT of Disney’s current culture, and with the current board in place AND the current band of shareholders in place, a CEO closer to Walt Disney and Michael Eisner’s philosophy might not be possible, as shareholders might just want an even MORE profit driven CEO

              As bad as Chapek is (and make no mistake, all he cares about is the bottom line), shareholders hold ALL the cards, and they may not CARE about creativity or customer satisfaction…..and that’s why I fear we’ve only got a 50/50 chance of a better CEO

            3. Matthew Muir

              Do you think your withholding your money has MUCH power at all, or do you think shareholders will just get WORSE?

              I don’t want us to be powerless…………….

      3. John Pena

        All it takes is for everyone to buy at least 1 share of disney stock to be included in the annual proxy vote. Please consider buying 1 share and then you can participate in voting on the board members, salary, changes to the public disclosure etc.

        1. Matthew

          I’ll spread the word, John 🙂

      4. S

        Not true. He was put in his position to drastically change Disney. And he will do that at all cost and a multimillion dollar salary.

      5. Bruce

        Wake up. He’s driving the company into the ground

    3. Shannon

      Disney is all woke and will end up like the Oscar’s. I’m gay and have zero issue with this bill. Democrats have completely misrepresented the bill to further a woke agenda. It isn’t anti gay, that’s a gaslight. Disney was ruined by Iger and this guy was trying to fix the damage but he caved and now we all are furious at Disney

  2. Bob

    Someone is destroying the Disney experience. They have taken away the Magical Express, the meal plans, fast passes, and almost all of the perks that come with staying in the park. They let too many people in the parks which leads to major overcrowding. And they have priced it out of reach for the average family.

    1. Linda

      I totally agree with Bob and Disney can no longer be trusted! You can’t know that a Disney movie is safe for young kids to watch as our values are being mocked and destroyed, as well as being greedy.

    2. Dan F.

      I can understand the need to limit the capacity at the parks, but they did well before. From various sources, I understand that park capacity was only restricted at a handful of the busyest days each year.
      I’m a retired engineer and project manager. My daily life was planning and adjusting. The LAST THING I want to do on vacation is having to plan every days activities. I like spontaneity….going from one park to the other WITHOUT a 2:PM restriction !!! If the park is too crowded, move on !! The Fast Pass system worked fine with paper tickets. And yes, moving to a computerized system was a reasonable progression. But the current Genie+ is a challange at the least (or is my 1 year old cell phone TOO OLD), and getting way too expensive even for retired engineer.
      As for other current “woke” and political topics, I say stay as clear of them as possible. Let families decide, not the government !!!

      1. Julian H

        Dan F. you’re on the money, I have said the same thing many a time. A Holiday is a holiday, to do what Disney want you to do and for the price they want its ridiculous.

        Bring back the spontaneity, I’ve loved staying on Disney property and visiting the parks for 20+ years, but what Disney has done and the costs are out of control with the addition that things that were included are on top of the increases not another charge, its a disgrace. I’ve decided from this year we are staying at Universal and I can see already the holiday will be chilled hassle free and from the hotel side of things i get a better and bigger room with great amenities for less than Disney.

    3. John

      Meal plans gone? That’s awful. Thats one perk I really enjoyed.

      1. AH

        Been gone with the Chinese Red Death. They actually cost more but it was soon convient.

  3. Marlon

    I feel the current direction of Disney Parks is very elitist. Jack up the prices so middle and lower class families cannot afford to enjoy what Walt built. He wanted a fun affordable place to take his daughters, and their catering to rich people now. Their pricing the average American right out of magic.

  4. Unfortunately, Walt’s idea of a place where parents could take there children and spend time together is all but lost. Political correctness, corprate (stock holders) greed, and cheappening of the “Disney” expiriance have lead to a playground for the rich and infamous. Quit building all over the world. If you can’t accomidate Americans at your parks here build another on in the USA. We don’t need to subsidies foreign parks at the expense of those Walt wanted to serve first.

    1. Tim

      While I understand where you’re coming from, there is a question: Besides Anaheim, CA and Lake Buena Vista/Orlando, FL, WHERE ELSE in the US could Disney build another Park/resort that would be able to draw Guests there for an all year consistent experience all year (or generally all year)?
      There has been other plans to build more Disney Parks around the US that fell through whether due to political/historical issues (Disney’s America), or other factors. Even Marceline MS didn’t approve of a Disney Park that Walt wanted to build there.

  5. Connie

    Bob needs to go now! He is part of a movement turning Walt’s dream into a nightmare! He has no desire to carry on the vision of one man’s dream, instead changing every aspect of what Walt Disney was.
    Stop infecting Disney with your dreams Bob and go away. Built your own theme park and see who visits!!!!

    1. Bruce

      Amen! Great thoughts

  6. Joan

    I can’t believe what has become of Disney. It is nothing like it was or was supposed to be. Why would you take away what has worked for all these years. The price is ridiculous, yes, you are catering to the rich. Nice. Walt is turning over in his grave. The perks were what made Disney so special, now it is just greed. I have been there 23 times, ended when the pandemic came but from what I can see and hear, going back isn’t what I want to do now anymore. My money is good elsewhere and I don’t have to take a loan out. What a money hungry company. If I have to make an appt to go to a park, what kind of vacation is that? We do spur of the moment things on vacation. Having to plan isn’t a vacation. Planning is for working, not relaxing.

    1. These are my thoughts as well Joan! I have had 15 Disney vacations with my extended family and I was not about to give Chapek $1 of my money. I was a Disney Lover and thought I would never change. This past fall I took my $ elsewhere and didnt feel bad 1 bit. When he leaves and they bring Disney back to its Glory We will be back.

  7. Kathleen

    Chapek needs to go. But I cannot believe you are parroting the lies about the Parental Rights bill. Do YOU think 5-7 year olds need to be taught sex in school? There is zero about “don’t say gay” but people who haven’t read it just go along with the ridiculous attack Florida for anything narrative.

    1. Mary

      I agree with Joan’s comments. The direction Disny is going now has taken away the “magic”. The 50th fireworks are extremely disappointing, the end of the magical express leaves guest saying why bother staying on property? Fastpasses being taken awsy is pure GREED. The perks of being a DVC member are gone. I don’t see the advantage or magic anymore…and we joined in 1995. Disney has NO MAGIC under the current leadership…only GREED.

    2. Will

      It is time for Disney to get out of the sex business. All of their “inclusion” is excluding most American families from what they want their children to see and then explain about sex. The LGBT community is out to ruin our children and they do so by pushing their agenda down our throats. Enough already. Disney content is declining. Walt would not be impressed. It’s not Disney’s job.

      1. Bob

        Please tell me your address. This multiple black belt and multiple trained firearms expert LGBT person is ready to beat you to a bloody pulp, you ignorant piece of garbage.

        1. Bruce

          Agree with Will. Go look in a mirror and impress yourself

    3. Logic

      The bill is poorly written and broad which is the problem. You assume everyone will use common sense. Of course anyone with common sense isn’t going to talk about the intricacies of any sexual acts regardless of gender. But the way the bill is written if a teach is gay and mentions they have a husband, said teacher is in violation of the act. So now do gay teachers never mention their spouses the way straight teachers can? How is that remotely “protecting” children unless someone is just so homophobic that the existence of a non straight person is wrong which is the viewpoint of the bills author.

  8. Matthew

    If anyone happens to catch sight of this comment, please do give it a good read…….

    Since NOBODY thinks emailing Disney will make a SUBATOMIC PARTICLE of difference………………is there ANYTHING………anything AT ALL that we can do to get Chapek out?

    In the best case scenario, I guess all we can do is just bleed Disney dry of money until shareholders stop getting payed and realize that a whole new board is needed……..First Susan Arnold and THEN Chapek.

    We ALL need to remember that Sue Arnold HOLDS THE STRINGS on Chapek, and Chapek holds the strings on Josh D’Amaro, so Arnold is the ABSOLUTE top. I therefore think that if Disney starts making major losses, shareholders might vote against ARNOLD and reinstate a better Chairman who can make more changes than ANY CEO.

    1. Susan Arnold is the first person in the Greed Centipede
    2. Followed by CEO Bob Chapek
    3. Followed by Josh D’Amaro (whom EVERYONE GIVES A PASS) for the decisions made in the park
    4. And then finally WE are at the back of that centipede

    Only gutting the parks of all their money can truly wake shareholders UP and get them to take charge, remove the entire board a replace a new one…….That could be our ONLY hope

    (I PRAY somebody catches sight of this)

    1. Matthew

      We cannot just sit here and complain; if we are to save Disney then we need to do SOMETHING about it. Our wallets are our greatest weapon against Disney’s current board, and it could allow a new breed of execs to come in and revitalize the company.

      Unless you truly believe that Disney is a lost cause, I would urge you to withhold your money as long as is necessary before a new CEO AND Chairman are elected. Then and ONLY then might we see a revitalization of the Walt Disney Company.

    2. Matthew

      How many more times do I have to mention this before SOMEBODY in this comment section does something MORE than just complaining

    3. Mark

      The boycott is on! The above statement is correct. Only money talks folks. We may be few on ITM, but if you forward the above message from Matthew or post it in as many places as you can, perhaps people will wake up. We’re all smart enough on here to realize what Disney used to be compared to what it is today. Others need to see this. I cancelled my Disney cruise in the fall. Why pay more for less? We went with Norwegian and not only is it $1,000 cheaper for the exact same cruise, there’s one extra day, drinks included, airfare included, transportation included, and more. Just kill the greed of Disney till they realize they’re losing. We CAN do this! Boycott all Disney starting immediately. I know it’s hard, but Walt would approve

      1. Matthew

        If I may ask also, Mark, who do you think is REALLY to blame for the parks; Chapek or D’Amaro, or are they both EQUALLY responsible to some degree?

        1. Mark

          Blame them all. Each one should be dedicated to Walt’s dream, none of them are. We are on here because we love the “old Disney”. Only way to help new folks see the light is by sharing what we see and who is at the root of the demise.

      2. Matthew

        Keep in mind that D’Amaro always gets a PASS when compared to Chapek because he has more charisma…..although that may count for NOTHING in the scheme of things

    4. Bruce

      I was part of Roy Disney and Stanley Golds mission to remove Michael Eisner. I voted against Chapek in the last board of directors meeting. He needs to go now. 100,000 HAVE SIGNED PETITION (originated by imagioneers) to remove Chapek. A bigger movement is needed

  9. DonB

    We are 20+ year DVC members and have enjoyed our multi year visits to WDW ….until now.
    We were well aware through the years that behind the magical curtain is a business that needs to be profitable. But the Magic always seemed to be in the forefront and that made Disney seem special and different. Since Chapek and his gang took the helm, the profit and greed are right in our faces every moment we are trying to enjoy our vacations. Vacations should not have the stench of greed hanging over us and we are simply fed up. All of the perks of DVC membership are gone along with annual passes, magical express and countless other things that made us join those 20 years ago. We have decided to spend our vacations elsewhere as the only way things will change is for people to STOP going and paying the gouging high prices to do less for more.

  10. Linda Marchini

    Chapek, needs to go , as well as McCarthy, the two of them are destroying Walt Disney World, they are quickly putting it out of site for many many people to be able to afford to go. They are destroying what Walt Disney created and what he meant for it to be for families and children. All business need to make a profit but not at the cost of bringing it down which is what they are doing.

  11. Joanie

    There is a time and place for technology but I am so disappointed that I can no longer plan my vacation in advance. Setting the alarm to get up, on the day we plan to attend the parks, praying that we get Lightening passes is extremely nerve racking. While in the park, all you see are people walking around with a smart phone in their face trying to coordinate Lightening passes, again because this could not be done in advance as before. Also, the hectic process to order your families food, again by staring at a smart phone, is unacceptable. When we first arrived at Disney World this winter I heard a mother tell her family “you’ll get what you get. I’m not going to continue reading this menu on the phone”. We normally go in an out of the parks often during our winter stay and have dinner, walk around and do a few attractions. Not this year. We went to the park 5 times during our 3 month stay in central Florida. We are also DVC members and have invested a great deal of money in Walt Disney World and we are very disappointed in the direction the company is going. We used to come to the preview center that was located on Hotel Drive, 2 years before Walt
    Disney World opened, and dream about this magical place. What happened…Walt would be disappointed!

  12. Miranda

    Chapek is awful for how he is running the parks. Taking away perks, raising prices, ridiculous Genie plus crap. On the Florida bill, if Disney’s target audience is children then they should support the bill or stay completely out of politics. No one should support the sexualizing of children! I can’t believe how many people have a problem with the bill. Says a lot about how the morals of people in the country have declined! Also The parks should be a place to get away from stress of everyday life with family and friends. Wasn’t that the vision. Shouldn’t be a place for group to push their agenda’s on others.

    1. Dawn

      The bill is NOT about sexualizing children. It’s about what they are or are not allowed to talk about in class. Kids of same-sex parents are not to be talking about their moms or dads, other kids are not allowed to ask questions about same-sex parents. If kids tell their teacher that they think they are not their “assigned gender” from birth, the teachers are required to tell the parents. It makes teachers into watch dogs.

  13. I think the Disney we loved is gone, they’ve taken a lot of the fun out of it by making everything so rigid & pre-planned. When I go on vacation I want to leave my phone alone unless using it to take pictures. I can only imagine taking young kids to the park, glued to the app to schedule rides then dealing with 1 child hungry, 1 has to pee & the other has a meltdown….but wait…you didn’t schedule your meal! Then there’s the ridiculous crowds. It’s expensive!
    We would start early at a park, spend afternoon relaxing in the pool, eat then go back in evening. I don’t see how you can do that now.

  14. Matalyn

    I am appalled the Disney Company, that I have grown up to love, has become a political platform for gays. As a retired teacher, it is not the place to be teaching children sin. If they want to live this lifestyle, thats between them and God. I cant justify taking my grand children in their now to see flaming characters loving on each other., gay merchandise showing up and Disney supporting it. Thank you Governor for standing up for whats Biblical.

    1. Lee

      Started bringing our children in 1973. Have seen many changes since, some good, some bad but none as disgusting as what’s going on now. Disney sponsored a gay day some years ago and we had to leave the park with the grandchildren. We have not renewed our annual passes, direct our family, visitors and friends to other parks until Disney can get their act together again and dump Bob Chapek.

    2. Barney


  15. Lawrence Weisberg

    Come on, Disney – you have to dump this chucklehead now.

  16. Rroe

    As long as Bob Paycheck is running Disney, I will never return. He’s a moron that only cares about buying Multimillion dollars for himself on the backs of all the Disney guests. His motto: Pay, Pay, Pay, while I enjoy, enjoy, enjoy. He’s a jerk that needs to GO!!!! Wake up Disney.

    1. Matthew Muir

      But do you think there’s ANYTHING we can do to get people to stop going?

      We can’t just sit here and complain

  17. Marie

    Iger needs to go away. He’s not the CEO and his side line cheering leading of miscreant employees hurts the company he says he loves. And he’s the one who A started the plans to move to Florida B the company gave money to politicians on both sides when he was CEO. He can just shut up now. Meanwhile Chapek needs to say relocate, retire, quit, or get fired. Because get woke go broke get fired is reality

  18. John

    All it takes is for everyone to buy at least 1 share of disney stock to be included in the annual proxy vote. Please consider buying 1 share and then you can participate in voting on the board members, salary, changes to the public disclosure etc.

  19. Laura

    We are longtime Disney fans and a Disney family. We just returned from a week at Walt Disney World. And I can honestly say the current leader ship is pennypinching every middle-class family that walks through the gates. They have lost their moral compass and certainly is going to backfire on them at some point.

    You make your own magic but they could make it much more cost-effective for families to enjoy.

  20. pattimarie

    About the comment that there could be a worse CEO than Chapek: Of course there could be, but there could also be a better one. I do worry that he represents the board and they will still be there. I also think things were slowly going down hill with Iger–and it was the board and the times that also contributed to that. Skimpflation-as some people call it-is everywhere. (Paying more for less) It’s everywhere and if we don’t push back against it, it will continue. But I also think that if things had continued going down slowly, there would less backlash and I would still be going there. Even I might not have realized the effect of all the anti-customer, less guest experience and all the penny-pinching things as I have when they seem to be doing it all at once. That’s a poor CEO–to let the money gouging show like that!
    I haven’t been since January 2020. I have really bad feelings about Disneyland at this point, and I wonder if any good feelings will ever come back. BUT, to get to the point–I think Chapek has to go to get the bad taste out of our mouths, and we just all have to hope that the next person is better. Hope they’ll tread more slowly and lightly so as not to remind anyone of Chapek. Backlash isn’t good for a company–look at the “Don’t say Gay” controversary. He’s had to backpeddle a lot on that one.
    Also-to the person who thinks Chapek will be less woke–all the woke ride changes I can think of have happened under him. He’s not the answer for people who don’t want wokeness-he’s the architect of that at the parks.

    1. Carol B

      Mr Chapek is an egotistical selfish A__H___. He only cares about what he gets. He has out priced the whole Disney experience from a lot of middle class people from visiting. Cost is more but quality is way less. Need someone younger and has the Disney patience & pride!!!! It will be a long time when & if I return. Mr Walt Disney is rolling in his grave because this was not his plan.

  21. Carol B

    Mr Chapek is an egotistical selfish A__H___. He only cares about what he gets. He has out priced the whole Disney experience from a lot of middle class people from visiting. Cost is more but quality is way less. Need someone younger and has the Disney patience & pride!!!! It will be a long time when & if I return. Mr Walt Disney is rolling in his grave because this was not his plan.

  22. I do disney


  23. Stagier13

    Right now it’s hard to sat how people feel as a whole with all the “revenge traveling” after the pandemic. Disney will not be able to keep the numbers up like they are in ‘22 . For starters they took away fast passes and added Genie+ on Oct 1. That was not for Disney’s 50th. That was the fiscal year beginning and made the numbers look greater for the Chapek regime. The man was head of merch of the company. I get Disney is a business but at least they hid it better in the past years. Most complain the Magic is gone and I guess we’ll see after the pandemic travel is over with to see how people will handle going back to the parks. I mean the CFO said in a statement when they cut portion sizes and raised prices that this would be better for the waistlines of guests? That is not the best PR. I am not liking the changes at in my opinion and I can speak the same for my family. I miss the customer service they once had, the CM’s do their best but I don’t think the Chapek regimes cares as much about that than they do their own pocket book and it does show. I liked it when at least Iger was better at hiding it.

  24. Joe Foss

    Chapek must go! The question is “how”. If everyone who makes comments would buy a share of Disney Stock (currently pretty low at about $140 a share) we could use our collective power to fire him. Not to mention, its a good investment. I started with 15 shares and they haqve a plan through Compuserve to buy $100 a month of stock. It builds up. – I now have nearly 700 shares. So retire Mr. Chapek that way – we are the owners of the company!

    1. Mark

      OK Joe. That’s a good idea. We on here all love Disney but like someone said what can we do to stop this wokeness and greed? Buying a share would be a good start. We all vote. Collectively our voices will be heard. I don’t have the money to a million shares, but if I did I’d have a large voice.

  25. Jodie

    I don’t understand why everyone is making such a fuss over this bill. Walt Disney started as a means for children to enjoy innocent entertainment that allows them to use their imagination. This bill is just to protect our babies from the agenda of the world & keep them innocent as long as possible. There’s no reason why any topics on sexuality or gender identity should be discussed to children that young. I would expect companies like Disney to stand for children’s innocence & purity. I can’t believe anyone would be outraged by this! Can’t we just keep all of the children’s means of influence innocent a little longer before throwing them into this world with all of its hate & heavy topics?!!!

    I’m so disgusted with all of the sexuality being shoved at our children- heterosexual & homosexual. It’s all WAY to early for them to have to process & comprehend. Let the children stay little!!

  26. Kathy

    I am 57 years old. I was at WDW the year it opened and have been to WDW over 30 times. I will not go back until Chapek and some of the things that he has enacted are changed. Especially the damage that he has done to the LGBTQ community.

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