Comments for Disney Allegedly Bans Cast Members From Wearing Pride Merchandise Amid Walkout

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  1. CheeseInFL

    For the record & you uneducated idiots that are incapable of reading (which oddly enough is what the bill is attempting to correct), it’s called THE PARENTAL RIGHTS in EDUCATION bill.

  2. Doris L


    1. Tina

      I too have Disney Pride! I am a supporter of Cast members who are LGBTQ, but I’m am frustrated because the bill in question is being misrepresented. Please take the time to read the bill before condemning it.

  3. Tricia

    Fire them all. If they are that unhappy with their job let them try to find somewhere else to work that will put up with such behavior. Disney is for everyone not one specific group…stop making it that way with all the gay pride crap..no one had a problem with you being gay until you caused drama with it. And if it’s the bill you’re mad about go to the person who signed it. And try reading it…why the hell would you want a child to learn/ read /discuss such things in a classroom. That is for the parent/guardian to discuss with them.
    You will always have someone not okay with your stance in something..stop adhering and lowering your standards based on someone else’s opinion. Stand for what you believe and don’t expect everyone to agree with you.

    1. Sarah

      If Disney wants to support this movemenr and that one, why dont they just build another park for those parties i will gladly stay away, but being a straight female makes me uneasy with Disney giving so much to the LBGT….movement….i want to feel comfortable at the parks too. They are good at giving them everything, maybe us straight people should revolt

  4. At your place of employment no one cares about your feelings. You get paid for doing a job. Get your thumb outta your mouth, keep the blankies in your room & be a adult & productive member of society. No child under the 4-5 grade even has a clue or cares, & they shouldn’t. This does not belong at Disney & I’m sure since Fl has one of the best economies right now you’ll have no problem getting different employment. You just made it real easy to not go to Disneyland. I won’t take my kids there. Life is hard enough, & no I personally don’t care WHAT you do in your SPARE TIME, but while at work you represent the company. If your so “skawwered” how did you even get a job? You make yourself seem the victim cause you don’t care what you do mentally to little children who dream of seeing Disney princesses or action heros only to find the princess with a mustache and captain America with ta-tas. Your selfish and sick. Disney will be no more because of you. I have 3 kids and extended family, we all were gonna spend a week, no more. Not to watch crybabies. Puck that. Better way to spend hard earned money than on you.

    1. Sarah

      You tell them!

  5. Faith

    The comments on this article make me sad for this country. With the views Florida has it’s a shame that Walt didn’t put Disney World in the Midwest. Absolutely Shameful.

  6. FloridaSux

    I hope everyone in this comment section dies a slow painful death.

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