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  1. Rox

    The rules are just good sense, hygiene, and common decency. How sad that we hear of more and more incidents. Fighting, spitting, cursing, acting like animals. No respect for others, no concern for families and children. It’s the world in microcosm.
    Or maybe it’s been going on all along and it’s the current technology and communication that showcases such behavior.

    1. JS

      The latter part of your comment is probably pretty true. I think we are just way more aware of it. I worked at Disney World 18 years ago and there are a lot of crazy stories that I heard back then too. You just didn’t k ow of them as much because social media was just getting started.

    2. Ryan S

      A lot of it is tied to population… America’s population has doubled since Disneyland opened. Only serves that we will hear double the amount of issues today, and that number continues to rise as the push for exploding America’s population (to increase GDP to stay ahead of China) continues. The second half of the population explosion is tied to the demographic shift.

      1. Jep

        Agreed. In fact, every single problem we face as a nation and as a species is a direct result of overpopulation.

        1. Jason

          Sorry, but overpopulation is a myth. The problem is all of society being crammed into densely populated areas. That is literally forced on the people. There are massive amounts of unused land that could be used for people to live, but that’s never talked about. It’s all $$$ and control. Populations are more difficult to control when they’re further apart from each other. Please don’t defend corporate entities. 🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️🙅🏽‍♂️

  2. Michael

    It’s kind of interesting that Disney hasn’t found a way to monetize the desire for people to bring the ashes of a departed loved one there. There are companies out there who create diamonds and other jewels out of ashes. I think WDW is legitimately missing out on an opportunity for “legacy” dollars. If so many people want to have their ashes there that people’s full time job is watching to make sure it DOESN’T happen, perhaps giving people a way to do it would be a good idea.

    1. Darlene M Sujka

      That’s what I was thinking. Another way for Disney to “urn” our money.

  3. Kevin M Sharkey

    “Those visiting Walt Disney World, or any theme park must always realize that their actions can affect those around them…” Sadly most people in the world (not just at Disney) today are too into themselves and don’t care about people other than themselves.

  4. AYE

    I went to Disney World for the first time with my senior class in high school.
    The only disappointment I had was that “Baloo” (spelling?) wouldn’t sign my character booklet.
    I don’t know if the person wearing the costume had to go to the bathroom, or what, but a lady roughly 3 feet from us grabbed his arm and said she wanted to take a picture with him & her baby; he stopped and as soon as she turned around to pick up the baby, he took off running towards one of the employees only rooms. (This was after he walked away from me).
    He ran down towards the Employees Only treed entrance, which was 30 feet from us, and a Disney Employee grabbed his arm and a long line of kids instantly lined up behind him!

    It was bad, but hilarious!!!

  5. Linda

    Disney $$$$$$$ that’s all they think of Walt is turning over in his grave Disney was supposed to be where you can take a family for an inexpensive time together it was for families no you gotta take a loan out to take a family that’s very wrong like I said what would turn over in his grave

  6. CTYankee

    I can just hear it… “Hey kids, wanna go visit the biggest mausoleum in Florida?”

  7. Jon

    Yeesh, I read this as
    “Woman Exposes Herself, Breaking Disney Law and Dumps Mother’s Ashes in Castle Waters” she confessed to breaking rules or admitted to breaking the rule.

    She didn’t strip naked and then dump the mother’s ashes 😅

    1. Marie

      Same here🤣

  8. Evermore

    Who would EVER want to rest eternally within the hellish confines of Its A Small World?

  9. Chris

    Whoever would want their remains dumped on Disney property isn’t in their right mind in the first place.

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