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Terminator 2 Judgment Day

Credit: StudioCanal (Vivendi)


  1. Chris

    Who ever wrote this article shows how incompetent he or she is.
    How can you possibly say Salvation is worst than Darkfate amd Genesis?
    Salvation is a trash movie, that should not be considered in the terminator franchise.
    The correct order is this:

    Salvation the trashminator

    Dark fate
    Rise of the machines
    Judgement day.

    1. Chris

      I meant how can you say Salvation is better than dark fate and Genesys

    2. Kyle

      There is no correct order, you idiot. It’s someone else’s opinion. And clearly you don’t know how to follow a list – the writer is saying Salvation is BETTER than Darkfate and Genisys. And yet you go on to say it IS worse than those two films, completely contradicting yourself. Moron

    3. Bob

      I agree with the order. T3 and salvation were just mediocre and not terrible. The rest actually made me angry.

  2. Contrariety

    Come on.

    T2 is a great sequel but T1 is clearly the best film in the series.

    And T2 is really just a beat by beat remake of T1

    1. Mile

      Dark Fate is number 1 in my view had a lil bit of everything before it l had rise of machines as number 1 than terminator 2 and 1 and honestly you can flip a coin between 1 and 2 and l couldn’t even be mad at you if you choose 1 over 2 because 1 ending is stronger than 2 ending 2 ending is ok but l bet many people were expecting much more better overall than that ijs but to each its own

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