Comments for Disney’s Cleanliness is Seemingly Below Standards, Guests Call Park “Filthy”

Disney world 50th anniversary crowds magic kingdom

Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. Fantasyland was trashy (the trash was in the bushes) when we were there December 2020. The usually army of custodial services just is not doing the job. Disney may not be properly staffing or there is no staff to get. You certainly don’t get proper maid service in the resorts. A lot of fun making your bed on vacation (sarcasm). I’ve noticed it in the state I live. Trying to find a clean table at a restaurant is almost impossible.

  2. Karen

    Well, maybe people should not be tossing trash on the bushes, in the queues, or on the ground. Disney parks have plenty of trash cans. (if you go on the Keys to the Kingdom tour, they explain how they studied how far the average person would carry a piece of trash before dropping it and that’s how far apart they space the trash bins) Guests have become super rude and entitled and then complain when things aren’t perfect. Last trip in January, I saw lots of custodial staff in bathrooms and throughout the park trying to keep up. But how do you expect them to get into the queues to pick up the Starbucks cup you dropped halfway through the line? Or into the bushes where you threw your mask?

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