Comments for Genie+ Who? Total Wait Time For Six Disney World Rides Hits 800+ Minutes

Cinderella Castle at Magic Kingdom

Credit: Disney


  1. I told disney that I was not paying for genie +. Many are disappointed with it. Lightning selling out all day in the first hour. Almost afraid to stand in a 2 hr line for rise of the resistance because it breaks down daily.

    1. Lynette

      I was there this past week. Most LL (and some Genie + as well) sell out in the first 60 seconds! Rise of the Resistance and Test Track were closed most of the time.

      1. Chris

        Was at Hollywood studios on
        Friday 2/18 and the standby line initially said 120 minutes. We waited close to 190 minutes. There were no breakdowns or issues. Also, I was only able to reserve an LL for Rock n rollercoaster in the morning cause the rest were taken. The old FastPass system was much better and the parks have way too many people all together. I feel like most people would pay more per ticket for less crowd.

  2. Megan

    I was at magic kingdom today. It was horrible. People have lost their minds almost running over my kids multiple times. With the heat and the crowds Disney should be trying to offer water and some cool area. With new rules we couldn’t even wait inside ac for our lunch reservation. Line was over an hour for all rides. It was exhausting, and more crowded than I’ve ever seen in the past. I don’t know if all adults have lost social skills since pandemic but people were really rude. Yesterday at Epcot wasn’t much better but at least it’s big enough you can find an uncrowned space to sit. I’m over magic kingdom. If I come back I’m only doing animal kingdom. Maybe Hollywood studios. This place has turned into a zoo and the increase in prices and crowds and complexity with genie plus makes the whole thing a waste of money and time. I could literally bring my family of 5 to Europe for a month for what I spent for a week of too many rules, crap food and standing in crowded lines.

    1. R

      Could not agree more.

    2. Michelle D

      Absolutely correct. My kids actually told me they don’t want to go back to WDW – EVER! I booked a trip for us to go to Hawaii this summer instead. A hotel room in Waikiki on the beach in a nice hotel, airfare, and car rental and food are going to be less than half what we paid for 5 days in WDW!

      1. Leora R

        This is exactly what we did just a few weeks ago. After calculating costs to go to either DLand or Hawaii, coupled with all of the crowds, lines, etc, we decided to hit Oahu instead. Hands down WONDERFUL experience.

  3. Jeff

    Disney definitely inflates wait times for a variety of reasons. In August we noticed wait times jump as we got closer to closing time. Jungle Cruise posted a 90 minute wait at 9:30 pm, but we waited maybe 30 minutes. Mickeys Run away train posted 110 minutes at 6ish but we waited maybe an hour. These were both an hour before closing. Disney wants you to think the line is longer so you won’t get in line and they can close on time.

    1. Jordan

      Actually, they’ve done this for years. They inflate it so if it is shorter, it’s a miracle. It’s better than them low balling it and it ends up being longer and people get grumpy about wait times being wrong.

      1. Julian H

        Jordan will call me a troll, because I speak the truth, but Jordan blindly supports Disney no matter what they do.

        Why have a wait time if its not accurate? Disney has ran these parks for years they know how long things take to within 20 mins, butthey inflate them now so that you will be fooled into buying Genie +. Its not right or fair.

        Its not just me reporting it but 1000’s of people.

    2. Naomi

      This may have been true last summer, but as an Annual Pass holder, I have visited a few times recently and the wait times were actually LONGER than what was posted. We even had to get out of line to make a dinner reservation.
      Disney has totally screwed things up. What used to feel like a magical experience now feels like a frustrating disappointment at times.

      1. Sandy

        That’s way Disney is looking for a new CEO

      2. Me

        It’s not really Disney’s fault. They have a fixed supply – they can’t really add capacity to the parks and even if they could, it’d just bring in more people. They need to dramatically increase normal ticket prices until the huge swathes of people stop coming.

  4. Jep

    Absolutely zero sympathy. A fool and his money are easi partedl

    1. Jenn

      Agree! The people who continue to support Disney are sending a message to them that all of these changes are acceptable. Until everyone refuses to participate, they will continue to implement policies that destroy the magic.

  5. Karen

    The ONLY ride I would wait over 100 minutes for us Avatar, Flight of Passage. In fact, I probably have in the past. It is by far the best ride I’ve ever experienced.

  6. Bob

    Crazy. I’m not going. Maybe they should double the price and cut attendance in half?

    1. Sandy

      They have already done that.

      1. Me

        They need to do it again. And again, until it equalizes.

  7. Rob

    Disney is not anywhere near what it used to be. Went in May of 2021 and it was not anywhere near the experience we used to have there. Now they nickel and dime you and instead of fast pass+, which worked just fine, you now have to pay and then pay more on top of that for certain rides.

    Unfortunately the magic is dying at Disney World right now and the wait times have become ludicrous. My family won’t be returning until things change.

    1. Heather

      I used to be an avid Disney fan. Went every year. Dvc holder. Sold this year and will go other places. It has out priced us and is not worth the hassles

  8. Gregg W

    I’ve been going to Disney since 1980. I’ve been there about 25 times. It was always so magical. I got engaged and spent my honeymoon there. I took my daughter(8) every year, sometimes twice, until now… It has gotten progressively worse year by year.. More expensive. More crowded(never a slow time anymore), More garbage on the ground. More jerky people. Either fighting or doing things to get a selfie. Ride breakdowns. Constant politically correct changes to classic stories and rides. Been to Dollywood and Universal, and this year Busch Gardens and SeaWorld.. No planning meals months ahead.. Not as crowded. And best of all… 4 park unlimited admission with parking for 14 days?? $285/person.. Disney 4 park/4 day is how much now?? I’m so sad, but just not worth it anymore…

  9. Sandy Taylor

    Decided today to cancel 8 day trip. So sad.

    1. Patrick Vargo

      I hope you told them why.

      1. Gail

        I’ve heard there’s no off season anymore, but something else to consider…Florida is one of the most lax locations as far as the pandemic is concerned. People are pent up and fed up from two years of restrictions. But there’s still so many hoops to jump through to travel, so everyone is just going to Florida in droves. I think that’s behind all the crowds the past 4 months (coupled with the 50th). Let’s face it, Disney really tops them all if you want a break from reality, which so many need right now. I’m really curious once Covid is behind us, (and no more mandates) if there will be off seasons again, as people will have more options for travel? We lucked out going last year before the 50th as we either walked on, (or waited under 15 minutes) for every single ride at all four WDW parks other than Star Wars, Slinky, Mine Train and Avatar. I’m not even exaggerating! And even those were under 45 minutes. We even went on Star Wars twice in one day! We walked on Tower of Terror three times in a row. They let us stay on Thunder Mountain and ride several times, lol! I don’t expect this anomaly ever again. That was a fluke blessing. But if it’s as crowded as everyone says from here on out, our family is sadly done with WDW. My cap is 45 min for a theme park ride. I saw a 45 minute wait for Its a Small World on the app today. Are they kidding? Lol! I’m not die hard enough to wait longer than 45 for the good ones (or more than 20 for the lesser), and won’t pay extra to shorten that wait either. Like another said, I would rather do a European Vacation at the same cost if that’s the case.

        1. Naomi

          Oh, it’s as bad as everyone says it is.
          As a lifelong Disney “addict” and someone who finally has Annual Passes because I am now a FL resident, I can say I would NEVER buy a ticket to visit for a day, or even plan a family vacation here until something changes.
          I can justify going now because I am within driving distance and if I ride one or two things and see a show I can just go home. But my husband and I visited a few weekends ago and waited for close to 2 hours for every attraction. (Which only ended up being 3 things because we ran out of time!)
          I can’t imagine paying full price admission and having to deal with that.
          It’s disgusting.

          1. José

            Ciertamente para mí y mi familia, la magia de Disney murió, somos un grupo de 10 personas que teníamos un viaje familiar de aniversario planificado para este año, pero debido a todos los cambios negativos en Disney, hemos decidido cambiar de destino para que nuestro viaje sea más placentero e inolvidable..lo siento Disney, pero la magia que te caracterizaba se acabó, no vamos a un destino a pasarla mal, y eso fué exactamente lo que nos sucedió el otoño pasado.

          2. Me

            I see your game – you just want everyone else to stay home so you can enjoy the park as an AP 😉

  10. Paul

    I went to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios on 2/11 and 2/13 respectively and I’ll never go back again! Lines were horribly long for the price you pay. Bought Genie+ for Hollywood Studios – what a joke! By 10:30am or so, there were no more Lightning Lane slots available yet. I only used it once in my very first ride and it maybe saved me ten minutes in waiting time. In total across both days, I went on right rides. Bye Disney World, you’ve gotten the last of my money.

    1. Angie

      That sounds frustrating. Were the single rider lines much faster, or do they even have those anymore?

      1. Lynette

        I saw some single rider lines.

      2. Paul

        Didn’t know such things existed. Didn’t see any indicator of them.

    2. Chris

      The idea that raising prices to cut back on crowds was the bait and switch. Paying more seems to have created more frustration and an entitled attitude with the current customers. However, if you’re paying a $600-$800/a night for a marginal hotel with cartoon IP wallpaper and $110+++ for the park admission (that’s all, just admission) for your family you expect something in return, but that’s just the $$$$ beginning. I haven’t been in two years but every article convinces more not to return. It sounds absolutely exhausting, disappointing and outrageously expensive. The more you give Disney the more emboldened they have become with NO consideration for real Disney fans. It seems impossible to enjoy anything there rides, to food to pleasant interactions. My sympathy is with the Cast Members who need a job, I hope they find something better elsewhere. Protest the egerious greed by not giving Chepek more millions!

  11. Rroe

    If people are that stupid then it is what it is. Boycott Disney and watch the prices come down along with the long wait lines.

  12. Lawrence Lewis

    Disney needs to extend park hours. They have too many people crowed into too short of a time period.

  13. Lisa

    Went the last week of January which is traditionally a slow time. So many people! Purchased Disney Genie for our party of 5 at Magic Kingdom – 10 out of 10 would NOT recommend! Being able to reserve only 1 ride at time makes it practically useless. By early afternoon there were no reservations available for anything that we wanted to use it for. We love Disney and have gone multiple times per year, purchased DVC and annual passes. I wouldn’t mind the increased costs as much if it were going to pay workers more and improve the park experience, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

  14. Kyla

    We just returned from DW last week. Our original May 2020 trip was postponed 3 times due to Covid. Finally took the gamble to go since I really wanted my son to experience “the magic” while he is little. (4.5yo) I was so disappointed in what it has become. I’ve been a cast member, annual pass holder and grew up in a Disney family. The magic is gone. There is not even the veil over the greed. It was a miserable experience. Rides were constant breaking down. Genie+ is awful. Disney has used the pandemic to squeeze even more ridiculous profit while cutting back on quality at every turn. Sad.

  15. Sonya

    Was as magic kingdom on Wednesday and it was definitely crowded but not to full capacity. The longest time waiting was at snow whites mine train which took about 90 minutes. Still worth it and had a great time!

  16. Ruth A

    We were just at Animal Kingdom yesterday! OMG. What a nightmare. Park was sold out, people everywhere. Bought Genie + and what a total BAIT AND SWITCH! We paid our $15 a ticket price and once paid could not get a lightening lane pass. This add on to our ANNUAL PASS was a joke. Our wait time in each of the rides we were able to get on exceeded 100 minutes each!

    I am sorry Walt Disney the park you created is dead and the magic is gone! All that’s left is a money grab to the people you so loved!

  17. Crowded

    The insane crowds will eventually drive down attendance. Taking small children to stand in line for hours just to enjoy a few attractions is not my idea of “Magic”. Disney should switch to an all access FastPass that costs more when the park is expected to be at peak levels. Sell a limited number so the wait times are drastically cut. Then have an upcharge for in-demand attractions like FoP and RoR. If there was the potential to actually avoid the long lines for a premium cost, I would go back. My family loves Universal because they have that type of product. Genie+ is useless since most attractions have no availability after 10:00 AM. The reason: It doesn’t cost enough!

    1. Michelle D

      Genie + is built on the Fast Pass + system. When it was free and you could book 3 FPPs ahead of time, you could still get more the day you came after using your 3. Now, you can book ONE at 7 am on the day of your visit IF you get lucky, and then by the time you can book another, they are all gone. The system is lower in supply, yet the lines for return times can still be extremely long since there simply is not the number of rides in most of the parks to sustain this AND no one can park hop before 2 pm to disperse the crowds (well, except Club 33, but they are a very small amount of the guests).

  18. Joseph Grimes

    yes I wouid wait in standby lines before purchasing Genie bc the wait times are inflated and its to get people to pay for Genie Plus. Standby lines have been shorter then lightening lanes all month.

  19. Cassie Searle

    I agree, i was incredibly frustrated to hear they cancelled the free fastpass to find out you have to pay for genie + now which is a complete joke. We went for 4 days and it only helped us on 3 rides so we paid all that money for nothing. You would book your first ride in the morning and by the time your 2 hours was up to book something else all the lightening lanes were booked for the day. We will never purchase that again. And the only park we will revisit is animal kingdom since you can do some stuff without an attraction line-in my opinion it’s the only one worth the admission price

  20. Karen

    I blame Disney for this. It will back fire and bite them on the butt. People wont go. Over crowding ruins in for everyone. Shame on you Disney. The magic has gone.

  21. Dee Dee

    Disney doesn’t need to worry about my waistline. We only eat 2x while at the parks and we are all starving when we do. I don’t need my portion cut considering the price for it.

  22. Rose

    Is this what WALT had planned for a famiy vacation? Overpriced, over crowded, long lines and no fun for children or adults! Walt’s dream has vanished for the bottom line $$$. It is so sad. This is the last year for our family after 40 years for our children and grandchildren.

    1. Sandy

      Walt is turning over in his grave.

    2. Alandra

      Just got back from 2 weeks in Orlando (first 2 weeks of February 2022). Before going found an amazing package deal for Universal, 5 day/3 park hopper tickets discounted and the Universal hotel was basically free (compared to Disney’s 15% off a $500 a night hotel, big whup). Was able to walk to the park and got in an hour early. It was amazing, 1000% would stay again on site and go back to Universal. Plus, the customer service we experienced when we checked into Universals Aventura was great, out attended gave us a discount on our hotel parking and upgraded us to a theme park view. Would pay the 1 day park ticket price in a heart beat to ride Velocicoaster and Hagrids again. Wait times weren’t bad, there were a lot of walk-ons, think the longest wait was for Hagrids at 40mins, posted 90mins. One day I did Velocicoaster 5 TIMES!!! Basically as a walk-on, blew my mind, for a brand new amazing roller coaster.
      The next week we only did one day in the parks at Disney, at Epcot. We were staying on site for the first time at Pop Century, so we got the 30mins early entry which was basically wasted, as we went to Test Track and it was down for the whole morning. I got us a Lighting Lane for Ratatouille ($9), so we were able to ride it twice, but after riding it, would say it wasn’t really worth it, not super exciting, I guess it’s an ok family ride, but was expecting more from it. We did a couple of the food booths for Festival of the Arts, and for being super excited about trying all the interesting food, that was also a let down, nothing really blew me away.
      Epcot is our favorite park, but after having an AMAZING experience at Universal, Epcot really seemed lack luster and missing something. All the rides just seemed old and run down, Test Track was the biggest let down, after it used to be one of my favorite disney rides, just doesn’t compare to Universal. I would go back once Guardians of the Galaxy opens (the park really needs it), but I can’t imagine what the price and the wait times for that will be.
      For now, I will stick to the free resort hopping around Disney and pin trading, and put all of my resources into another universal trip, 100%.

    3. Me

      What can they do? There are more people that want to visit Disney than Disney can supply rides for. What do you do when you have a fixed supply and demand that’s higher than your supply?

  23. Peter

    GF and I went to WDW last month. Saw how insanely busy the parks were and just decided to spend our entire vacation in our beautiful hotel room having steamy hot naughty sex for 3 days non-stop. Now that was a great vacation!

  24. Don

    My wife and I thought about going to WDW this summer but no more until (if) Disney changes it’s way of doing business. Prices are beyond awful now. Seems Disney was in a big hurry to recover lost money due to Covid which appears they have. Just not worth it anymore. Rather to to California.

  25. Sandy

    Been a passholder for 30 years, has gone to pot. Nothing like it used to be. Food gone downhill, charm gone, beg for someone to take the trash from your room. Parking fee to stay at the hotel, as if you don’t pay enough for their rooms!! No trams from parking to park. How cheap can they get? Trying to make their 2 billion $ loss back all at once. Parks not friendly, no parades, no dance party. Beauty and the Beast never touch ,SERIOUSLY. No Monkeys at the Lion King. Also word of advise don’t drink out of the water fountains unless you wipe them down watched the kids put their mouths against them with parents standing right their not saying a thing. Everything they sell is from China, can they not find anything made here. This is my last year. Will continue to go to Seaworld, Busch Gardens, and Legoland. I know my Great Granddaughter will be upset, but she’ll get over it. We can do more for less. Sorry Disney it was a good run, however you have accomplished what you wanted to push out the middle class. Annual pass $1299.99 no block out, almost a $500.00 increase in one year. See ya!!

  26. Linda wood

    No I would not wait that long

  27. Shannon

    I’m an Orlando local with AP to Disney and Universal. We keep going to Universal instead. We haven’t been to Disney in like 6 months. It’s changed. The vibe is different.

    They’ve also done every imaginable thing they can to discourage local APs from going.

  28. Thomas Simons

    The lines are crazy. I was there the first week in February. It was stressful to pay big bucks for a park ticket and then have to pay even more once you enter the park. I know it is a choice but we felt pressured to purchase Genie+ and Lightening Lane because we did not want to wait in those long line. It will be many years before I return to a Disney park. I’ll set my sights on someplace I can relax.

  29. Benjamin Collins

    Personally I have started considering traveling back to Disney world, the last time I went, I was in middle school. Now I’ve graduated from school. It would have to be the ticky ticky room or it’s a small world, I would be in line for. Otherwise one of the water parks or a resort pool.

  30. Elaine

    Disney is not limiting crowds. Just wants to send everyone broke.

  31. Qwerty

    We have been passholders since a out 2005. Not anymore.
    Increased prices, decreased service (go ahead and blame it on the pandemic but now people are used to it so it’s not coming back) mobile ordering mandatory. What used to be fun and relaxing is now overscheduled and cannot be spontaneous.
    Keeping the reservation system for another two years is what finally drove me away. As an annual passholder My contract was 365 days and all day parkhopping at 4 parks. They doubled the price and restrict my choices. I’m done.

  32. Gary

    What a great idea for a vacation – take my family for a fun filled time standing in line all day for a week lol. People must be stupid to buy into this experience.

  33. José

    Ciertamente para mí y mi familia, la magia de Disney murió, somos un grupo de 10 personas que teníamos un viaje familiar de aniversario planificado para este año, pero debido a todos los cambios negativos en Disney, hemos decidido cambiar de destino para que nuestro viaje sea más placentero e inolvidable..lo siento Disney, pero la magia que te caracterizaba se acabó, no vamos a un destino a pasarla mal, y eso fué exactamente lo que nos sucedió el otoño pasado.

  34. Heather

    So glad we went in 2017, fast pass was amazing pre planned everything could make multiple fast pass bookings in a day as soon as you scanned into your last one you could book another immediately, such a shame they have changed it so much was going to go back but doesn’t sound fun anymore.

  35. Mike

    I was a life long Disney fan. I’m done. I will not be returning for a long time. It was really frustrating paying so much money and my kids begging to go back to the hotel pool. I hope Disney enjoys the short term profits cause it’s not going to last.

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