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Credit: ITM Kelly C.


  1. Brooke

    Selfie sticks should absolutely not be allowed – they’ve caused issues on rides. The tripod is completely out of the question. You can bring in the short selfie sticks, that should be enough. The last time I was at WDW I caught someone vaping. I alerted a CM who tracked the guy down. I think these items are getting in because there are new hires working Security and may not have been thoroughly trained. I’m seeing this in multiple industries. Disney mgmt needs to step in and retrain.

    1. T

      If you want to be security and bust people vaping in the the parks get a job at Disney. Otherwise mind your own business and quit being a narc. Enjoy some rides drinks or food it’s what you pay admission for. Next

      1. steve

        Sorry to disagree, but rules are rules, someone can’t obey them, leave, or get thrown out, its not being a narc to report a rule breaker, its called being a responsible adult

      2. C

        Nope, sorry, but security is everyone’s responsibility. If I have to follow the rules, then so do you. You’re not special.

    2. Mickey Mouse

      You just said no selfie sticks should be allowed yet you said you should bring short selfie sticks that makes no sense

      1. Deb

        All you need to do is to watch some YouTubers and you can see how they break the rules. Not all do. People need to know the difference between a selfie stick and a Gimble. If Disney offered smoking areas that were out of site with a purifying air system people wouldn’t smoke in plain sight. I never understood the difference between smelling the fumes of the Speedway and cigarettes. Oh well, and the I don’t understand English excuse has been going on for at least 40 years. Also, some of those bigger strollers/wagons might be for a kid with a disability. Disney has a special tag for that.

  2. Walt

    I recently saw an “influencer” set up a tripod and film a full blown social media video at Epcot and security didn’t stop them.

    1. Monica

      It’s not a security issue. Wagons, shirts, selfie sticks fall and the like fall under operations and security screener or in the parks are called if the lines of businesses of other cast members see those items in tbe Park. Those cast members approach the guest…if there is a great deal of push back then security is called. Security screens only for the stiff rest goes bang, and boom.

  3. Roger Moller

    My wife and I took three of our grandchildren to Disneyland last week. All five of us had backpacks with full water bottles in them. Neither day did security ask what was in the water bottles. I could very easily have had booze in mine.

    1. Mickey Mouse

      Shhhh don’t tell them that

  4. N

    I also thought that adults are not allowed to wear costumes into the parks, except if they are running races or at Halloween. We know some people who did (wear costumes in) and they were escorted to guest relations and given sweatshirts to cover their costumes.

  5. AH

    When we stayed Nov Dec last year at check in the rules are posted. In those rules it says no selfish sticks and no wagons. Wagon exception is for medical equipment for kids or adults. We had to keep a close eye out for the selfish stick users as they almost hit a large number of people as they flung them about. A person pulling a wagon loaded with assorted non-medical gear ran over my wife’s foot breaking her big toe turning it black and blue. She screamed at the person who gave her the finger and walked off. CM was there, saw the entire thing and did nothing.

  6. Tim C

    I don’t have any complaints about a specific rule, I just want to see whatever rule they have get enforced even if someone gets PO’d! Most of us wouldn’t mind if there were a few less a-holes in the park.

  7. Jean Ansley

    We were at Magic Kingdom and saw a couple of selfie sticks being used

  8. Gene

    Let’s enforce the rules. NO exceptions. I understand it’s difficult to deal with unapproved items but restrictions protect both the guests and cast members!

  9. Terri

    Disney cast members are completely lax in their etiquette and mannerisms. It’s all part of a decline in the excellence that Disney used to exhibit! Zero tolerance is leaving and will bring Disney to below their own standard!!

  10. All of the CEO’S only hear blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah,…..the don’t care. All that matters to them is their insane salaries and end of the year bonuses. The magic died a long time ago.

  11. Carlos

    First off all as a parent of special needs child the wagons are categorized as wheelchairs. Before everyone gets judgy when they see a wagon stroller look for a red or blue tag. Those indicate the strollers are being used as a wheelchair.

  12. James

    So they will sell you alcohol but you can’t bring in your own. This is like all the other places that want to just overcharge for stuff. Also, Marijuana is legal in CA but they don’t allow it inside even with a prescription. Seems crazy since so many of their employees are stoners lol.

  13. Freeman

    Wish they would outlaw strollers.

    1. Eeek!

      Wish they’d outlaw stupid posts but then they’d have to shut the internet down hard to do that.

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