Comments for Guest Feels “Completely Scammed” By Disney After Enduring “Worst Experience” Ever

Disney World Guests using MagicBands

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  1. jo

    I went the end Oct. Genie had just begun. It was a nightmare due to getting a fast land still took 30 to 40 min. to ride. Haunted Mansion was about an hr. wait with paid Genie. On occasion I would sit and watch the people running into each other walking faces in phones. Doesn’t sound like it has improved at all. Chapek has ruined a well running machine. Chapekland is broken in so many ways. He doesn’t deserve to use Walt’s name. This was my 11th time to go and probably the last. So So sad. No more magic. Just alot of frustration and money.

    1. KLB

      We were there on Day 1 of the Genie (about halfway through our trip) and it was interesting to see the changes from the day before where people were looking up to that day when they had their faces in their phones to plan their day. Although it was probably the only reason we got on certain rides, I’m not sure it was/would be worth it for the entire trip. That and the lack of any 50th merch (or most kinds of merch for that matter), all mobile order dining and some of the guests, it turned out to be the most frustrating trip we’ve ever taken. As a former CM, I feel for those still trying to deliver some form of magic to the guests, it can’t be easy anymore.

  2. Jesse J

    I’ve been feeling more and more upset as I realize the magnitude of the cost of each ‘perk’ that has been eliminated and monetized over the past 2 years. They all used to be part of the exorbitant park/resort cost but now those luxury perks are gone. You have to pay for what used to be considered customer service at Disneyworld. Also, if you’d like a side of magic during your trip you’ll need a second mortgage.

  3. Steven DeRenzy

    I totally agree with everything this person says. We were there in late January and the lines were long and food extremely expensive. The new lightning lanes are a waste of money and the app is confusing. I went only because my wife is such a Disney nut and we are senior citizens. We have been here four other times with our kids and those trips were much better. Save your money and go to Six Flags.

    1. Rodney Simonson

      Used to visit WDW six times a year, week or more at a time, from Michigan. Could plan each trip a month ahead and visit stress free. First trip after the reopening we barely managed an average of two and a half “experiences” per day, and getting a decent meal in a timely fashion required Landry’s and a visit ti Yak and Yetti, T-Rex or Rainforest. Only our AP expense got us there three times last year and three more this year. Genie is a bad joke and Genie+ is much like virtual queues, scheduling when you want to stand in line for an hour, except you have to pay extra for the “privilege”,

      1. Josh

        Seems someone just booked without any research.

        1. sam

          nah, 20 years ago my mom and I would hop in the car on a whim and drive 1000 miles to spend 4 days at Disney. the only research necessary was to find a cheap hotel near the property and make sure we had park hoppers.

          that was the level of research to have a fulfilled vacation at Disney and leave feeling that you got to ride what you wanted to ride, and seen what you wanted to see. you were eager for the next trip to Disney.

          my last experience at Disney was before the pandemic, and I wasn’t at all fulfilled by that experience. all these stories show the experience has only gone downhill.

          1. Nicole

            yeah, going to Disney used to be all fun. Now all the prep and planning and scheduling is a chore.

          2. Kathy

            I’m not a big vacation planner. Just reading all this convinces me to never return. Who needs all the hassle and face in phone on a vacation?

      2. Kelly

        If you’re considering T-rex or Rainforest decent food, I am not sure I can trust your judgement lol. There are many restaurants that are way better than those frozen-in-a-bag overpriced restaurants.

    2. HQ

      With the 50th celebration and many people wanting to go because they werent able to go in 2020, Disney World is, not surprisingly, getting insane crowds. It is probably best to wait until the second half of 2023 when some of that stuff has faded and things go back to more normal crowd levels. My husband and I bailed on our honeymoon in 2020, that we waited 5 years for, because we didnt want to be subjected to wearing masks in the Florida heat. With the mask mandate lifting for fully vaccinated people, we are excited to plan another trip, but not until Genie+’s kinks are worked out and the crowd levels drop a bit.

      1. Kelly

        Coming from Indiana where it is markedly less warm, I thought masks would be super annoying in Florida. I went in the end of June and it was HOT. Honestly, the masks were fine. If you were a little kid maybe it would bother you but I had no issues and the only people I saw having issues were the snowflake adults that act like they can’t breath through a piece of fabric. Not worth delaying your honeymoon for, especially because 2020 was the BEST time to go to the parks. No lines because no one was there.

    3. Dani

      Whats CHAMGED since the no fast pass days? THEY LET MORE PPL IN? BECAUSE,as former DVC members, AP holders,FL redidents..WE ALWAYS ExPECTED LINES..never pre planned or booked things..and just went with the flow.Thete were no 4 hr wait times..so why now? Same park,same if not more # of rides.. So are they letting TOO MANY PPL in? Disney I think you’re going about this the wrong way .charging $7 for an ice cream bar is going to make a lot of families skip the ice cream bar.Raising tickets prices makes us stay less days, or, not buy anything in the park.. etc..Give FL redidents A DEAL..cuz we can zip up for 2 or 3 days for maybe a Cheer or soccer competition and Stay for a park day! So far
      we have not done that once !Fam of 4 to walk into park, =$600 .That is 2 weeks of work for SOME. I wanted to bring my girls to the CONTEMPORARY for their sweet 16
      I STAYED there as a kid.I expect pricey- BUT $800/NIGHT is insane! We cld enjoy a 7 day cruise out of Miami for that.lol! Your making it IMPOSDIBLE FOR US NORMAL PEOPLE,single moms, large families to ENJOY Disney..
      .FL residents don’t need hopper passes,been there done that.BUT,IF THEY WERE INCLUDED,WE WOULD DEF hop over for a meal at the castle, or hop to a park for 1 ride.INEVIRABLY SPENDING MORE $ ..AND STAYING on property instead of leaving to eat at chilis..lol

  4. Jason

    Dear frustrated guest, don’t retreat on your evaluation of Disney. Yes, the workers are suffering and it’s not their fault, but it’s not our fault either and the only thing that Disney understands is money- as when you cut off their money. Bob Paycheck on Christine McCarthy have ruined Disney. Just the fact that you still have to mobil order is ridiculous. The only way things are going to get better for the workers and for us is to hit Disney in the only part that hurts, and that’s their wallet. Only then maybe they’ll use some of their huge bonuses to return perks to the guests, stop hiking the prices to heaven on rooms, tickets and food, stop the ridiculousness of forced mobil ordering to get a hamburger, and return portion sizes to adult levels.

    1. Cindy

      We have been annual passholders since 2005. Our passes expired February 12 and we are not renewing.

      1. HJA

        ex pass holder as well…dont see us buying again, their cruise line on the other hand was amazing on a recent trip.

      2. Erica M

        Our passes also expired and we took our last trip in May of 2019. I loved my Disney time & will probably be back someday. But the 4-5 trips per year and the current price of the AP is definitely not doable anymore. 🙁

      3. Wolf

        No magic, basically just a park with rides, and for the money that’s terrible

      4. Joe Cool

        As he lays on top of his bed reading through these comments, Mickey is deeply saddened. But not because people are planning never to return.. He’s crying this evening because the top executives just cut his yearly salary by 23% Told him it was pandemic related cut backs..He doesn’t know how he’s gonna pay the rent now since it went up by 30%??!! To add to this terrible news, tonight people were heckling him for not wearing a mask? He was eating a piece of cheese people! Give the poor mouse a break already! Lol, you have to give those executives some credit. They were able to predict the downward spiral of Disney parks and resorts. are on a downward spiral. So they go shopping and buy a few franchises to offset the losses into gains. At this point there laughing all the way to the bank with these new cool app fees and bundles! Hotdogs! Front of the line! Fees! Yeah! Check the room rates!? Why not! Add an Uber , sure! Perhaps a Starbucks? I don’t see why not.. =$1,734.88 “Did you like your trip to Disney?” Yes! My favorite part was only having to wait 1hour & 46 minutes for space mountain!! “No way, you’re lucky!!

  5. Ali

    The word is we’re not “where,” to the initial poster

  6. Emily

    My family and I just got back from a trip for the first time since 2016 (we typically go every 2-3 years). We LOVE Disney but this experience was just so awful and stressful that we have no plans to go back. Every park was completely packed to the point where we were trying to run to attractions as soon as the park was open. We did that for both Space Mountain and Kilimanjaro Safari only for both to be down as soon as we got there (and then we were rudely shooed out of the area by cast members). Genie+ was horrible to use and only made our day more complicated because all of the times were filled up quickly. Wait times were so long (I don’t think there was a ride below 90 minutes in Hollywood Studios the day we were there) that we didn’t want to waste our day away in a line. Even the lines for food were ridiculous (don’t even get me started on the price just to eat at Disney). We ended up leaving the parks early every day because there was nothing to do and nowhere to go because we were packed in like sardines. The only time we stayed late was to see the Magic Kingdom fireworks and a lady next to us had a panic attack because of the amount of people squished around us. My family has always loved Disney but I don’t think we’ll be going back.

    1. Emily

      Forgot to mention that the few things we did get to ride all broke down or had some issue in the middle of us riding them. Every single one got stopped for some reason. So many rides were shut down so many times while we were there.

      1. FL-Dad

        The frequency of rides breaking down is due to the decreased number of employees at Disney. Many of the reductions in staffing were those who maintain the rides. Rides are mechanical devices, which will wear down and break without constant maintenance. You can also see the lack of care in the buildings, rides, etc. in the form of chipped/worn paint, small things that are broken, etc. Pretty soon, the small things will become big things, and people will start getting hurt.

  7. Kevin

    I understand there are diehard fans of WDW i am one of them but it has gone to far. I live 1hr away Orlando my family and I have finally boycotted WDW and my wife’s grandfather was part of building that running toilet $WDW
    Just go to
    Universal Studios/ Islands of Adventure/Volcano Bay and a 3rd park on the way Go Mario land
    Bush Gardens or
    Hell even Seaworld
    Guaranteed you will have way more fun.
    Things they have over WDW
    1- refillable drinks souvenir cups that can be brought back and only pay activation for the day unlimited forget $2-$4 for a 20oz of anything
    2- in my opinion way better rides to injoy for mostly teen and up
    3- better price on everything especially food/tickets/resorts and have money left to do other things with the family..
    4- better atmosphere all around 5- less stress don’t have to plan your every min with stupid genie(ITS A VACATION NOT ANOTHER JOB PEOPLE) quick access to both Universal parks and an amazing Water THEME Park and did I mention UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HAS COVERED PARKING no getting into a hot box after that stressful day

  8. Marie Miller

    Housekeepers are knocking on doors as early as 8:15am on your departure day. They are completely understaffed! In my room at Animal Kingdom Resort I heard a housekeeper being berated by their supervisor for taking to long to clean a departure room. He didn’t care that the room was destroyed by guest,he expected them to finish faster! Why is there a time limit on correcting a room that is destroyed. Some days you could walk past rooms while housekeeping was entering a room and see exactly what this poor people are dealing with,never again will I stay at Animal Kingdom Resort. That was a horrible experience to hear how this people are spoken to.

    1. Carys

      I’m glad you posted this. I have walked past rooms with their curtains open and I cannot believe people are like that, do they live like that at home? I’ve even read comments on messageboards about people complaining about the housekeeping being every other day because who will pick their towels up off the floor. I try and tidy my room up before I head out for the day, the towels are hung up or put in a tidy pile in the bath if they need replacing, the bed is tidied up a bit and I make sure all the recycling and trash is sorted and tie bags up. Takes a couple of minutes. All my personal property is put away neat and tidily because I know all hotels, not just Disney, give their housekeeping staff a limited time to do rooms these people aren’t highly paid and if you don’t live like a pig at home don’t be a pig in your resort room.

  9. Trevor_Phiillips

    Only braindead morons go to and spend money WDW/Disneyland.

    1. Liz

      Nice of you to comment on a thread – how’s life under your bridge?

    2. Land Tuna

      That is what I hear from jealous poor people all the time…

  10. RyanS

    Prices are never coming back down. If anything, main gate prices actually need to go up considerably to compensate for the massive rise in attendance. Also permanent discontinuation of annual passes and neutering Cast Member main gates by rolling them into guest entries needs to happen as well.

    1. Kristoff

      Why would you take away cast members’ benefits when they hardly get any useful dates, work 6 days a week, and deal with horrible customers who are always angry about something they have zero control over?

  11. Zara

    It seems like this person did no research and literally moaned about everything! Half of which I didn’t agree with…

    1. Bob cheapric

      Well you know you’ve got to be right! I mean when every other comment agrees with them 100% surely you’re the smart one right? RIGHT?

      1. Tyler

        I agree with them on the Genie+, it’s inferior to FastPass+ and to add insult to injury; they charge for it…ridiculous. However, the food complaint? Everything was $30-$40 a meal? Is he only eating at O’hana or California grill every time? He mentioned ABC and I KNOW they are not that expensive. Many Many MANY quick-service restaurants there that are only about $12-15 per meal, so I don’t feel like that was justified.

        1. Carys


    2. Sandra G

      Well, first trip, obviously did not prepare at all. Plenty of information out there including actual print guidebooks like the Unofficial Guide and Birnbaum, as well as FB groups where you can ask specific questions of seasoned visitors. I am not a fan of Genie and find mobile ordering a pain generally, and yes, WDW is expensive, but so is Universal. It does seem as though it is a lot of work and less spontaneous to enjoy a day at a park, but a big part of whether you have a good or bad experience is YOUR attitude. Outdated rides?
      For many of us, those are the classic attractions we look forward to year after year, along with newer experiences.

      The comments about the food made me laugh, because there are plenty of places to eat and lots of reviews online, so you don’t need to go in blind on the actual food offerings or the prices. Mass produced meals aren’t going to be high gourmet, but as a visitor since 1972, I can say that there are plenty of good choices that are priced similarly to what you pay in the real world. Sorry they had a negative experience, but again, clearly a lack of prep before booking contributed to the fail.

  12. Cherilyn Schober

    My family vacations at WDW at least once a year (usually a few weekends too) and I have never felt so ripped off. Genie Plus is a joke. I gave it a try on our last trip and I will never use it again. Following the Genie Plus itinerary and trying to get any decent lightning lanes ruined our day. We rode more rides with shorter wars by just using common sense. Use early entry and extended evening hours. Avoid the middle of the day and you will do better than using Genie Plus. Fast Pass Plus let you plan your day. Genie Plus is a day of stress and anxiety with very little reward that you paid for. I would pay to have Fast Passes but I’ll never pay for Genie Plus again.

  13. Larry

    I just came back from WDW and have been going there a lot as I’m a DVC member. I have to say one of the worst trips I have been on . Lines were terrible and everything over priced. Won’t be going back to parks anytime soon

  14. Bonnie

    We were annual passholders for over 9 years. We did not renew in 2020. With all the changes, it seemed that annual passholders were at the bottom of the barrel. No parks available, we were very limited on days we could go to any park. We spent over $3500 year just on our passes! We are local, but still enjoyed staying at the resorts and eating at our favorite restaurant….Whispering Canyon. We haven’t been back since 2019, and judging from all the comments on all the Disney sites, we made the right decision. We are now annual passholders for Busch Gardens/Seaworld. Their passes have no blockout dates for gold and platinum including holidays, concerts and the different festivals. Depending on level of pass you get 2-6 guest passes. $23.00 per month for gold….over $20 less than the cheapest Disney pass. Do we miss it…sometimes. We still go to Disney Springs, but even that seems more crowded than in the past.

  15. Texas Mom

    Just got back – took a group of 5. I literally could have written this article. Worst experience ever. Waiting in lines after booking through Genie+ or even paying for LL and the ride closes and then turn us away. Never going back. Ever.

  16. Joseph

    Posting about hurting Disney by not going is wasting your time… The parks are busy everyday and will only increase as more and more people travel. Yes, it would be great if Disney made it a bit more affordable for the average family. Yes, it would be great if genie plus would just make a few changes to be a bit more like fastpass and get rid of the ala carte rides and just left everything regular lightning lane….. But reality is if things change great … If not we deal with it or don’t go.. but by no means us not going is not going to hurt the parks.

    1. JohnB

      NEVER underestimate the power of the purse. Most vacation decisions are made by mothers! The OG is not the only person complaining, thousands are complaining. I am pissed because I am Disney stockholder and Chapek is not worth is paycheck! There has been so much wasted money by Disney in the last 5 years. Funds that have not increased the bottom line, but just lining the pockets of the C suite executives. Disney employees are dramatically underpaid and Chapek doesn’t want to pay more. That is causing so many operational issues, that guests are complaining about!

  17. Stephanie Smith

    I am an avid Disney fan and follower of all things Disney parks. I love watching videos of the ins and outs and follow Inside the Magic, Disney Food Blog, and others on the happenings of the parks. I have LOVED planning our Disney trip and booking Fastpasses a couple months ahead was a wonderful way to layout our trip and ensure it runs smoothly. I am NOT looking forward to stressing out every morning to get whatever fastpasses I can with stupid Genie+ and stressing about making it worth the extra moneys. Disney has always been expensive but the free perks made it worth it. Now that EVERYTHING costs extra, this will be the last Disney trip for a very long time. I think Universal will see a huge surge in attendance after the 50th anniversary party as so many are sick of the costly changes and broken system Disney has. I think Chapek already sees this as he is planning on increasing prices to other Disney products like Disney+ streaming next year. He better find another way for Disney to make revenue because he is going to be losing a lot of parks revenue soon when people refuse to go.

  18. Charli D'Amilio

    I’ve got sad news for everyone… after living in Orlando most of my life and holding several positions at Disney (and their competitors) I can tell you for every American that “votes with their wallet” and boycotts Disney there are 3 Brazilians who will step up and fill your spot. They are the ones who need someone carrying a tall flag just so they don’t get lost and are chanting as they traverse the park. You might also have seen them laying down to take a nap in the middle of a busy store. I can also tell you they won’t blink if the ticket price goes up to $1,000 a day.

    1. Dk

      Totally off base. Even Brazil has limits on what they will spend. And I can’t wait to see what the groups will do with standing in line for 2 hours for each attraction when they can barely handle 30 minutes. And trying to navigate GP? If they attempt it? i would buy a ticket just to see that.

    2. Carys

      You won’t see so many Brazillians anymore, the groups came when the economy in Brazil was booming, now it’s tanking you’ll see a lot less of them.

    3. Bxmamipr712

      I am so glad it is just not me who notices the Brazilian groups! I literally left early and went to Tampa instead for the rest of my trip because of them. They behave like pure savage animals! They constantly try to cut the lines with at least 20 people in a group. They scream, yell, and chant constantly. They literally cause any restaurant and store to look like a tornado hit it when they walk through. They damage property, and think rules don’t apply to them. I don’t know why Disney would allow these people to break literally EVERY park rule, and just look the other way. But Bob Paycheck only cares about the money he is making off of them, and not the fact that they ruin EVERY other guests’ vacation.

  19. Jim

    Sorry to say this guest’s reweiw is accurate. Being a older person who grew up going to Disneyland in the 1970’s. Then going to Disney World every year since 2004 I feel the increased cost for a less enjoyable experience has been worst every year since 2015. Summer of 2020 was nice ,no crowds. But going in September with the higher cost tickets and lodging for peak season with no price adjustments left a bad taste. With the huge price increases this year and changes will won’t be going. It is going to be a hard breakup.

  20. ScottS

    My family and I went to WDW last October on Halloween and it seems like they are trying to make up for lost profits by raising the prices on everything while cutting back on staff. All the lines were unreasonable…..Especially the haunted mansion. We were only able to go on 4 rides to spite being at the park from open to close. The magic is gone. my 6yo much prefers Busch Gardens or White Waters.

  21. mark nowak

    AGREED, but the problems you experienced don’t seem to be hampering the attendance so prices will continue to rise., as their stock continues to falter.

    1. Dk

      The attendance is not being hampered, agreed. But it’s the no-research crowds that are going, not the ones in the know. And after they experience the current crap show that Disney currently is, they, too, will be avoiding this place like a plague. Chapek hasn’t BEGUN to see what the fallout will be this year.

  22. Just came back WDW as well, 1st week of February, complete madness – a commne twas made earlier that there is off season anymore because of the prices and not to mention — offering “price breaks” to Florida residents, what a scam that is — talk about the so called “issues” at WDW, my guess its because of the locals. How disney has not learned of this? Because of their greed and willing to fill the park to capacity…it truly is disappointing. We did not use Genie + once, was able to get on every ride possible because we planned to get there early and beat the crowds — and IF and i stress IF, we go back anytime soon we will use the same planning at all parks — the food was terrible for the prices, the burger buns, for example at Cosmic Rays have gotten smaller, has anyone noticed the cups for sodas have gotten smaller YET the prices are higher — basic services are less available or broken down on an everyday basis such as the monorail– REALLY?? I realize things happen but when the MK is packed and its closing time, the monorail CANNOT BE SHUT DOWN!!! Something has to happen sooner or later and the only way this happens is people stop paying and attending but that, realistically, will not EVER happen. Things at WDW have gotten out of hand in all aspects, they need people on the ground, visiting parks, talking to people, visiting resorts, visiting people- getting responses and start making adjustments –too much money is spent by ANY family and those who attend once every 10-15 years or a lifetime, those are the people disney will lose and maybe they dont care but its too sad for that to happen to anyone!! Oh, and did I mention I am a DVC member and go twice a year.. so I am clearly disappointed in spending $6 on a m&m cookie, ie at the little treat kiosk outside space Mountain!!

  23. Laura Zibell

    Fire the greedy executives that gave RUINED the Disney magic!!!! Why in the heck do we have park reservations if they’re gonna let it get so overcrowded that you can’t get anywhere near a ride or food? What is the point? We have been Going to Disney since 1995 multiple times a year and are planning our next trip in March. I am fearful for the experience rather than looking forward to it. I feel like I’m walking into a fire!!

    1. Texas Mom

      Exactly! What’s the point of reservations. 180 min waits for rides and atleast an hour to get a hot dog. Greed! Too many people in the park.

    2. Dk

      The point of reservations is so Disney cam manipulate how many they want in each park.

      1. Bren

        I don’t think it’s for the customers. I think it’s so they know the bare minimum of employees to let work each day. They will screw the employees out of time while giving the guest a subpar experience because they can.

  24. Rosenberry Rich

    I will admit the prices are getting out of hand. “Let’s Go Bob Chapek”! We ALL need to remember the most important thing. WE/YOU are part of the problem. 1) The parks/lines were not made just for you. 2) You’re in line just like the rest of the world. You’re part of someone else’s inconvenience. 3) Did I mention #bobchapek? 4) If you’re gonna be so frustrated, don’t go.
    I HATE the prices just like the next person and it may be awhile (😢) before I go again. Did I mention #bobchapek?
    But most important, don’t compare your experiences to airlines. If you hate the way airlines are run, might I suggest you don’t fly Spirit or Allegiant?
    Here’s hoping someone from Disney reads yours and other’s comments and LEARNS, #bobchapek.

  25. bob

    as a 40 year customer, a pass holder raised 2 generations of our family at Disneyland no more Disney products in our family the current management is high on short term profits people are getting out after the covid spending stimulus money getting out of mandated city’s this will end soon and reality will take over interest rates will go up inflation will increase and we will all say I can’t afford disneyland the magic is gone the rides are dated and average at best when you are no longer the happiest place on earth it’s over SAVE DISNEY FIRE BOB

  26. My wife and I decided to take the kids to WDW, as a gift for Christmas, but then decided to go to Disneyland instead, because it’s closer to where we live. We booked the trip and paid way more than we use to, ( last trip was 2018). We stayed on property (GCH) and got 3 day passes, and also paid for the Geinie + system. We then tried to make reservations for the restaurant we like in the parks and hotel, but everything was full, so we found a reservation that we could get and took it. We ate at Goofys Kichen buffet and gave our kids a chance to get pics with them, or as close as we could, because of Covid. The food was very mediocre and the price was way to much, almost $300.00 for a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 kids), and that was just for breakfast. My wife and I were livid. The service was bad, nobody was happy at all. Now I have been a Disney fan for a long time, and have been going to the parks for a long time, so I know alot of the ends and out of Disneyland and California Adventures. I understand about the staffing issues and cut backs on services too, but I have never seen it this bad ever. My wife and I were so disappointed with Disney, we have decided to boycott Disney in general. They mistreated their staff, the park( rides breaking down alot), the Geinie system that sucks, and only worrying about the money, and the people that purchase their product. Walt Disney always has Quality over Quantity, not the other way around. I know the CEO for Disney Inc. Is trying to make up the revenue they lost from Covid, but sticking it to the patrons with higher prices, bad service, getting rid of perks, and rides that you can’t get on due to lines or maintenance including this jacked up Geinie system, that sucks too. We are not going back. I can have a better time with Universal parks and resorts on property for half the price and better food too. I do hope Disney in general gets better, and puts the customers first. Good quality will normally bring customers back, most Disney fans Don’t mind paying for their product, but if the product sucks, we aren’t paying anymore.

  27. R

    I would like to know, who exactly, is kidnapping the cast members and staff at all Disney locales and forcing them with threat of life and limb if the don’t take a crappy job for crappy pay and with no benefits.
    The resounding answers to complaints for inadequate or poor service seems to be “well cm’s aren’t paid enough”. Every job I’ve ever applied for comes with a list of responsibilities. I have always been told upfront what my wage and compensations would be as well as hours expected. While I will never defend the communist chapek, I think the “its not the staffs fault”, excuses, are wearing a little thin. They can quit, unionize, whistleblow, etc. Making excuses for crap service will never fix the problem. Minimizing the crap service vs. what you pay for, will not fix anything either. Lastly, continuing to go to these places where you believe employees are treated so badly makes you 100% complicit in every way, for their treatment. Example: Buying clothes made from slave labor, you are accepting, promoting and approving of slavery. If you really believe the employees at DL/DW are so mistreated stop condoning their treatment by not going or buying ANYTHING to do with that company.

    1. JohnB

      Please! Disney is like every other company in that older employees make more than the new employees. Disney has not come to face the reality that they have to pay more to get employees to work in their parks. It is that simple!

  28. Mario

    Disneyland > Magic Kingdom

    DCA ,> DHS


  29. Michelle D

    I knew this was a disaster when I got my first ride photo – of me in a Haunted Mansion Doom buggy looking at my phone! Yes, the Genie + system is a racket I won’t participate in again if I can at all avoid it….and I can! I just cancelled a trip to Disney World for this weekend. My kids don’t want to go anymore, so we are planning a trip to Hawaii – for less than a 1/3 of what we paid to go to WDW!

  30. sundogg

    Only when people stop going will Bob Chapek and his staff of bean counters make any corrections. I sometimes think that’s what they’re striving for, a park exclusively for the well to do and wealthy foreign tourists. No longer are parks the vision of ‘imagineers’ they are now the creation of the money people, all the perks are disappearing, no more free magic bands with resort stays, no more free parking at resorts, no more magical express transportation (I’m sure it’s just a question of time before you will have to buy a transportation voucher for in park bus, boat, monorail and skyliner transportation). Room service is spotty, fast pass has been replaced with Genie+ (and of course that means another charge added on). It will only change when we stop going.

    1. Daria

      The ones with the power are the vloggers, if they stood up and stopped going and then criticized Disney then maybe something might happen. But, so long as people who cannot afford to go continue to watch the vloggers videos and monetize their many trips to the parks merch and other vacation spots after they have been out all day working for minimum wage then the vloggers will continue to go, get the perks and wax lyrical about everything, because they are the ones who can afford the high prices, seeing one brag about about a $350 bear he got at the Germany pavillion brought it home to me that these vloggers are having a laugh.
      Please, stop watching these people on YouTube, unsubscribe and don’t comment. Let these vloggers have to think about the cost of a Disney vacation when their monetizing videos get no one watching. Then they’ll see it differently.

  31. Deb

    Same here. Not going back until the post Chapek era and things have changed if ever.I don’t mind paying for something but at least I need a bang for my buck. Years ago when my kids were little the rule in general was no more than a 30 minute wait on most rides, although some were some exceptions. They don’t care as long as they have your money and are jamming you in. Here’s where Bob Paycheck is making another big mistake. I grew up watching Wonderful World of Color and loved Disney. I knew as a kid. I was never going there. As an adult I could afford it and my kids loved Disney because we had a ton of tapes and discs. So today in order to see Disney content you have to buy their streaming service. Have these rocket scientists even figured out that they are not instilling Disney in their consumer base? Disney knows what their ride capacity is per hour and they know that they are allowing in more people than they can handle. Hey, they have your money. I agree with the previous poster, the attendance will decline. Right now it is stimulus money and pent up demand. As soon as inflation starts to really hit home, a Disney trip will be one thing that goes first. I am not too worried about all those foreign visitors because inflation will hit them too.

    1. JohnB

      Bingo! I totally agree! And I am a Disney stockholder. I can only think maybe Chapek realizes that the gravy train of the current moment might end?

  32. Colette

    This wasn’t a great time to go for the first time. Everything is crazy and more expensive. Our 2nd trip there my son did everything for the trip for us and his family. I’m so glad he did, he had everything planned great. My only problem was I couldn’t keep up with them and I had no idea what we were doing next, but that was year’s ago when they had full staff and it wasn’t so expensive. They have gone as a family many times since then and had a great time. We did go another time with them and I felt more comfortable, but I still couldn’t keep up with them lol. We were planning to go in July for my granddaughters 18th birthday and graduating from high school but we’re not sure about it now because of how things are there now. The hardest thing about not going is my granddaughters heart is going to be broken and I feel so sorry for her. We were supposed to go for her and 16th birthday but couldn’t go because of COVID-19. She is such a Disney fan and loves being there it just breaks my heart. We still don’t know what we’re going to do yet we’ll just have to wait and see.
    Don’t judge Disney World by this experience give it time till things settle down and try again. Good luck 🍀🍀🍀

  33. Dr. M

    Totally agree. I love Disney, and was even a passholder pre-pandemic. I brought family and friends to the park with me all the time. My last 3 experiences (HS and Epcot in January, MK in February) were awful! Lines were long, but I refused to pay extra for Genie+ when I’m already paying an arm and a leg to get into the park and for overpriced food, etc. Genie+ is a terrible system that only allows you to ride a ride once….if you can get a reservation for it, which getting reservations should not be an issue if you PAY for it, but it is often an issue.) At MK, we spent 45 minutes in line for Space Mountain, which had a 70 minute wait, only to have it break down while we were in line (not unusual, I know) but they would not give out genie+ passes to those in line so we could come back later (like they used to do with the fastpass system). We went to Big Thunder Railroad…same thing happened. Went back later to Space Mountain after if re-opened, and once again, it broke down again while we were in line, and they evacuated everyone again without giving us a genie+ pass. The 2 1/2 hours we spent in line waiting for coasters, never to ride one and not being given a “fastpass” to get back on quicker after waiting so long, was just the tip of the iceberg. I noticed that they are encouraging the use of mobile order and putting most of the staff on mobile order, causing really really long lines for those who can’t mobile order (ie: no smart phone, like my mom, or need to modify an order due to an allergy, etc). We waited 45 minutes in the regular line to get our Dole Whips because we needed to modify an order (I wanted pineapple juice with my pineapple and coconut dole whip and my son did NOT want pineapple juice with his vanilla and lime Dole Whip). That was not given as an option on the mobile order site. When we finally made it to the counter, we were told NO, you can’t modify your order. Why, we asked? You just can’t. Um, why? I have never had a problem like this in the past. I’ve always been allowed to remove or add pineapple juice to a dole whip flavor. After waiting for 45 minutes to order, and being told I can’t order my items, I asked to speak to the manager. The manager finally came out and repeated the same thing. NO. Why? He said “I’m not allowed”. After explaining that all we wanted to do is to put my son’s pineapple juice in my dole whip…so no change in overall price, he still said “no”, finally admitting that “they are 50th anniversary items, we can’t modify 50th anniversary items.”. “Really? So if my son had a pineapple allergy, and needed to have his vanilla and lime dole whip without pineapple, you could not do that for him?” The manager said “NO”. At this point I was in tears as 6 hours into our day and we only managed to get on 2 rides…People Mover and It’s a Small World…due to the long lines and breakdowns, and now after waiting for 45 minutes, we can’t even get our dole whips? My 23 year old son, who is very quiet and NOT once for confrontation, actually got angry and said, “what will happen to you if you put my pineapple juice into my mom’s dole whip? Will you get fired?” The manager responded, “no”. My son was livid at this point, and he is not one to get livid. “Then WHY can’t you do this? You modify orders at this restaurant all the time. We know, because we come here all the time. We have NEVER had this issue before.” Finally, with me in tears, the manager agreed, but said, “Don’t ever ask to do this again.” My son said, “the magic is gone mom. People don’t come to Disney because the rides are fantastic, except for a few exceptions, the rides are better rides at other parks. People come here for the great customer service, the magic, the nostalgia of feeling like they did when they came here as a kid. It’s just not like that anymore, no matter how many times we keep coming back to find it.”. We left the park after eating our dole whips, 6 hours before closing. I have NEVER in my life left the parks before closing. Some people are saying that it’s the “customers’ fault” that people seem angry at Disney, and while I’m sure there are some entitled people who like to argue not matter where they are, my son and I are not like that. I’ve come to realize that many people are getting angry and frustrated in the parks because Disney has decided that profits are now WAY more important than making magic for their customers. My son is right, the magic is gone. I’m sad to say, we are not going back unless Disney decides that customer service, and making magic, are once again going to be the backbone of Disney. Plenty of other non-Disney places to spend our money.

    1. Dk

      Seriously, all you needed to do was pick up the dole whip for your son and pour it into your own dole whip. You actually called a manager for this? THAT ruined the magic for you? I completely understand the frustration of having to wait, but everyone else was so frustrated. The dole whip issue was over the top insane.

      1. FL-Dad

        You’re wrong on this. Pre-Plandemic, Disney CMs were not ALLOWED to say “No” to guests. they had to find a way to accommodate guests and make their visit magical. Now the CMs are overworked, underpaid, and no one cares if the guests get a magical experience, or even if they are happy. Things have taken a turn for the worse at Disney.

      2. Dr. M

        You are wrong. If my son cannot have pineapple juice, having him pour his juice onto my dole whip does NOT solve the problem. There will still be pineapple juice all over his dole whip, which he cannot eat. Did you notice that the flavor of dole whip he ordered does not have pineapple in it either? (Vanilla and lime).

  34. Passholder

    I’m an annual pass holder, and I have some physical limitations meaning I have to rely on DAS. There are a lot of attractions that I just can’t do, and that’s fine, but DAS is supposed to reduce or eliminate the challenges I have standing in line for long periods of time, but it’s so broken that I have only actually been able to successfully use it once.

    I’ve had so many problems with it, including my party not being added to a return even though they’re in my account. Guest Experience team re-adding my party to the return time only to learn that they’re still not properly added so we are removed from the line and told to go to guest services or back to the Guest Experience tents .. which are often closed.

    It’s just an absolute nightmare, and I regret giving them money. I’ve tried to talk with guest services about it but I’ve never experienced such a level of dismissiveness that I’ve experienced since I’ve been back. The last conversation with them ended with “Your DAS is expiring in a few days anyway, we’re sorry you had issues.”.

    Screw you Disney, fix your sh1t.

  35. Sherry G

    We kept rescheduling our WDW & Cruise trip (for over 2 years) because we were waiting for the craziness to settle. I recently completely cancelled and got $$$$ refunded because there will be no magic left and we would be nickled and dimed to death. No thanks. After 40 years of nearly annual trips. No more. We miss you Walt — you were about normal families. This new crew is about the bonus’ and dollars.

  36. Deb

    It makes no difference all those that say they are done with Disney,coz from what I’m seeing the parks are heaving ,I’m waiting another year before I make up my mind

    1. Dk

      The parks are full of people that have NO clue about what they’re about to encounter.

  37. Mike G

    I will no longer go to the parks. I will only go the Disney Springs or a water park. The only thing I will buy from Disney these days is Disney +. I live in FL and have been going yearly since 1975.

  38. Carol

    Why did these people go to Disney World? It sounds like they never read anything about vacationing there. Plan better. These people don’t sound like they should have gone in the first place. The food is awesome if you know where to eat. If your best meal was at the commissary, I wonder what you’re used to. Some many great restaurants, so little time.

  39. Carys

    I’m a veteran Disney Parks visitor and I’m going back soon for the first time since 2019 and I’m taking a different attitude to my normal trips. It helps as I’m older and have no kids to please. I will not buy Genie+ or LL, but, I will use mobile ordering as I’m not someone who has to modify everything on the menu to suit me. I’m not expecting to go on all the attractions and will pick and choose what is worth the wait, I haven’t done to two new rides in DHS or Ratatouille, so I am willing to wait in line for them, I won’t do it for other rides though like Space Mountain. I also do not watch YouTube channels as they never give an accurate depiction of WDW, they go around happy and smiling and never talk negatively about anything, I guess they don’t want to lose the privileges Disney gives them for their positive take on the parks. If you want an accurate account of Disney go on messageboards instead.
    I’m curious about the posts about food, some of the prices seem to be far from accurate and you don’t need to eat the food Disney sells, bring your own food and water and budget for one snack if you must. If you are complaining about a$5 bottle of water then you are to blame for not spending $5 on a refillable bottle at WalMart.
    What I don’t need is the clever clogs slagging off those who still go to the parks. sure people still going are not thinking it through properly, but, some, like me are just going to go with the flow, take a different approach to it, buy the park tickets and be done with it, so if you haven’t paid for G+ and LL if you don’t get to do all you want then at least you haven’t wasted that money.

  40. BK

    My son and I just had a conversation on when we wanted to go back to Disney World and we both agreed – we wont be going anytime soon. I have been going to Disney for a long time. I have been taking my son since I was pregnant with him in 92 and we thought for his 30th we would do a big trip but after reading all the changes, the fact that you have to be on your phone checking times, reservations, ordering food and no guarantees on how many rides you will do – we both agreed – no – this is no longer the Disney we knew. The cost is insane – it is cheaper to go to Hawaii. Its sad – Disney was our place to go and relax, leave the electronics behind, ride rides, eat fun food, smile, act like a kid and enjoy the magic. We use to park hop, and be spontaneous but that is all gone. Maybe in 3 years things will change? who knows… Sucks..

    1. Dawn

      You aren’t forced to be on your phone all day, you only have to use it if you are using the Lightning Lane junk. I have been at least 15 times since Disneyland started using the Genie and I have yet to open my phone to use it. We still go through the parks das we used to, pick a ride and go to it…. One of the issues with the Genie is that everyone is on it and when a ride has a low time everyone heads to that ride. Then the time jumps for that one and some of the other times are lessened. We just pick what we want and check the time board by one of the kiosks, if it’s more than we want to spend we pick another and head that way. Granted, DL and WDW wait times are seemingly different at this point, DL is seeing lower waits than WDW. Fine by me, we are local to DL so go as often as we can.

  41. Patricia Beard

    I been going to WDW since 1975 and so my husband and I bought into the Vacation Club in 1994. And I worked for travel agency so we have had many, many trips to WDW over those 27 years. Been on 10 Disney Cruises and gone to DL for our anniversary every Nov. But my husbands brother wanted us to go to WDW in Nov. 2021 so we did! What an absolute disaster! We tried the Genie + like many others in these posts, and like they have all said, it was a joke. We couldn’t get on the premium rides period even with Genie + or Lightening Lanes or whatever the heck they are called. At dinner one night we over-heard a lady talking to her husband saying “Walt is over turning in his grave”. We mentioned that to our server the next night at dinner, and her response was, ” We hear that all the time”. My family all live in Ocala and my sister showed me an article in the Sun where the locals now call WDW the “Tragic Kingdom!” The first thing my husband did when we got home was to put all our points up for sale as we will never go back or spend another dime at Disney, or should say Chapekland! And while I’m a realist and know that boycotting WDW is a pipe dream, I really wished it would help. I just read an article last week where the board is contemplating what to do with Chapek, and I do hope they fire him and what’s her name ” McCarty. But they are bound by the by-laws of their contracts. Just as they were with originally trying to fire Michael Eisner! Which really would have been a mistake. But! It mist have been a real wake up call, as Eisner brought Disney out of possible bankruptcy. Now I can only hope that Roy Disney’s granddaughter Abigail Disney who’s bean very, very outspoken about these horrible changes and cast member treatment, may somehow influence the board members!!! And watch Disney stock, it’s been going down!

    1. JohnB

      Contracts can be broken for poor performance.

  42. Julian H

    No Wonder its called Disney WORLD, its because they are clearly on another PLANET to the rest of us… They have no idea.

    This greedy board of executives should be replaced they have destroyed the name of Disney and what it represented for their own personal gain. 20 years of holidaying in the Disney resorts property, no more, until things change my family will move over to Universal.


  43. WDW-old timer

    My family moved to Orlando in ’74 when I was in preschool, you can say I grew up with WDW. I remember the rainy day that was the 10 anniversay where every guest got free cake and crowds were low. I got married at the Yacht club, no character involvement just a convenient destination once we moved out of state. And nobody here is wrong, it is overcrowded and Genie+ is a money grab. Between the tech and IP, Disney isn’t skinning carny rides, new rides are many millions of dollars. So I’m sure Disney could have kept MK in stasis and not spent any money and kept prices low and no crowds (I remember running through the Pirates queue and just lapping the ride with my sister!!!). But they didn’t, they made a park we all want to go to. We are cause of the crowds. No company ever caps sales, instead they jack up prices to balance demand. By all reports they should jack them up much more, heck I would pay double for half the crowd. But then we would hear screams about being only for the rich. We can’t have it both ways.

  44. dpburton

    What people here are missing, is yes people are still coming, but that is because over the last 50 years Disney did a great job of building their brand, and people returned from Disney vacations telling all their friends how much fun it was. Now everyone is going home and telling all their friends what an awful experience it was. Attendance will crash because Disney was more concerned about getting every dollar possible than in making sure they were creating a product people want.

  45. I been going to WDW since 1975 and so my husband and I bought into the Vacation Club in 1994. And I worked for travel agency so we have had many, many trips to WDW over those 27 years. Been on 10 Disney Cruises and gone to DL for our anniversary every Nov. But my husbands brother wanted us to go to WDW in Nov. 2021 so we did! What an absolute disaster! We tried the Genie + like many others in these posts, and like they have all said, it was a joke. We couldn’t get on the premium rides period even with Genie + or Lightening Lanes or whatever the heck they are called. As for the rides we did get on, we had one break down, on the Space Ship Earth, but only a few minutes. We tried to get on the new Rat Ride,(Ratatouille) Ha! 5 hour wait time even with the Genie+ !! And we heard so many disappointing comments from people coming off the ride! ” S___ all that just to ride around a little tract to watch part of the movie!! Lame, just plan lame!” We went on the new Mickey-Minnie train ride that replaced the Great Movie Ride and what a Great Disappointment! I over hard one person say ” Well they had to up date it, no one now days knows who James Cagney is”. Correct! Then up date the movies, not the concept of the ride and delete all the live action from the cast members! The new Imagineers have zero imagination! Much the same as the over-haul on Tower of Terror in DL. So flippen sorry. Oh where or where did Joe Rohdy go?? And did I mention all the costs. They add up quickly as mentioned. OMG How much is enough for you Bob ??? You have to cancel that mega yacht for you and your 20 besties or those $2000.00 a plate dinners you host?? Speaking of dinner, one night we over-heard a lady talking to her husband saying “Walt is turning over in his grave”. We mentioned that to our server the next night at dinner, and her response was, ” We hear that all the time”. My family all live in Ocala and my sister showed me an article in the Sun where the locals now call WDW the “Tragic Kingdom!” The first thing my husband did when we got home was to put all our points up for sale as we will never go back or spend another dime at Disney, or should say Chapekland! And while I’m a realist and know that boycotting WDW is a pipe dream, I really wished it would help. I just read an article last week where the board is contemplating what to do with Chapek, they apparently have been made aware of the fan disappointments and I do hope they fire him and what’s her name ” McCarty. But they are bound by the by-laws of their contracts. Just as they were with originally trying to fire Michael Eisner! Which really would have been a mistake. But! It must have been a real wake up call, as Eisner brought Disney out of possible bankruptcy. Now I can only hope that Roy Disney’s granddaughter Abigail Disney who’s been very, very outspoken about these horrible changes and cast member treatment, may she somehow influence the board members!!! And watch Disney stock, it’s been going down!


    1. JOE


  47. Don

    Took my family to Walt Disney World in 2002, 2004 and 2010. The first trip was ok, very expensive. On the later trips, it just cost more. The food sucks. It’s crowded. We always went off season. Would never go again. Would never recommend it. Can only imagine how bad it has gotten. My brother lives in the area and used to get an annual pass. He quit that years ago. There are better places to go in the area that cost a lot less. Don’t waste your money.

  48. Lulu

    About 15 years ago my husband, 7 yr old and I went to Magic Kingdom at Christmas-time. We have family in L.A. so have had the good fortune to go to D-land on many an occasion. That fateful Christmas trip, however, was not magical! Guests were packed in so tightly we moved with the flow; literally! It was a impossible to do anything so we left. So disappointed with Disney and the fact they only see guests as dollar$ and cent$.

  49. Lar

    It is incredibly sad. The “Disney Experience” is no more. BUT, Those in charge don’t care. The Disney Corporation continues to book record profits. As long as the money is flowing in, we can all just continue to complain and nobody is listening. I do feel badly for the employees. There’s just not enough staffing to handle these huge crowds. As long as the people keep flowing through the gates, expect even more cuts to services and more increased pricing. It’s the Disney way!!

  50. Bob

    Genie is a JOKE and a huge RIPOFF. I’ve heard of guests going to customer service and complaining about the Genie being a load of crap and being REFUNDED their usage fee. Wish I’d thought of that, was able to use it 2x. I think it was designed by some Millennial who did nothing but stare at his/her phone all day. I for one DON’T WANT THAT. I want to be FREE from my phone and the apps and the online scheduling when I’m ON VACATION. Disney has made this so frustrating. You literally cannot go to a park UNLESS you have a Smartphone. I feel badly for those who aren’t up on all the apps and crap like that these days. It’s just not fun anymore. Won’t go back. DONE!

    1. passholder

      If it was designed by a millennial it would actually work. I’m not sure why you had to go there, but it’s not their generation that’s lazy.

      1. JohnB

        Please! I retired from that purple and orange national delivery service. I know it is not the same business, but definitely has the same problems as every other American company. The new employees do less than half the work of the old timers. That is why that company’s service is so bad right now. Millennials only want to do one thing,….as little as possible!

        1. passholder

          You’re retired, you have no idea what new employees do and don’t do. You’re pulling your information out of that crevice behind your underpants to make yourself feel good.

  51. Joe

    Does nobody see the irony here?

    “Its too expensive and too crowded!” If the price was lower, it would be even more crowded as more people would go. Then you would complain about being in lines 4 hours long. The only way it gets less crowded is for the price to get high enough to discourage people from going.

    Honestly – if the line for Space Mountain is 2+ hours long, making the tickets cheaper isn’t going to change that. The only way yo make that line shorter is to have less people in line – i.e., raising the price until fewer people go.

  52. Laurie P

    Our family has always made a point of taking a DWD trip every other year, if not every year but our last trip did us all in. The prices have become outragous for less of an experience. On top of that, you add in the extra costs for magic bands, Genie+ and whatever airport transportation you are needing and it’s becoming ridiculous. Every aspect is understaffed and it’s very noticeable, from the overly extended customer service wait times, to just the overall staffing in the parks. It’s being expected for guests to pay more and more money for way less. This is NOT the guest experiences that Walt wanted or envisioned. We will NOT be back anytime soon!! (But from what I’ve been reading, a lot of families won’t be either)

  53. KenR

    They need a 5th Park, and they need people who want to work again. It starts with management paying what it takes to get good employees and they should not force them to wear masks either. I am not sure if they do still, but a lot of people will not want to clean hotel rooms,or cook food and wash dishes for 8-10 hours a day wearing a mask. I’m not going to comment much on the guest’s complaints. After he stated that he willfully waited 2.5 hours for Space Mountain, I knew he was the type of guest that would be doomed from the start. And ABC Commissary was his best meal? That’s just stupid. I guess he never heard of Disney Springs and the amazing restaurants on property.

  54. Tony

    Sadly, Walt is dead. For a very long time, a lot of good people (like me) kept his memory and vision alive. Yes, it was always expensive, but the experience that you received was priceless. Not any more. So sad, the magic is gone, in its place is the lust for the all mighty dollar, and wokeism.

    1. JS

      Lol, okay, it’s the wokeism. That’s why everyone is upset. If only Mickey could stop preaching critical race theory. You’ve got it.

  55. Gary

    Disney is a joke – expensive experience – if you like standing in line all day have fun ! Been a annual member for years this is our last! Save your money and go where you will be treated like they actually care about your experience. Disney with its new CEO Cheappak is all about money making not enjoyment. If you like going to a place like your walking I and out of a sporting event and standing in line at every venue then this is the venues for you.

    Hope it helps

  56. Dylan

    While I have to agree with some of what the complaints have been about, especially Disney is expensive, but I still think it is a very different experience with little to no comparison to some of the regional theme parks (ex. Universal who I think is starting to figure out how to beat and compete with Disney). You can now spend over $40 per person just to see a movie with snacks for 2.5 hrs of entertainment, and that is what Disney comps as they include a full day of all their shows, entertainment, plus rides in comparison)
    I do think Disney is also not for everyone as not everyone appreciates the “show” that is Disney and you do need to do your research prior going.
    My family (22 yr old daughter, 20 year old son and wife) have been visiting Disney fans for years and most recently visited Disneyland on Christmas Day 2021 and despite some of the headaches and crowds we had a great time we will always remember. Yes there were crowds and yes we dug in and bought Genie + and Lightening Pass to ensure we optimized our time and yes the app was frustrating to start and I hated the idea of paying more on top, but I knew we WERE there on a peak day and I was willing to pay for the time savings. Perhaps some would say the mouse got me!

  57. Goheidigo

    If Disney is running at one third of the staff, it’s their own fault. They fired almost everybody during the pandemic and then we’re very slow on bringing anyone back. Most of the seasoned staff had to move on and find other jobs. Covid has really shown a light on a lot of things including how employees are treated by their employers. Disney should be absolutely ashamed at the way they treated their loyal staff.

    1. Lauren Jen

      They treated us like a piece of property they owned and was constantly threatened to be fired, blacklisted and sued for every little imperfection you would do. Those of us smart enough will never return. Disney needs to change

  58. MRK

    I have been to Disney World many times through my life. When I last went in 2018, you had to know how to plan for it and book things and have a decent schedule/plan.

    Even then it was pretty intense, but it’s now incredibly overwhelming to try to go there and do anything. From a genuine Disney fan, shareholder and son of a Disney nut, Disney World is a mess. The food has gone downhill. The lines are just outright stupid. The app was so-so before this Genie nonsense.

    I will not be returning until they get a clue about all of this. It shouldn’t take rocket science to take a family to Disney World. And it shouldn’t cost the price of brain surgery.

  59. HatesCrowds

    1. Disney World has always been crowded except in off-season which doesn’t exist anymore.
    2. Every CEO has been hired expressly to maximize profit.
    3. Bob Chapek is not the problem, you are. (By you I mean every other person who attempts to go to Disney World when I am there.)
    4. Genie+ works no better or worse than the previous Fast Pass+. The problem is that too many people use it and the popular rides are booked all day by 7:05 AM.
    5. Disney attractions break down at an astounding rate.
    6. Deciding or proclaiming your decision not to go back won’t make a dent in attendance, so get over yourself.

  60. Roseag

    Agree! We were there over MLK weekend and won’t be going back. Genie wasn’t available for r the most popular rides unless you pay extra – and wasn’t that why we bought genie? Genie was a mess. Every time we switched parks it wouldn’t switch to the other location. I will say that the customer service desk was helpful and we saw them at every park that we went into. We moved our reservation from one day because it was particularly cold that day and we couldn’t get that to work either and back we were at customer service.
    Epcot is in dire need of a refresh. We were there 15 years ago with our children and they are still showing the same stuff. Disney looks pretty tired to me.
    Hollywood studios has gone downhill. You can’t get in to the new rods and the old ones are just old.
    The food is bad. It’s all fried or greasy. We wanted to coffee at Epcot and by the time we got to the front of the line they had nothing. How hard would it be to have a cup of coffee at a coffee shop.?
    The upside was that we did go into Orlando to eat there’s some pretty good places to eat there.

  61. Fran Parrish

    It is a really sad comment on what Disney has done to make the Parks almost unreachable for many. From several posts I have seen a breakdown of what it costs a family of 4 to stay in their less expensive resorts, eat, pay for tickets and other fees, 3100.00 In other words, you need a bank loan! The genie system/fast pass?/lightening Lane is a scam for more $$. I have a timeshare so I can opt out of that expense but in doing so, I do not have the opportunity for the Lightening Lanes for Rise of the Resistance. I was recently there in January and when the time to sign up and buy for off resort came up… the que was already sold out. Two of us were attempting and she, as well as I, never saw the que come available and we were very close to the parks. Having to pay parking and having to pay massive resort rates is another Disney rip off. And I agree, food in the Parks for the most part is pretty tasteless or so over priced it is ridiculous. I have gone every year, several times a year as a passholder. Now I just do not enjoy dealing with all the frantic signing up, paying out and gouging Disney has developed. Walt never intended this to happen… I long for those days in front of the TV as a child when The Wonderful World of Disney was indeed all about the family and very very wonderful!

  62. Lauren Jen

    I truly hope the company collapses like a star going into it’s final cycle of a black hole. They treated all of us like pieces of property they own. Yeah the 30,000 of us realized it was horrible and didn’t come back. I found a better job with a manager that treats me like a human.

    If Disney wants me back they will have to come back on their hands and knees and pay 200% to relocate me close to the parks on a nice safe home.

    They never will their ego is the size of the sun.

  63. Barbara L

    Disney should be ashamed of themselves. The older hotel like the Wilderness Lodge is so dirty and run down, but still is very expensive. This was the first year that I heard numerous employees say how rotten working for Disney was. When I was getting g off the Disney bus, the driver shut the door on me and slammed my wrists in the door. I was holding packages. No one even reached out to ask me if I was OK. Walt Disney’s dream is destroyed. I will be going to Universal from now on. I was borned on Mickelson birthday. My dog’s name is Captain Jack Sparrow. I hate Disney now. All they care about is money not family. I stayed there and paid thousands of dollars and was told I had to pay extra per night for my car being in the parking lot. Disney family you dishonor Walt. Get rid of these people you have running your company.

  64. Roberta

    I have gon e to WdW multiple times both as a single person. And with my family. I have never seen this bad and will not be returning. The ridiculous expenses and poor “experiences” fail to impress me. I remember whwn it was truly magical and I had the best vacations there. Never again.

  65. Carol Marshall

    My trip to Disney World in January was not fun. My husband & I were on scooters. We had to go through the serpentine line for the ride. The lines are hard to manipulate with scooters. Times before we’ve been at Disney World we were given a time to return to the ride. To me Disney has lost their customer service attitude. Being disabled we felt like we were valued. As far as I’m concerned Disney will never see me spend money at any of their parks again. We’ve been life long Disney fans.

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