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  1. Sue

    Totally NOT worth the cost. Either make it free or charge 1 price and you go enter the lightening lane at anytime. Disney is simple greedy and making it too hard to enjoy the park.

  2. FL-Dad

    Disney making it even tougher for locals to plan anything in advance. I am pretty sure we won’t be renewing our Annual Passes when they expire in September.

  3. Spencer

    Annual pass holders are being ripped off. With all the extra charges stay at the resort pay for parking, increase in parking at the parks. Why am I paying extra to ride rides. We are up in the air about renewing our annual Florida residence week day passes. We use to do spur the moment trips but can no longer do that, really very sad.

  4. Dawn

    Genie+ and the so-called “lightning Lane” are a waste of money and time. Huge issues constantly and they bog down the wait times for everything. Every time I go I hear people complaining about them both. Complaining about everything between the app crashing to the rides going down and not being able to access another ride, to having to be on their phone constantly and missing out on moments in the parks with friends/family that they cannot get back. Such a huge mess.

  5. DisneyMom

    The Genie+ and LL features are NOT worth the money. I hate being tied up in my phone while I’m supposed to be enjoying vacation time with my family. It’s too expensive, confusing and time consuming. I resent being charged $20 here and there all day. Leaves a bad impression all day long. Stop catering to the wealthy and go back to Walt’s basic concept of a fun place to make magical memories for families! The magic is just not there any longer. Hope it’s not too late to get some of it back!

  6. Cindi

    We went to Disneyland for the 1st time (we usually go to DisneyWorld…. We decided to try CA this time around…)and bought Genie+ for 5 people for both days. We got on 2 rides on day 1 and 1 ride yesterday. Totally not worth it. We waited in the standby lines and used single rider. You can only book 1 Lightening Lane every 2 hours and the times they give you are 2 hours out. Your stuck. Don’t waste your money.

  7. Jennifer Thilo

    I used to love WDW. I loved running for fast passes. It was fair and free and simple. This is terrible. I will never wait an hour for an attraction or pay three times for an attraction. Sadly the parks are full so they will keep milking us for money and reducing the magic until we stop rewarding them.

  8. Phoebe L Ho

    This system sucks, this system sucks……….

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