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Six Flags Magic Mountain

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  1. Dan

    The “off” season ended when the memberships came out. 6.50 a person a month is cheap enough for just about anybody. That is why they are revamping the membership and annual pass program. Everyone could pretty much afford it and it wasn’t a big deal to just go to the park for a few hours. We used to go all the time in the winter but now we just go from opening to maybe noon before it get too busy.

  2. Steven

    I worked at Six Flags Magic Mountain in the late 80s and two and three hour wait times were common back then year round even without crowds

    1. Thor

      What I see too many people and not enough stuff with park capacity. Even with the amount of people per ride people will want to go on other rides.

      Thing I hate about the capacity number of guest on per hour it’s the idea of people will go to other rides and go home, 1 ride only not that people want yo go on it again.

      So 3 hours will be common unless they reduce or increase the ride in the park and add more without increasing the number of guest

  3. Ree

    My daughter and I go to Six Flags MM roughly two times a month, only mid-week, on average our wait times are about 6 minutes.
    As Diamond 💎 Elite members we will go and ride, have lunch, ride awhile more, have dinner and come home.
    It makes for a good trip. 👍

  4. David

    The advent of “Paid Fast Passes” have ruined the experience for those unable or unwilling to pay for an “upgrade”. With “Fast Passers” continually riding multiple times in a row, it clogs the “normal” flow of traffic to the point of absurdity. This was most recently experienced at Knott’s Berry Farm in early February where Ghostrider took an insane 3 hours to ride. Starting at 7:00PM the line barely moved through the queue. What I observed was horrendous line cutting, and people actually leaving the line to go get a funnel cake and then bully their way back to “their spot” in line to enjoy with their friends/family etc. Despite the cutters, the regular line barely inched forward. It was not until closing time at 10:00pm that the line substantially picked up a “normal rhythm” and within half an hour the backlog cleared itself with the “Lightning Lane/Fastpassers” spigot of riders finally turned off. To Knott’s credit, multiple trains were in operation, and they were being loaded and unloaded in a timely manner…just the influx of repeat riders and other “Fastpassers” gummed up the works.
    A much more equitable solution for all parties would be to designate certain trains/vehicles etc. as “Fast/Lightning/Flash” etc. train which caters to the needs of the “Fastpassers”, and leaves the regular trains unaffected. Repeat riders would have to disembark after each ride and wait in their respective lines for another ride. In the rare case of an empty “LightningTrain” seat, regular line admission can be granted to maximize ride efficiency.
    I believe that implemening a designated “Lightning Train” would keep both queues flowing much more smoothly, and in an expediant manner.
    The only thing left now to do is to crack down on rampant line-cutters…if you leave the line, adios!

  5. Eli

    I was there a week ago on a Wednesday, no ride took longer than 15min in line, no fast pass. We did every ride more than 2x each in 5hr.

  6. Robert

    A BIG part of the reason is NOBODY wants to work in California. Ive been to six flags magic mountain a couple times after covid and the employees are all saying the same thing which is there’s not enough staff. You cant run the park to its full potential with limited employees. Rides like Tatsu, X2 and full throttle are going to have those ling wait times throughout the whole year anyways.

  7. Elan

    I was at the park on the 15th, these allegations are false. Six Flags was not packed and did not have long lines. The average line at six flags was 5-20 minutes, depending on the ride and time of day. The only ride that has line that reaches 90 minutes on a heavy day is X2.

    I visit six flags multiple times a week and I have yet to see a non holiday get packed to the point that they have lines over 2 hours.
    Also FYI the only reason why lines like X2 are abnormally long is because the other cars for the track are undergoing maintenance, so they only have one working. Once they are fixed. Lines will go down.

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