Annual Passholder Claims Disney Overcharged Them, “Demands” Compensation

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No matter what you do, going to Disney World is never cheap. Whether you are a local who is paying monthly for an Annual Pass, or you are planning a big Disney vacation, where you will purchase a ton of food, enjoy a Disney Resort, and Park tickets, Disney is expensive. Because of this, trying to save money where you can is important for many Guests.

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For example, if you are not planning on driving during your visit and will be using Disney transportation, you can get out of the daily parking fee, which can cost hundreds for a week’s stay at a Disney Resort. There are many ways to find out how to save money while at Disney, and even though everything is running through their automated systems, it is always important to check on the bill.

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Most recently, a Disney World Annual Passholder spoke out about a potential upcharge that was made on their card for an Annual Pass renewal. Hagemeyp took to Reddit to note their claim that Disney overcharged them. Apparently, the Guest has been trying to get a hold of Disney on the phone but has been dealing with long wait times. The Guest seems to want some compensation for this error.

Disney overcharged me for annual pass renewal. I have literally spent the last 4 hours online and on hold trying to get my money back.

Hopefully this last call will reverse the charges.

What can I ask for, for them to “fix this” and make it right by the customer?

Pixie Dust because Disney screwed- up from WaltDisneyWorld

In the comments, it seems that other Disney Guests and fans, of course agree that if the overcharge is correct that the Guests should be refunded, but many do not agree with “demanding” for free things.

marleythebeagle said:

People are humans, and humans screw up unfortunately.

They’re dealing with tens of thousands of guests per day, so there are bound to be some errors. We had to spend several hours on the phone getting my brother-in-law added back to our MDE account after he mysteriously disappeared. It happens.

The point of “pixie dust” is that you don’t ask for it. Be polite and understanding in your interactions with CMs and maybe they will sprinkle a little pixie dust for your troubles — but they also might not.

But please don’t ask them to do this; it puts the CMs in a very awkward position and creates more work when they’re already stretched to the breaking point.

AfterTheNightIWakeUp didn’t think asking for something for their mistake would work.

You can ask for, and expect, the amount overcharged to be refunded. Anything more than that is not fixing the issue, it’s demanding free things. Demanding free things is the surest way to not get them.

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official user noted that they did not think anything would happen.

They used to offer perks when they messed up, lately they don’t do anything. Especially for pass holders.

You have a heck of a time even getting a free lightning lane pass when your about to step on a ride after a two hour wait and it breaks down.

It used to be automatic, now you have to wait in line for half an hour to beg for it from guest experience.

Of course, no one can know if Disney would be willing to provide compensation for this error, but also, there is a big chance that this error was in fact, correct. Although Annual Pass sales are on hold at the moment at Walt Disney World Resort, Guests who have Annual Passes are able to renew. That being said, anyone who is renewing into the new Annual Pass system will no longer have the old perks, but the new perks that are associated with their chosen tier, which comes with different pricing.

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The new passes work off four tiers: Disney Pixie Dust Pass, Disney Pirate Pass, Disney Sorcerer Pass, Disney Incredi-Pass. Each pass offers a difference in price point, block out dates, offerings, and Park Pass Reservations. When the passes ended up becoming blocked for purchase again in November, the Pixie Dust Pass was the only one available for Guests.

As we have described before, this is what the Annual Pass system will include for each tier at Disney World:

Within the new annual pass program, the top-tier Disney Incredi-Pass will set a user back $1299, which is a fair amount as we thought the price point was going to be much higher. Payment plans are available for Florida residents, and this pass has no theme park blackout dates. Incredi-Pass users will be able to have up to 5 theme park reservations at a time!

The Disney Sorcerer Pass still provides some great benefits, like an $899 price point, park hopping, etc., with the only “con” being blackout dates starting at this tier (and below). It should be noted that this park pass is only available to Florida Residents AND DVC members.

Florida residents are really in luck here, being the only ones able to purchase the Disney Pirate Pass, and most affordable option, the Disney Pixie Dust Pass. These passes are $699 and $399 respectively, have lots of blackout dates and seasons, and have limited Park Reservation options.

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It is also good for Annual Passholders to know that if their pass is expiring, renewing is the only way to keep your pass at your desired tier. If an Annual Pass expires past 30 days, the Guest will no longer be able to upgrade, and as well, no longer be able to purchase an Annual Pass as they would be starting fresh.

What do you think of the new Annual Pass system at Walt Disney World? 

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