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John Rhys-Davies as Gimli

Credit: New Line Cinema


  1. Tdcogre

    The word is HORDE not Hoard.

  2. Backcountry164

    Dwarves without beards and Hobbits THOUSANDS of years before there were any Hobbits. Tolkien in name only.
    I’m sorry but it’s already painfully obvious that these people, just like Peter Jackson before them, aren’t going to tell a better story than Tolkien did. It’s equally obvious that they’re more concerned with tokenism than Tolkien. When has that EVER resulted in a good story??

    1. Sr

      At least Peter Jackson has reasons to cut the this he did and made 3 fantastic movies this is a train wreck waiting to happen I agree with Twitter for the first time basically ever dwarf women have beards I would love to see dwarf women in this series it would be quite cool to see how Moria ran but without female dwarfs with beards I will not be watching the elves are a whole other story.

      1. duodec

        Yeah no doubt PJ made the best trilogy ever. And places were he cut stuff for compression were fine, but other stuff he changed without the need for compression did not make the movies better and partially even worse. Examples for the latter are the changed character of Faramir and the changed relationship between Frodo and Sam.

  3. Zealander89

    Damn. i cannot wait! It’s going to be so good with all the added story to tolkiens masterpiece.
    Really betting on this becoming a top tier series!

  4. Miruku

    I would pass for black elves. Why? Drow exist in fantasy and even in the Silmarillion we heard about elves living in th underground
    Hobbit? I would pass on that too. Why? Gollum was part of people ancestors of the Hobbit. They are Gollum ancestors. Easy!
    But female Dwarves without beard? Sorry, but no. I could think the opposite, in time female lose beards, not THIS. So, yeah, big F, Amazon

    1. UGonLurn2day

      This makes zero sense and beckons upon casual racism. The way melanin works is if you live underground where there’s NO sunlight then you would be very fair skinned. The only reason skin becomes darker is to protect skin from damage by the sun. That’s why all homo sapiens who started around the equator were dark and it wasn’t until they migrated further away where the light was less harsh did skin start evolving to be less dark.

  5. JaniP

    True its not gonna be Tolkien story if they forget what he made about his History of his world and races etc. Its just another Fantasy story in another dimension similiar to Tolkiens Creation. So Why these people just Dont write they own story instead change everything made before. Its just like trying to change our real history which is impossible and trying to do it fake reality and this does nothing good just bad…

    Run you Fools…I would say.

    Or on the other hand is there any good DeepFake maker here to change all of this…Add beards to Dwarves who need…And change all other things wanted also…

    By the way (Someone will get mad I know, just want to open allkinds of possibilities) why not use computer graphics on these Amazon characters (Amazon have money) and add Beard for Dwarf ladies also (Its its not mandatory to see who actor is all the time by face. Think about for example Saurons Mouth in Extended edition which has great actor behind but no one can see what is his skin colour but if you know the actor you can see him through the mask still. Or Smaug in Hobit movies…Come on.) also you can edit all Elves if they are suppose to be light pale skinned (Which is even much more Light for some elves than Normal European or northern “whiteskinned” (I think actually that saying white skinned is bit racist as I do not see that there is no any really white skinned people at all (Even albinos) but skin is light pink mix. Light skin colour.) to be that extra Light pale which is not Human looking. So then it would not matter who is acting them. Same can be made for Orcs or any other Dark skinned creatures or races. We can change these things and keep races as they are in Tolkiens creation! Use Makeups and computers…

    If actors are really good and not put on the roles only because it is needed in these times they should not mind about are they seen as they are in real life than be their characters…this tells the talent of an good actor…

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