Comments for Universal Park Reducing Hours For Foreseeable Future Due To Weather


Credit: Universal Orlando


  1. PW G

    Hours being reduced is so those greedy pricks can save a buck. They sold us annual passes now taking our hours away. They fired a bunch of creative department employees and now they are lying about everything. The place is poorly managed and needs a huge maintenance overhaul. Rides constantly breaking down, rude staff, and outrageous prices. $16 for a slice of pizza, $21-27 for a ride pic 5×8, $8-10 for a pretzel, etc. They are not losing money that is for sure. Each day you go to the parks the hours change, very frustrating, almost as annoying as Disney.

    1. It’s cold. I was there in early November and there was not many people then.

      1. James BREWER

        It bs, this in Florida has no weather discrimination. Best times to go are Winter in Fl, not to hot. This is due to bs politics and woke personnel! As a long time pass holder over the years, I will not renew. Screw them!

  2. My family and I are traveling from California to visit the Universal parks and this is CRAP! If Universal is reducing hours for Volcano Bay, they should also be REDUCING admission prices!!

  3. Dale

    Only reducing hours because nobody is coming! Parks are empty almost! Mask and rising cost of tickets and food is causing people not to spend money for parks!

  4. Gary Cosgrove

    We’ll be vacationing at Cabana Bay & Volcano Bay in September 2022! Can’t wait!

  5. Marybert Mc Kinney Smith

    How at third week in September

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