Comments for Mother Charged With Grand Theft After Family Sneaks Into Universal Orlando Resort

Guests entering Universal Studios Orlando Florida

Credit: Universal


  1. Kathy

    I know stealing is wrong, but I have to admit that my first thought was, “How much are those tickets!” 😳. Hope the park is worth that price!

    1. To stay in awesome Universal Studios ALL DAY……..I’m here to tell you, it’s TOTALLY worth it !!!

  2. RM

    Universal is no better than that family. I attempted to go to universal as season pass holder and was denied but they let people in if you purchased a ticket that day.

    1. Harris

      Funny story. I accidentally snuck into epcot. I worked at Big River many years ago. After a long day I was let loose about 7 pm. I walked the boardwalk towards the epcot gates nearby. There was this large metal gate, likely for deliveries. It’s still there but definitely much busier now. It was wide open. I walked In. I still had my work apron. I walked past workers and had zero clue I was behind restaurants in epcot. It was totally innocent. I walked between a couple buildings and heard commotion. I walked through these pine tree looking things and boom! I then realized I was in epcot. The right thing to do was to turn around and leave or admit to security and tell them I needed to exit. I rode the Mexico boat instead……and then went back after 3 other shifts over the next couple months.

      So only “accidentally ” once.

      1. JDC

        Honestly it’s not worth it at all especially with family members, come on folks I’m speaking from past experiences! That’s it’s not worth it without paying for piece of cardboard or paper with ink says Universal Studios big deal so what stealing is not going no where especially you’re on a camera is facing you an everyone else behind You! it’s easy to purchase a ticket then end of story’s , hope this will wake everyone up !
        You do the crime you pay for the time! Get a job if you really desperate to go there ! It ain’t free nor employees we all pay !

    2. Mike D

      It’s robbery that they charge that much for admission.

      1. Phillip Steele


      2. Romy

        The park is fantastic, but unfortunately it is not ready to receive crowds the attractions are very crowded the waiting is hell

    3. Anna

      Universal did the right thing. Zero tolerance should be everywhere and then we will start living in a civil society. The tickets are ridiculously expensive but if you need to steal them, stay home!!!

  3. NoMercy!

    Don’t care. Millions of people yearly go to every park in Orlando. You intentionally intended to defraud UO. You get what you deserve. Bam them all.

    1. Lisa

      Should be treated as any theft. We all have to pay, so should they. Deport them.

  4. Stacey

    Unfortunately this behavior will always continue to some extent but the parks have to punish the wrongdoing. They have to show that if you pull this time of crap and are caught you will be prosecuted. It will not deter all but it will some. The fact that the Mother was involved and most likely the cause it is truly sad the upbringing they are having.

    1. John Kennedy

      Theft is theft. To involve one’s children is disgusting. Prosecution is appropriate.

  5. Tamara

    Now the mother will never get a job with that on her record. So, we the tax payers will be supporting her while the theme park continues to rape the public with their over priced tickets, food and fees. How about prosecute with a lesser charge and get them involved in working at the park to pay off her debt?!?!

    1. Jay

      She’s from London, England, UK . That will be on them, not the US taxpayers. And she knew exactly what they were doing, despite a lie saying her kids were with another adult and she had been at a party. Let the UK government/parliament take care of her.

      1. mrtravel

        Why should they let criminals work in the park! I wouldn’t trust her. She had money to take kids to the US, then she money to pay the money for tickets to the park.

      2. Cathy


    2. Ace

      She’s from London so most likely she won’t have a record at all in England.

    3. Mindy

      Dude, she’s from England, so they’re not our problem. It was ballsy to fly all the way over the ocean to get a group of people in without paying though.

    4. BF

      Hey Genius, they were from England.
      We stopped paying English taxes a couple hundred years ago.

    5. I so totally 💯% agree. Prosecute however as a misdemeanor not a felony. Make Community Service at the park part of all of their sentences. Not only would they pay for their crime, they get to experience the park as well. Which is what they really wanted to do to begin with….

      1. Susie-Q

        Well.. this isn’t a bad way of handling it… but I’d make them clean someplace where they didn’t get to “enjoy” the park.

    6. Jan

      Did you not read they were from England! We are not going to be paying for them through our taxes!

    7. Kt


      No one is forced to buy tickets to theme parks. It’s a choice. A choice I hace made many times and will continue to make because Universals is awesome. Much better than the crap we get in the UK.

    8. C


  6. M lee

    So she can afford to fly the entire family to the US but can’t afford the $1000 ticket fee? Wow 😯

  7. Jessica

    Dummy paid 1000 for bail instead of 956 for tickets

    1. Susie-Q

      Seriously… what was she thinking?

  8. Misty

    $156 per ticket. Now THAT’S grand theft

    1. I totally 💯% agree!!!! That’s why me and my family have never been…. My children and grandchildren would love ❤️ to visit Disney and I would love to see their face’s as they experienced it. I don’t see it happening at that price in this lifetime!!!!

      1. Bobo

        The fact the park is overpriced and out of reach for many is another discussion and has zero to with the charges. This is no different then if these people had eaten in a fine dinning restaurant and ran out without paying the bill. An adult should know what they can afford and make an ethical decision based on that. Deserves what she gets.

  9. Kyle

    Nearly $1000? Talk about a ripoff

  10. Kathy

    The mom and anyone else in the group that is an adult should be held accountable. If you let this go, then it will happen more and more. She is teaching her children that it is okay to steal. Unacceptable! Make her pay.

  11. mrtravel

    What caused you to “accidentally” enter by walking thru a delivery gate? Where did you think you were going?

  12. C.R.S.

    The crooks are the ones charging over $150 for admission.

    1. Lanie

      Right now you could go on to groupon and get 5 days for $250 (so $50 a day). There’s also always sales going on and vacation packages etc. This pricing is probably based off the “standard rate” cause why wouldn’t they go with the highest price when convicting them of a crime.

  13. I think they should have just kicked them out. You hear about people sneaking in places, like kids into movie theaters. They might put a scare into them, maybe ban them from the theater, for example. But to arrest them? It makes the perpetrators And the theme park both look bad! Have a heart, huge corporation, and stop overreacting. (Maybe they are hoping the free publicity will boost sales)

    1. Really?

      So if they stole $1000 worth of jewelry from a high-end jewelry store, they should get no charges? Just banned from the store?

      1. ICK

        It’s a children’s theme park, focus on children. Not the same as a jewelry store OBVIOUSLY. It’s in very poor taste to arrest the Mother in front of the children. They should have asked her to pay or leave. Not handled well!

        1. RobinD

          Curious ICK – Why should Universal be responsible for caring about the mother being arrested in front her children if she thought it OK to commit a crime in front of her children? The mother was in poor taste.

    2. BF

      Theft is theft. Your attitude is why we have people looting stores and stealing high end purses, etc in organized gangs.

      1. BC

        She should have done. This at Universal Hollywood – under $950 is. Misdemeanor in crazy California. And the county DA Gascon lets everybody off.

  14. None

    Lock her up and ban her from the park. Wrong is wrong and she needs to be prosecuted for it

  15. Rox

    How typical of the prevalent mentality today that half the posts blame the park for charging too high an admission, rather than the criminal trespassers. Point the finger and deflect accountability.

  16. Carolyn

    If your living in the state you can get season passes for residents,, still expensive but you have to remember… even season passes for residents are sometimes out of reach. Dollywood is only 30 minutes from my house but even resident passes with parking included are really high and i know if you go after 3 pm you can get in the next day free…

    1. Rachael

      Not in Florida! Most residents can’t afford annual passes. Who wants to make monthly payments for a 1,000 single annual pass to go to a theme park! Ridiculous!

  17. Harold

    A UK citizen with. Grand theft record in the USA might finf it difficult to get an ESTA for any future trip to the USA. I don’t understand the risk taken as 936 bucks total for 6 in tickets compared to her costs of flying from London at over 650 dollars return per person. I would just mark her record as not fit for US entry and recover the stolen ticket money.

  18. Will

    Mary Anderson from London sounds line a pikey name that fits with pikey behaviour. Ban from parks and block any further entry to USA.

  19. Well it was all in fun. The tickets cost to much. Heck if you can come to the United States without documentation why should Universal be different. No tax dollars just reprint more debt.

  20. HELLO!!

    Theft is theft!! That is why we have laws in this country. You break the law there are consequences!! Stop thinking people can do whatever the hell they want because they feel entitled and not have consequences!!

  21. Goofy

    While it was wrong ! It’s also illegal to detain and questioning juveniles w out a parent or guardian or lawyer present! Force them to incriminate themselves and their parents etc …. I’d seek legal counsel and sue them right back ..

    1. A

      Security is not the same as police. Anyway, one of the children was over 18 and therefore not a minor. Being asked if someone is your parent is necessary if a parent is to be present. So many holes in your argument.

  22. Marsha

    Like the day; “time to pay the Piper”. “Hook and book”. “Do the crime, pay with time”. Pathetic that this group is teaching children how to lie and stealing.

  23. Doug

    I wish it was Special Agent Osso, instead of Detective Osso…. Disney Junior flashbacks!!

  24. WordSmith

    Do we really need 3 paragraphs explaining what universal is? Quantity is not good quality

  25. Lisa

    Universal is pricey, but worth every penny. I save up and go, as should anyone else. Stealing is Stealing. Going to a place like this is not a right.

  26. John a

    Convicted of criminal enterprise? Then deny them future entry to the US, problem solved.

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