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magical express

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  1. Jamie

    Nothing surprises me anymore. Now that Disney is really sticking it to their guests by getting rid of the included prices on things, now the ones people are forced to use are price hiking everything. Ridiculous. Another reason I won’t go anymore. Used to go every other year with the family. 2018 was the last year. All the great amenities are gone, the prices went up, & the experience is lost.

    1. Jordan

      How is this sticking to customers? Their contract with them expired and they have other plans for guests. How does prices increasing for uber mean it’s Disney’s fault lol? Uber is its own company

      1. ChadMC

        I believe he is referring to the elimination of the included shuttle service now being an additional cost with a separate company. Increase in Uber pricing has nothing to do with Disney of course, just opportunistic timing of Uber.

        1. Jordan

          I know. Disney’s contact with Mears has expired and I believe they have other plans to get guests to and from the airport in the future, there may also be other reasons they aren’t renewing, which isn’t fair to say they are sticking it to their customers.

      2. Bobbi

        Lol, he must be one of the executives or have stock in disney!!

        1. Jordan

          I can’t imagine an executive or someone having stock in Disney complaining publicly like this….or at all for that matter

  2. William Graham

    Unless my arithmetic is lacking, three-minutes-away Uber is ::still an affordable option. $60 for Mom and Dad and Kid versus $91 for the bus that leaves in an hour…

    1. BOHICA

      How special for you

    2. K

      That’s one way though
      That’ll be $120 round trip plus tip for Uber
      Or $90-ish round trip meers

    3. Fran rizzo

      Are you cray even when it’s super busy I have never waited a hour And I would rather wait than pay 100 for a ride 3 min away why not just walk

  3. JJ Carlson

    I’ve reserved the Sunshine Flyer, and I hope it’s a fun experience. My son loves trains, and the theming is promising. Total for the four of us, round trip, is $127.

  4. Celia

    Disney is pricing moderate incomes out of the market. Prices raised constantly for less services. The biggest problem I have here is the Magic Kingdom has hardly been updated since it opened 50 years ago. For this reason, I’d rather go somewhere that’s not price gouging me.

  5. Lawrence Lewis

    I was there just after Thanksgiving. Uber was around $30.00, which is what my family members paid. Me, being from the sticks and not familiar with Uber paid $60.00 for a taxi. We coming in from different parts of the country, at different times, by the way. In the past I’ve taken the Mears airport shuttle, but it wasn’t operational.

  6. Lorreen Vega

    This service being cut will really hurt our family. We were planning a trip to Disney this year. We have 3 handicapped children, 2 in Wheelchairs. Taking Ubers would be very difficult.

  7. Erica

    But this is priced during a lunch hour. Which means more drivers are dedicating their time to doing Uber eat deliveries more than transportation. I’d be interested to see what it’s like at a 2-3pm departure vs lunch.

  8. Fran

    The loss of Magical Express & paying for Fast Passes is major for my family budget.

  9. Andrew Fontanez

    We all need to point the finger at Bob Chapek he is the absolute worst CEO ever he doesn’t care about us he cares about money and he’s being a cheapskate as well. He is killing the magic by removing Fast Pass+
    Magical Express Bus
    Increasing Unaffordable Prices for people who visits the theme parks and resorts and closed the
    Tower of Terror at Disney’s California Adventure
    The Great Movie Ride
    And stripping Hollywood Studios of its theme. I’m telling you guys he needs to fired immediately we need a better ceo who cares about the nostalgia and Walt Disney’s legacy Walt himself is rolling in his grave and he doesn’t like what Bob Chapek is doing I still love Disney is true but I don’t like how one person is greedy and careless about the people who visits the parks. What I’m saying is that Bob Chapek needs to be fired and we need the magic back in which he took away from us.

    1. Bobbi Chase

      As long as he is making money for the investors, they won’t get rid of him

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