Comments for Steven Tyler Claims Disney’s Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster Goes Backward

Rock 'n' Rollercoaster

Credit: Disney


  1. Fred Savagery

    A conversation between two people who don’t deal in reality very often. Steven believes the coaster goes backwards. Joe believes the alien autopsy video is real.

  2. Tracey Margeson

    It does go backwards. I’ve been on it at least 40 times.

    1. Kristina Lewis

      I hope they don’t change it! Aerosmith is classic!! By far the best ride I have been on.

  3. David Fontaine

    Technically it does go backwards, right before it takes off..
    There is absolutely a “roll back”…

  4. Donna

    I think it as a fun ride. But if it needs to end then so be it. Reface it then and move on.

  5. Jenifer Hermes

    I rode it at Paris Disney soon after it opened. My memory is that it did, in fact, go backwards.

    Maybe we rode it at a similar time, or maybe I share the delusion…but since Disney Paris is basically just a Disney shell with a bunch of big roller coasters anyway (including Indy Jones? Yup. In Paris, it’s just a big roller coaster), it stands to reason that they are just going to do whatever.

  6. Coasterfan32

    This coaster is actually a clone. Other parks, outside of Disney have this same coaster. The theming and even the indoors is original to Disney but not the coaster. Xpress Platform 13 is an example of this, as it is the same maker and very very similar layout.

    This model can in fact go backwards, not like Disney would ever put the train on backwards. That would make it to intense for a Disney ride, but the particular model itself can go backwards.

    1. Carla

      In the summer of 2002 Disneyland Paris put the train for the Indiana Jones rollercoaster on backwards. It was indeed very intense, but I’m glad I got to experience it.

  7. Paul

    It definitely goes backwards – I’ve been telling people this for 15+ years an no one believes me. Basically, it reaches the second brake-point where you see the stop-sign, then you hear a recording about “traffic up ahead, we need to find another route” and the car goes backwards for a bit (really fun) and then at some point doesn’t make it up a steep curve which starts to change the direction to forward again and it proceeds through the rest of the ride as normal. I experienced this during a private event. I know two others that can attest to this as well.

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