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  1. James

    Hope they lose their shirts on this overly indulgent playground. What moron would spend what for some is 2-3 mortgage payments for 2 nights? Or rent for 5 months? And in today’s financial climate? Too many people who I hope are fiscally responsible would look at this and roll their eyes.

  2. Backcountry164

    It’s a pale shadow of what it was supposed to be. And they stupidly went with the sequel series so they won’t even get the die-hard nostalgia crowd.
    This is so poorly done and grossly overpriced that it’s almost as if it were intended to fail…

  3. Adam

    Or maybe they’re just releasing more rooms as they become available due to COVID restrictions easing and the building itself finishing construction. Just because it’s open doesn’t mean it’s finished 🙂 Aulani opened with a whole wing empty.

    1. Eric

      The whole hotel only has 100 rooms per the Disney website. Can’t imagine they won’t have them all done on day one.

      1. Cameron

        Yup only 100 rooms and all are released… so that’s it… it isn’t a soft opening. And you know dis ey, they won’t staff an entire place for half capacity…. They will pack the guests in and under staff.

        1. it’s not actually 50% capacity. 50% of the days have openings which is something entirely different. Those days with opening are all over 95% booked meaning less than 5 rooms available for most of those March- May dates. Call them and try to book multiple rooms and see what happens. ITM should be better about their reporting because it’s incredibly misleading.

  4. Alex

    What was the price again? $6k for 2 nights? More than I make in a month, for two nights. Disney keeps pricing people out.

    And they make their commercial look like some highschool drama class set instead of the lived-in, industrial feel we expect of star wars. And then they double down on the widely-despised sequel era instead of the beloved original era.

    That’s a no from me dawg. Id rather put $6k into something that has real value.

    1. Holly

      Have you noticed all the hotels are starting to look like this? Cold and unloved? The aesthetics in the new contemporary as well have been disappointing. What has happened to the cozy and appealing ? Why is the cheap sticker on a wall become the go to?

  5. Anon

    So they take down their own video of the experience because people said it wasn’t worth the price. Nothing is changing but now they want you to pay for it (at least $6,000) to see if you like it. Sounds like Pelosi saying “you have to pass the bill to see what’s in it “

    1. Oracle

      your first sentence has never been confirmed. Read the article about it on this site, even they say that it’s not confirmed and just speculation. There are other contractual reasons that may have lead to the pull down of that video clip. But nobody has confirmed why yet. What we do know is that generally Disney won’t pull content knowing how bad that would look. They’ve turned off comments on things yes, but they’ve never taken anything down if they didn’t HAVE TO…

  6. mike murphy

    Maybe charging 5000 dollars for two nights os a little high like whoever thought that was a good price

    1. AH

      This was Iger’s baby. It all started when Eisner lost his partner and each ceo has gotten worse. Iger kowtowed to the mass murders in China and now Chapek is finishing the job of running the thing into the ground.

    2. Kelvin forde

      The need to close the hotel redue all the special effects and make it better than the sets they.have now.
      Disney charges to much for hotel can see $500 a person. Per.night but they got greedy. They are overall pricing them selves out of business even in the parks. They need to get t rid of genie and lighting Lans and go back to fast pass. So that regular guest with family’s can enjoy and spend money there.

  7. Shane

    “It is important to note that many are only judging Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser based on the video Disney posted”: B.S.! Many are judging the ridiculous cost. Just another example of millionaires going to space!

  8. Elizabeth coddington


  9. John

    We’ll definitely be vacationing at WDW as we always have, but this new addition to their resort lineup is definitely the Edsel model of resort entertainment for Disney. “Stupid is as stupid does”. We’ll pass on it. Unless they comp the experience! 😆 Lol

  10. AmyE

    I think this sounds like a fun thing at the park, except for unbelievably expensive price tag! Disney is getting a way money focused and so far away from Walt’s vision, of fun for everyone, not just the rich and famous.

  11. Indy

    I believe you are just attaching dropping reservations to a commercial rather than the 90 day cancellation policy. Many people simply made a reservation because they were excited and they could. When it came time to actually have to pay the ridiculous price without possiblity of a refund, they simply cancelled and got their small deposit back. Look at data for cancellations at any hotel based on when “final payment date” and you’ll see the same thing.

    1. Big T

      Some may have grappled with the realization that payment is now due in full, but many comments have surfaced indicating that the marketing and amenities are substandard for the price.

  12. Chris

    This article speaks as if any date with availability means every room is empty. For all we know, each open date may only have one room available. I completely agree what we know so far is disappointing but it’s probably unfair to assume reservations are “down 50%” when we don’t know the number of available rooms on each day. It would be more fair to say “50% of dates have availability” and “August has availability each day currently” instead of “completely empty”.

    1. Yoda

      I agree with Chris, just because half the days are open again doesn’t mean 50% have cancelled. Also without talking to any person who has cancelled, how would you know that it is due to the commercial? They could have cancelled due to finance change, trip schedule change or other reasons.

  13. Vicki

    Just got back from Disney and what a fiasco, it’s all about the money now, not sure that walt’s vision is clear to the corporate jerks!

    1. Mark H.

      Yes, Disney (and WDW in particular) is becoming more and more transparently profit-obsessed. COVID has given many companies excuses to offer less, but Disney has really run with it. Getting rid of the airport shuttle, climbing prices, etc. They are pricing many Americans out of the experiences.

  14. Vicki

    Just got back from Disney and what a fiasco, it’s all about the money now, not sure that walt’s vision is clear to the corporate bloodsuckers!

  15. Annie Girl

    For me the idea that I’m “stuck” in the hotel with not a lot of independent movement really turned me off. The price point put this in a clear no category for me.

    I love Star Wars and as a passholder I go to Disney a lot but this doesn’t do anything for me. The way it was marketed makes it feel like your day is scripted from check in to check out. I’d rather have more freedom in my vacation. Especially at that price point.

  16. Jeff P.

    Seriously, how do you know the difference between cancellations and Disney opening more inventory. There’s no way they sold to 100% capacity without knowing the pandemic path.

    1. Daniel

      They didn’t open more inventory, but they also didn’t have 50% cancellations. 50% of the days have openings but those days are all over 95% capacity. Many just have 1 room available ITM couldn’t be troubled enough to do proper research before they wrote this article.

  17. RealityCheck89

    It’s set in the sequel era….that says it all. No Vader, no Luke, no Obi Wan, no Han, no Leia, no R2….shall I continue?

    Disney is run by SJW tone deaf woke fools who hopefully will get ejected within a year or so.

    1. Ricardo

      4 of the 6 characters you listed have large roles in the sequel era, but I agree with your point… should have been the original era.

  18. Jingo Balls

    Zero mention of COVID. Interesting.

  19. Liza J

    Bring back Star Wars days, and the dance off. I would pay to see that!! But the people who are creating this new Disney have no idea what I’m talking about.

  20. Keith

    Availability on half of the nights in a month does not equal a 50% cancellation rate, unless there is only a single room in the hotel.

    I agree that this thing looks NOT Star Wars, and there is absolutely no way I’ll be paying for that, but some people will. I have a friend that is going – thinks the big D can do no wrong.

  21. Travis

    Lol imagine paying the cost of a weeks vacation to Europe or South America for two nights in a fake Disney “experience”

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