Comments for Disney+ Confusingly Removes ‘Star Wars’ Series From Streaming Platform

Full 'Star Wars' Cast with Disney+ Logo

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Backcountry164

    Confusingly. This word pretty much sums up Disney’s entire approach to the Star Wars franchise. Very few of their decisions have made much sense…

  2. Lee

    Read 6 paragraphs of back story and then get to the titles point.

    1. Emrich

      Bait titling and poor writing (no substance). Should probably block predatory captioning site.

      1. Donald

        Let’s Go Brandon and F Disney

        1. Jordan

          Nothing says I lack intelligence like coming to a page that has nothing to do with politics and not only bringing it up, but also dissing the company you seem to be following. Way to go

      2. Francesca

        Keep ALL the star wars. We watch alot of it in our household

        1. Tim Paul Iwaniw

          I’m with you on this one please tell them don’t ever remove them Star wars movie and tv show If they move all they lose lot’s of people who love Star wars movie and TV show and I don’t want them to remove once upon a time storybrooke TV show I love so much keep them on here so u can get more people to see all of them

    2. Phil

      Glad I didn’t waste my money to sign up for the Disney BS !!!!!!

    3. Tasha

      This is a lie I still have star wars in my streaming service smh

    4. Chris

      Went to Disney world last Dec. Hated it. Too many people and Genie ➕ is terrible. now gonna cancel disney ➕. Talking about sucking all the magic out of a company.

    5. Pb

      A masterclass in burying the lede.

  3. Rya

    Fire Bob paycheck Chapek! He has failed.

  4. R2_TBag

    Pretty sure no one actually gives a flying frogs fat ass about this, except maybe little kids that like lego based content

    1. ECM

      This series was actually what drew my son into the entire Star Wars universe. He’s now seen all the movies (he’s 9), but the Freemaker Adventures are what first brought him in and he still enjoys. Hope they’re back soon!

      1. James B

        Thank you. Glad your son liked the show. (I wrote two of the episodes.)

        1. David Morton

          How would one who is older(not my twenties) get into the business.

  5. Padme Imaletufinish

    Where do your journalists learn to write? Get to the point!

    1. JarJar Binks

      They need to pad out the story so they can fit in more ads while you read.

  6. Random Raccoon

    Who cares?

  7. Alexis

    Bait and switch with the baby Yoda picture to make me watch more ads made me watch my last ad on your website. Way to kill the golden goose.

  8. Cornpop


    1. Trump sucks

  9. ThatGuyAreSick1

    The reason is most likely a licensing issue as while Disney owns the rights to Star Wars, Lego is owned by Warner Bros. In all honesty it’s a miracle that any Lego Star Wars stuff is even being made

  10. Go Joe !

    So many angry white men here

    1. Roo815

      I found the racist.

      Also. This website sick. Blocking it.

  11. Jo

    They screwed up the main theme making luke skywalker to be a side note instead of listening to the generational established fan base si if i could get a face to face meeting with Kathleen Kennedy I’d knife that C@nt in the neck so her final thoughts were dont ignore the fans you selfish dog


    oh my god.. this was annoying as hell to read.. you basically spent more than half of the article saying “but this particular series was removed..” in like three different ways just to string the bait along a little longer.. i’m sure you get paid per word or something but damn

  13. Julie

    Getting rid of The Mandolorian is a mistake. I really like the series and it gets me interested in other series and shows. Disney + evidently doesn’t understand the Star Wars fan base. Perhaps another streaming service would do better.

    1. Jordan

      They aren’t getting rid of Mandalorian. If you read the article, you can see what they are getting rid of….try that first

  14. William

    Disney used to be for the publics entertainment. It is now the bottom line rules what we are allowed to watch. Walt should be turning over and over. (I know, cryno)

  15. Eon

    Disney is so woke these days they probably took it off for political reasons. Someone likely got offended.

    1. Jordan

      It’s a legal issue. The only one offend here is you lol

  16. Leia Organa

    @disneyplus.com they have are going to lose alot of subscribers because of Star Wars! Do they really think our current generation is paying for this subscription? NO, it’s the 80’s generation who grew up with Star Wars Saga! We are the one’s paying the bill and watching it. Next Disney is going to take National Geographic off. What idiots!!!
    Click cancel subscription ✅.

    1. Jordan

      Did you even read the article or are you just going off the title? You might want to read the actual thing before commenting

  17. Toris

    Lol this article is so bait worthy. The fact is there was a contract to air a certain star wars series on another service and that contract has to be fulfilled hence why the show is leaving TEMPORARILY. Disney already explained this in a different article the show will return to Disney + when it’s done airing elsewhere. This is a common practice and is also the reason some shows aren’t on Disney + yet due to prior contractual obligations.

  18. Edward

    Star Wars Crap= overrated! So many parents in the 80’s let their children drink the “Star Wars” kool-aid! Now they are trying to fit into this wacky society!!! Same kids who got a trophy for participating!!!

    1. Kevin

      And yet here you are. Hating it so much you stopped to comment on it. Hypocrite much?

  19. Matthew

    Let’s go Brandon

    1. Donald Jr

      You’re basically yelling “I’m an uneducated bigot”

  20. William

    I think there’s too many stories that Disney+ is doing with the Star Wars franchise. It should stop with the Mandalorian and Boba Fett stories. Aren’t there enough programming on Disney+?

    1. Steve

      Book of boba fett is not robert Rodriguez’s show, he directed the first episode,. Its jon Favreau’s show he wrote the show and is exec producer, among others,. Also I doubt a majority of people even knew what that freemaker show was loll its def not an important show,.

  21. BLACKBETH100

    Damn for a moment I thought a actual important or good series was taken off. This show if you will is not important at all. Its a kids show with kid humor, so for someone such as my self who prefers something dark like rogue one, losing this show doesn’t hurt at all.

  22. Jon

    I was expecting something interesting not a unknown star wars show being removed. There are probably only 50 people who actually care.

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