Comments for Forget Grogu, a New Baby Could Rescue ‘The Mandalorian’ Saga

grogu slave I cockpit

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Lauren

    First, Janna the Hutt was a revolting character. Why would a baby version be endearing? We all loved Yoda so what was captivating was the concept of Yoda as a baby. Grogu was endearing and we looked forward to what will happen next.
    BOBF has yet to engage the audience. The flashbacks are poorly done. There isn’t a strong thread pulling together the past with the present and it lacks overall cohesiveness. The addition of the punk rocker-Esque gang seems thrown in for an audience demographic.
    Scrap this and let’s get back to Grogu’s new home and training adventures

    1. Dwayne

      That and the fact that Book of Boba Fett takes place roughly 31 years after The Clone Wars movie. And Rotta was 10 in that movie. So he’d be roughly 41. Idk how fast Hutts become adult sized, but Jabba was around 600 years old…

  2. RoC

    The Mandalorian needs rescuing? From what? Perhaps from the cheesy return of Luke at the end? I think there could be a better story than turning the Mandalorian into ” adventures in baby sitting.” If they use this Hutt thing as the story arc, then there will be nothing that can save the Mandalorian.

  3. Polaris

    The show is a hit it doesn’t need rescuing. You must be confused with The Book Fett.

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