Comments for Robert Downey, Jr. Just Lost “Highest Paid Actor” Title to Unlikely Marvel Star

Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye (left) and Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Michelle

    There will always be a competition for highest paid whatever. But all’s I know is that nobody will ever outclass Robert John Downey Jr. In any permutation!

  2. Josh

    RDJ purposely took a smaller paycheck so he could get a backend percentage. With the backend % included it’s not even close. Supposedly RDJ make roughly $75,000,000 for Endgame alone based in his backend cut.

    1. CoriB

      Exactly. I doubt anyone will ever touch him. Disney only signed him for three movies and had to negotiate each time with an indispensable actor. They’ll never make that mistake again.

  3. Micks

    My favorite Marvel character is Black Widow and I love Scarlett Johansson, but my favorite actor currently breathing is Robert Downey, Jr. Not just for his work in the Marvel Universe as Iron Man… I’ve been a fan of his since I first saw him in Weird Science.

  4. RL

    This article is amazingly silly. No one seriously calculates “highest paid” ANYTHING based on $/sec. RDJ still has earned far more dollars (those things that are actually spendable) than Renner.

    Second, “…Renner still appeared onscreen longer than any of his fellow Avengers (2012) co-stars, allowing him to earn a higher pay-per-second of a reported $16,671 than anyone else!” makes NO sense. One doesn’t earn a higher wage [$/unit time] by working longer hours. If your boss told you he was doubling your take home pay and all you had to do was work twice as many hours, you might be happy or sad but you wouldn’t talk about having a higher wage.

    Might I suggest journalists assigned to write stories like this run the draft by someone who has passed Econ 101 prior to publication.

    1. Todd

      Econ 101 or . . . Third grade math.

  5. Dot

    Hawkeye and why aren’t people watching hawkeye it’s good

    1. Cortes McGuire

      I don’t know, I loved Hawkeye!

    2. Yankeecub

      They are not watching Hawkeye because it was a silly woke turd that made a mockery of what they have done so far.

  6. Dev

    Hawkeye is the best character. He’s relatable. He has depth enough to love a family. He’s deadpan hilarious. Renner has the chutzpah to carry off his conflicting imperatives. Bingo.

  7. Cortes

    My favorite is Steve Rogers. The first ever Marvel movie I watched was the Winter Solider and it set an impression for me throughout the rest of the Marvel everything.

  8. I love all of them. I understand want me to say one or another but each one is so cool. Also why doesn’t people like Hawkeye series it’s so cool too.
    Well God bless with hugs
    I love everyone on earth.

  9. CoriB

    They’re absolute counting the tv time. I can’t believe the article thinks they’re not. Hawkeye didn’t have a trilogy and wasn’t even in Iw. His hours mostly come from the series.

  10. Cw76509

    This is the worst written article ive ever read. Each paragraph more or less says the same thing and the way they are written make it needlessly difficult to read and understand. I never comment on this stuff but had to say. 0/10

  11. ViolentVelvet

    “Underwhelming performance”? I caught that, writer. Wth are you talking about?

  12. C Hamilton

    The Mandolorian

  13. Morgan

    Favorite Supe is none other than the God Of Hammers(Odin says, “Are you Thor, the God of Hammers?”). Thor Ragnarok was amazing. The movie I am most excited to see in Phase 4 is, Thor Love and Thunder! I actually enjoyed Hawkeye’s Episodes. Can’t wait to see what Kate Bishop does next.

  14. Jeff

    If you think the former friend turned enemy who wants to destroy all the sorcerers is Tony Stark then apparently we didn’t watch the same movies. It’s clearly talking about Mordo.

    This is sensationalistic and simultaneously ignorant

  15. Stormy

    Black Widow and Scarlet Witch are the best characters. And I’ve always loved RDJ. All the characters are fabulous.

  16. Roxann

    Dr. Strange is my favorite!!♥️♥️

  17. Jonathan Freeman

    I half to wonder if this included Scarlett’s settlement money, the extra $20 million adding some strength to her claim for the past year at least, even if anyone is foolish enough to go with the premise of “per second” of screen time as a way of comparing the actors. The speculation regarding Tom Holland is okay except his franchise is owned by Sony, not Disney, who pay differently even if he continues the series.

  18. Ha

    But.. why? Give them $1000 instead of $16 000 and they will do it anyway.

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