Comments for Video: Big Rat On the Loose in Walt Disney World Had Guests Running

Credit: @disney_stuffbackup


  1. It’s a joke

    So Mickey has escaped from the asylum?! Hahaha!

    1. The cats don’t even want to work at Disney!🤣🤣🤣

    2. Cam

      That’s a good one!

  2. Daniel

    Whatever happened to the cats of WDW? They usually hang around the Polynesian Village.

    1. Daniel

      Oh my God! This is final proof that Disney is going downhill under Bob Paycheque.

    2. Ratfink

      Hmmm🤔? Let’s do the math…remove the cats = more rats!

      1. Small rat

        He rat shown in vid does not look very big.to me. I have seen rats larger than a kitten…

    3. Vinnie

      I was wondering the same thing
      I used to encounter a rather shy cat at Disney Springs late at night near the food truck courtyard but sadly I haven’t seen it in a few years
      My guess is it went away when Corona hit and the guests and the food went away

      1. Shannon Wagoner

        I saw a rabbit munching impatiens near the Fish n Chips cart at Britain in Epcot, and there were quail at Port Orleans, Riverside. This means they are environmentalycareful with landscape chemicals.

  3. chris

    I have seen rats several times in Epcot around the chineese pavilions and norway…

  4. Peter J

    Right around Spaceship Earth at Epcot you can see rats at night. I once walked with my daughter in her stroller and a huge one crossed in front of us. Makes me think twice about leaving snacks in the stroller.

  5. Natasha

    Well least it wasn’t an alligator! 🐊 😱

  6. Christopher M Johnston

    Didn’t Disney World open in 1971? This meet and greet was in 1967?

    1. A

      Go back and read the article. 1967 was in reference to The Jungle Book’s release year.

  7. Rick C.

    It was only Bob Chapek trying out Genie+

    1. Oscar

      It was mickey family

  8. Bernie

    Bob Chapek? Is that you?

  9. EpcotWkr

    They moved the Ratatouille ride!

  10. Randall Lombard

    You can’t stop rats and mice. They’re pervasive. Every one of you has had to fight them out of your home at one point or another. They can squeeze through a hole the size of a quarter. You think YOU can keep rodents out of an area the size of San Francisco?? HA!! …then they should put you in charge?!

    1. Caneron

      Sorry no I have never had a rat or mouse… ever…. In my house….So perhaps you are generalizing (and I’m 50).
      Disney did have cats at the magic kingdom for a very long time…. And I haven’t seen them recently…. So perhaps with the parks closing so early (park hours have gone down quite a bit in the past year) the mice have come out to play?
      Either way, the garbage has stacked up and with that, vermin will seek it out.

  11. Don’t 🐀 rat me out!

    1. Henry Lost

      What do you call a mini figure so called . Man that hasn’t ever grown gonads to actually take something from a already beaten to basically living dead man because so called big tuff guys teaming up and absolutely removing a man’s even chance or hope that he can bounce back from being stripped of civil rights and any financial means that he may or may not have had coming by means of a keyboard and most importantly even scamming his relationship that was once built solid as steel and now being told he hopes to never see me again because I’m unreliable. Which he is 100% accurate. No vehicle, income, living out of a cooler and basically lost his entire family in a thirteen month timefra

  12. Leeann Jacket

    And this coming from a place that can control mosquitoes. Lol! 😂

  13. Jerry

    That’s not a large rat. Along the Ohio river there are rats twice that size, and not as tame as that one at Disney. One attacked a German Shepherd that I owned about 20 years ago.

  14. Natalie Micola

    This does not appear recent since they are not keeping guests away from characters.

  15. Shell

    When I worked in the stroller area of MK a few years ago, when we opened the doors in the morning there were always rats on the strollers because of the crumbs kids left.

  16. Flora

    His name is Mickey and he is a mouse, tyvm

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