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  1. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

    I very well and badly want the Park Pass Reservation System expunged! Especially when this pandemic is over if and when!

    I’m still angry at the Park Pass System as it is.

    1. Karl Joseph Eichholtz

      I blame the pandemic for all this.

      1. Bryan

        I blame the irrational political response to it.

  2. Chris

    If they are going to keep it, all tickets need to be a single bucket, except maybe hotel guests getting priority.

  3. Sue

    Why is it that universal and sea world did away with it and it works for them. Kinda sad you just can’t be sitting and home one day and decide to go to the parks but now you. Better make that reservation. If that’s the case then they should lower the price of a ticket

    1. Sara M

      I’m local enough I can watch MK’s fireworks from my front porch. Only when it was crazy busy – and I wouldn’t want to go into that chaos anyway – was I not able to make same-day park reservations. Just yesterday morning, we decided to give Epcot a go after the weather warmed up a bit. In the time it took me to get our kids ready, my husband had made the reservation. It wasn’t difficult to do and left us still able to be spontaneous.

      1. MJ

        For those that have WDW or DLCA in their backyard, not a problem. But when you have a distance to travel, even a 6 hour drive, hard to make reservations and hop in the car and go.

  4. Tracy

    Can’t stand this reservation system or the inability to Park hop until after 2:00! You have taken away so many things already! At least let us Park hop whenever we want!

    1. Jordan

      That would literally defeat the purpose of the reservation system and being able to control how many people are in the park at a given time. It’s honestly not that big of a deal to do

  5. Daniel Davis

    Not sure what this is about. We have a Park Hopper and we were able to go from one park to another without restriction or reservations. Just got back and had a great time.

  6. Dulcie

    All the while they are still packing the parks. Not sure what the reservation system does because it doesn’t seem like they are limiting attendance at all.

  7. Are they crazy? Reservations were to stay within a number of guests, but now you have throngs of crowds. 2 hr wait for rides and wall to wall people for fireworks. What is the point?

  8. Bryan

    As with many other businesses that have recently decided to generate their own particular psychological warfare against our society, Disney has lost me as a customer.

    A typical vacation to Disney World for my family runs about $6,500 a visit. There is no way that I would ever throw that much money out for a week to be treated by a theme park like a piece of cattle.

    Disney can keep their reservation system. They can keep their theme parks. And they can keep their political social warfare.

  9. Otter

    I am absolutely in favor of the reservation system…If they were actually throttling the number of people in the parks. Ignoring covid, it’s just not enjoyable trying to navigate through the literal crush of people that are always there. But as someone else mentioned, there’s no point keeping this system when they’re still letting in too many people anyway.

  10. phillysub

    The joy of going to Disney has disappeared – as is their concern for your safety.
    We were down there in Dec. 2021, ‘social distancing’ no longer exists, and we were on ‘indoor’ rides where guests were not wearing masks. CM’s would tell them that they should have them on, but the guests ignored them.
    Regardless of your own views, rules are meant to be made and enforced……not ignored.

    1. Sue

      In the State of Florida there is NO mask mandate; and if a business has one it cannot be enforced by local law enforcement.
      You can wear the mask if you want to, no one is stopping you. But don’t impose your fear on others.

  11. Sue

    I totally agree with you. It is time for people, especially locals, to STOP spending money there

  12. hocuspocus2019

    Reservations need to go, they are rediculous at this point. And sadly so is complaining. you can send as many emails as you like, they don’t get read. They combined the customer service departments which is why youre in hold for 3 hours and emails are.not responded to at all. I know I’ve sent two and absolutely no response weeks later.

    1. Jordan

      They aren’t ridiculous though. It would only be ridiculous if they never care which one you had. It helps so that everyone isn’t going to the same park and it’s not that hard to do. The only time people have issues is when they don’t get their reservations the same time they do their tickets

      1. hocuspocus2019

        they are if every park is packed..which they are…which makes a reservation for a park in order to crowd control pointless

  13. pattimarie

    The pandemic is certainly to blame for a lot of things–but I think Disney is using it as an excuse way too much. Disney is really to blame. First reservations were because of the pandemic. Labor issues including dirtiness and lack of hotel services were also blamed on pandemic, even though many employees reported not being called back. They also promised it was for crowding but the parks got crowded anyway. Genie was supposed to make lines shorter, but you can’t Genie every ride and you will wait longer in other lines–so no net gain in time. It’s a sham as Fastpass was, but at least Fastpass was free. These problems are not pandemic related–or maybe slightly were in the beginning, but not now. They’ve given up on social distancing and masks–they are still required in California indoors if not in Florida, but I’ve heard it’s not enforced.
    So I ask–why are you blaming the pandemic or politics instead of Disney and Chapek, as its figurehead! They are the source of these bad decisions, and they are hiding behind a pandemic to give guests an inferior experience to make more money and , I think. ruin the brand. The have ruined it for me.

    1. Peggy

      I agree. Special needs have been hit hard by this pandemic. We got all three shots. And have been in circumstances where we knew some were not vaccinated. We kept as much distance. And to date have not gotten sick. We are going in march. Hoping the trip goes well. We will have DVC room so eating out is an option. I think Disney should review the current dsta

  14. Kenr

    I’d like to see the park reservations go too. They have decades of data to draw on to let them know what type of staffing is needed at the park. This reservation system serves no purpose at all other than to compel people to buy park tickets way in advance and make reservations out of fear that you won’t be able to get I to a park during a resort stay that is booked many months in advance.

  15. Peggy

    I have not had problems making park reservations, only issue I have is no annual passes for DVC. I pay maintenance fees at dvc. I have to go in march or loose 312 points equals over 2500. I want to go 3 times this year I booked those trips but will most likely cancel 1or2 with out pass. Tickets ran over 2500 per trip. We go 9-10 days due to two daughters with disability. We only spend maybe 6 hours total in the park. The value of tickets vs annual pass is evident in our circumstances. May end up selling DVC and living on memories we have on dvd from the pass. I am hoping the park pass and das work well. 1 st trip since January 2020

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