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  1. I don’t understand why they’re casting a Muslim super hero ? When or who is a Christian or Jewish hero why bring religious issues especially one that over all don’t respect women

    1. If you’re going too use a Muslim woman why not have her a hero in a Muslim country fighting for the rights of women like driving school freedom too marry ! Why have her in safe western culture

      1. They should just cancel the show. Hopefully now that Bob isn’t chairmen anymore the other Bob can actually start to remove all this woke crap.

  2. Bob Boogie

    Oh nice a virtue signaling Disney show. Just what everyone wants. Tell us oh wise Disney what we should think. Wash our filthy brains in your bitter cool aid.

    1. David

      “Massive success”? Seriously? Not even close. They have been a big disappointment and have lost money. Nice try though!

  3. Ken

    It’s called ACTING for a reason. I’ve played a Frenchman from the 1600s in a play before, guess what, I’m not french and I’m not from the 1600s. Fancy that! Who you are in life should have zero to do with who you are playing in a role. As long as you look the part and can deliver the character in a way that the director is looking for. No show should ever be “dictated” by the supposed woke fan base.

    1. Bryan Dawson

      How do we know you’re not French . . . or from the 1600’s?

    2. PJ

      Yeah, because 9/11 and 1/6 were safe…

      1. Random Forest

        You need professional help if you think those two events are remotely equal…

        1. A-Aron

          I think you need more than professional help if you truly think those two terroristattacks have no similarities. Perhaps going back to grade school…?

    3. Stuart DeMerse

      This was my first exact thought, it’s called “acting”, it’s not supposed to have people portray who they really are. People complaining about this are just plain stupid or are simply trying to push a political agenda. Don’t we get enough political BS in the real world? Why are they trying to bring it into a fantasy world that’s sole purpose is entertainment??

      1. Get_fuct

        It’s going to bomb. “Get woke, go broke” will almost always be true.

  4. Vamanos

    They should cancel the show it sounds stupid. Leave it as a comic series.

  5. Bryan Dawson

    Muslim is a religion, not a race, right? It’s one thing if you’re going to have Will Smith playing JFK, it’s another thing entirely to have him play a Buddhist. I think Juliana Margolis said it best most recently regarding her role on the Morning Show.

  6. Another Jerry

    Why not have the best actor play the part? Religion, identity politics, all this other stuff only serves to distract from the project itself. Grown way past annoying at this point and seems to be picking up pace. A couple huge flops with start opening some eyes.

  7. Martin S.

    Another BS opinion piece by a writer looking for attention. FYI…Ms. Marvel, an MCU character, WILL NOT be meeting in DC’s THE MARVELS.

    1. Eurydice

      You know that the upcoming movie “The Marvels” isn’t a DC movie right? And it’s already been confirmed that Monica, Captain Marvel and Ms.Marvel WILL be in it correct? They are all MCU characters…don’t know where you got the info that The Marvels is going to be a DC movie?!?

  8. Qliphoth

    If they are changing her powers for the MCU expect the comics to change her powers too. The MCU has far too much influence on the comics when it should be the other way around.

  9. Paulo Vierdi

    The casual racism accepted by this author as valid criticism is amazing. “White passing” as an insult for a non Caucasian?
    Until otherwise, just assume all criticism like this is written by rich white trust fund kids from Brooklyn who think their tweets will save the world.

  10. Cory France

    I just can’t anymore… Muslim this, White passing that… Then we have Hamilton where black actors play the founding fathers. We have the live action Lion King where no white actors were allowed but then the live action Peter Pan is going to backwash Tinker Bell and there have been many other cases of blackwashing formerly white characters. I’m just so freaking sick of all of it. Black panther proved you can create an original black character instead of blackwashing white characters. Just pleeeease stop!!!

  11. Alex

    I agree the actors should be chosen based on their acting ability and fit for the character. They should NOT be chosen, by their religion, race, or gender. It it just woke what marvel is doing to some characters.

    1. Matt

      You’re full of it, if a white character is cast with a great non-white actor you will scream “woke” and cry that your snowflake feelings are hurt.

      1. Giin

        Like Heimdahl, for example? The whitest of the gods? Yeah, the backlash over Idris Elba being cast was soooo widespread.

  12. Giin

    The casual racism of this article is something to behold.

  13. Sith

    First of all, most of these comments here sound like they’re coming from racist, Jesus freak, faux news lovers who wish it was the 1850s….
    Secondly, was looking forward to this series when it was announced, love the character, her story, and especially her powers. It was disappointing to hear that they were going to make her powers constructs like the Green Lantern… embiggening is what makes her unique and hilarious.

  14. ANTHONY Graham

    Marvel Needs to stop listening to Twitter. They don’t makeup the majority of fans. Listening to Twitter is how things get screwed up. If you don’t believe me just see watch how this whole “we’re not recasting t challa” bs goes down because a few morons on Twitter guilted them into thinking recasting was a bad idea. Twitter is the last place ant business should be basing their decisions on.

    1. Sheyi


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