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  1. Joe

    Well folks dont listen to the person who wrote this story — Orlando isnt next Disney World and there are plenty of Apartments and townhomes to rent in every price range close to Disney World and lots of new areas that are within 6 miles of WDW.

    1. Mark Hamil

      Orlando is a cess pool and anyone moving here is nuts. Oh the price range close to Disney you speak of is “Ridiculous to Super Ridiculous”.

  2. James

    Those prices sound cheap.

  3. Donna

    Shhhh dont tell ppl Clermont!!! I like my quiet for as long as quiet will last!!
    And yes can attest rents went up a lot. I had 2 move out together because it was cheaper than going alone. 2 BR apt was 1850$ and it’s SMALL.

  4. Sara M

    As if real estate prices skyrocketing is unique to this area? I live just outside WDW, close enough to watch MK fireworks from my porch, and yes, prices have gone up dramatically in some neighborhoods, but in others, they haven’t changed much. We’re part of a large metro area, so obviously prices will be higher than elsewhere. We’re also more than “living at Disney”. If people want to move here with the expectation it will feel like a 24/7/365 vacation, they’ll learn quickly that it’s just as “real life” as it was wherever they came from but with tourists and traffic everywhere.

  5. Sue

    The person who wrote this article has no idea. I live in the St. Cloud area. I just bought here 2 years ago and my home is now appraised at nearly doubled what I paid. Rents are going up here as well. This indicates Kissimmee is even more expensive.

  6. Daniel J Ortiz

    Please no more people moving to Central Florida, too many traffic already. Please

  7. Doomed

    Davenport and Reunion, which are right outside of the exits of WDW off I-4 are renting at a minimum of $2k for a 1 bedroom for a 1 bedroom (12 no lease) if you can find one! And Orlando is not Disney. Whoever wrote the article isn’t renting or doing their research (or is basing this off of a google search). Rent is extremely expensive here! And it is getting worse. Add to it the inability to find a house that isn’t over inflated in cost…. We have tried to purchase a home for the past 9 months but they are overpriced due to the inflation.

  8. AH

    Rent or buy in Florida is very expensive and getting worse due to all the blue states leaving those sinking ships. Here in middle TN about 400 people per day are moving here and rent or buy has shot through the roof like down there. NY CA plates use to be uncommon now very common.

  9. RoC

    The irony is it is people moving from places like New York and New Jersey to go to a state that is offering more freedom and lower taxes, then after moving there they start demanding the local, uneducated native yokels to bend to their restrictive ways and subsequently turn it into the crap hole they ran away from. They start demanding masking up, require the shot, close retail, shut the cruise lines. They should have stayed where they were. Locusts..

    1. Bob Woodered

      I can guarantee you those people aren’t from the south.

  10. FL-Dad

    We moved from NC in July 2021. We live about 25 minutes from Disney. Housing is indeed expensive. There are areas that are spectacularly expensive, and there are areas that are moderately priced, and there are areas that you don’t want to live in. New communities are being built everywhere. If you’re looking at buying in a new community, expect to pay at least $200K – $400K and wait anywhere from 6-12 months for it to be built. Orders are coming in for new houses faster than houses can be built.

    As someone else mentioned, once you get here, it’s not a 24×7 vacation. You still need to get a job (salaries are lower in Orlando than most other places) and I-4 is a nightmare 24x7x365. Service industry jobs are plentiful but low-paying. IT jobs are also plentiful but pay less than what I was getting paid in NC. State Government jobs are available but also pay poverty-wages (entry-level can be less than $30K per year) Polk County Sheriff’s Office is hiring and pays decently (when benefits are considered). Disney employees are some of the worst-paid workers. Most entry-level Disney jobs start at $9.00/hr and the best-paid hourly workers are the bus drivers, who can be paid up to $22.00/hr (at senior levels). So everyone else is between $9 – $22 per hour. Considering the cost of living here, that’s tough to live on.

    But the best part of living in The Free State of Florida is the Freedom. No mask mandates, no vax mandates, and it is now illegal for any employer (public or private) to require vax as a condition of employment. It is also illegal for businesses to require proof of vax to enter a business. Fines for violations start at $5000 per instance.

    As someone else mentioned, if you do decide to move down here, DO NOT bring your Blue-State mentality with you. Don’t Kalifornia My Florida!”

  11. K

    I live in Pasco County (an hour and 15 from WDW)and there are tons of new housing developments opening/under construction. But there are a lot in the $300,000s to $400,000s. Not sure who they think has that kind of money here. I haven’t seen anyone from NJ, or NY or CA say they want mandatory vaccines or masks. They are moving here to get away from that. People can choose to wear masks when they are out just like all of you complaining can choose not to

  12. Cathy

    I live in Pittsburgh and the housing market is very much overly inflated here as well. New construction starts at $300K, and rent has gone thru the stratosphere!! Income seems to be in line with what Floridians are making. I truly don’t know how people pay what they do, our house is over 100 years old, we still owe over $60K, and it needs many updates. That said, we’ve been exploring a potential move towards the south. Our issue is we have 2 adult kids with special needs and we don’t have a clue what services are available from Virginia down to Florida. Even though I’d love to move down south, it’s a pipe dream for now. Best of luck to those who are trying to make it work!!!!

    1. Ken Brenner

      God Bless you Cathy and your family…

    2. Bill Wizley

      I made the mistake of moving here about 20 years ago and I don’t want to burst your bubble but it’s horrible here. The crime is through the room.. and the only neighborhoods where it might be less are $400,000+ per house. The weather and traffic are a nightmare. If you notice on the news most criminals that flee their state end up being found in Florida.. the reason is it’s such chaos here they figure it’s easy to blend in. In Orlando itself most people don’t speak English. So many people move here and get trapped.

  13. Dave

    I love all these dopes talking about how “free” Florida is when you can’t even buy weed legally as an adult. What a joke!

    1. If buying weed is what you believe to be the most important thing in your life and a litmus test for freedom, then you just do not understand. You can buy weed in New York, but you have to wear a mask and get a shot or 2 to work there. No one gets arrested for pot for personal use pretty much anywhere and I can tell you from experience that a large amount of people go back to their local supplier instead of buying from an approved outlet because of the incredibly high taxes and potency regulations. So if you currently live in Florida, New York is open for you to get baked legally, and if you want something stronger, they will help you shoot up and save your life if you accidently OD. now that’s freedom.

    2. James

      You truly are a loser if you think that’s what freedom is. What a stoner burnout

  14. Wayne

    Looks like from all of these comments you don’t have freedom of speech in Florida.

  15. Ken Brenner

    Hi. We were thinking of moving to the Lakeland area as we were planning our escape from the Atlanta metro area.
    I was a bit surprised at the cost of housing there. Then, I heard from locals there that I-4 traffic is approaching the horrible ATL traffic. Sadly, that ended our consideration of that area…

    1. RoC

      There is nothing redeeming about living in the metro atlanta area anymore. I was spending 3 hours a day commuting and the office was oy 23 miles away.

    2. Tim Wilson

      I understand wanting to get out of Atlanta but trust me, Central Florida isn’t any better. Anywhere but here…

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