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  1. Ben

    Your list is bad. Top 5 MCU movies (in no specific order):

    Black Panther
    GotG Vol. 2
    Thor: Ragnarok
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    Spider-Man Homecoming

    1. V

      Get homecoming and Vol 2 outa here
      replace them with infinity war and vol 1

      1. me

        I second this list. Infinity War is much better than end game (end game has too much hype)

        And Winter soldier is probably the rewarchable MCU movie

  2. Matt

    I would say…

    5. Captain America: Civil War
    4. Iron Man
    3. Avengers: Endgame
    2. Avengers: Infinite War
    1. Thor: Ragnarok

    Not too different to yours.

    Good list:)

  3. Kenr

    1 Iron Man 3
    2 Captain Marvel
    3 Avenger Age of Ultron
    4 Antman
    5 the Incredible Hulk. 2008

    Best ever. Lol

  4. Ashish Sreedharan Manakkalath

    What a stupid person has such movies as top 5….STUPID writer 🖕🖕
    Top 5 Marvel movies are:
    1 Infinity War
    2 Thor Ragnarok
    3 Endgame
    4 Iron man 1
    5 Avengers 1

    1. Joe Mama

      Pretty sure he’s being sarcastic. This just is one of the best I’ve seen. Just tough to keep black panther out of the top 5, but not sure which one you take out. Coin toss between Civil War and Winter Soldier also…

  5. Zarar

    This list is better.
    1. The winter soldier
    2. Thor ragnarok
    3. Infinity war
    4. Guardians of the galaxy part 1
    5. Ironman 1

  6. Foxy

    I think the best 5 are widdow, 2.spiderman no way home and 3.engame 4. Ironman 5.civilwar

  7. KJ

    I like everyone’s choices. Especially if you included Ironman, Ragnarok and Guardians Vol1.

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