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chadwick boseman as t'challa aka black panther (left) and letitia wright as shuri (right)

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Charles

    The only true replacement to T’challa ishould be Kilmonger. This is the MCU. Instead of letting him die. Maybe They save his life. After the death of the Black panther. Maybe he realizes his true destiny.

    1. Bmaas

      Time to recast T’challa. Boseman did a awesome job and he will be remembered for his Black Panther. But it’s time to recast Black Panther. With the multiverse. Very easy for a new face to come in and look at other famous comic characters that have had actors changed (Superman,Batman, War machine, etc). Time to move on to newer movies and keep the legacy of Black Panther going.

    2. CFGodwell

      Shuri is the New Black Panther. Get over it.

    3. Anonymous

      Not likely going to happen. Kilmonger isn’t here, because he is already dead. He’s buried at sea, as he wanted, and he is unqualified to be king as seen in the first movie. His body is probably already decaying after all these years.

    4. Peter Hallenbeck

      I Agree!!

  2. Leave it alone let him RIP he was a damn good actor a fine a** man and a good loving husband I don’t think know one should play that part because they (CAN’T TAKE HIS PLACE NO ONE CAN) and l’m sure I’m not the only one feel this way!!

    1. Raiijah

      Yes, someone can take his place. Just because catz like you grew attached to Boseman doesn’t mean his role can’t be recasted, you’re doing what exactly Chadwick was against in the first place by prioritizing him over the character of tchalla smh

      1. CFGodwell

        Shuri is the new Panther. Get over it.

        1. Timbo

          Shuri is removed from the project, Get over it.

  3. Marko

    They try so hard to shove a female tchala down our throats

    1. Dom

      Oh, I didn’t realize you knew who they cast. Would you mind sharing? I thought the article said they weren’t recasting the character…

    2. CGC

      Shuri took his place in the comics after T’challa was injured during the Doomwar. Look it up and avoid being misogynistic lol

  4. CFGodwell

    Shuri is the new Panther. Let go of your chauvinistic tendencies and embrace or don’t.

    1. Mike

      Look at Ghostbusters with all female cast, MIB with a lead female role. Oceans movie with all females. All flops. Most people don’t embrace it. Lmao

    2. Ms Cellophane

      Storm would be a way better pick.

  5. Adreanna Ancil

    There’s a typo in the link for the article titled “Kevin Feige Just Introduced a Brand New Marvel Cinematic Universe”.
    It said
    instead of

  6. Bearcat Şándor

    If Storm did become the new Black Panther, wouldn’t that make her a ThunderCat?

    1. DLand

      That was Brilliant 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣Thundercats Hoooooooooe

  7. Okeyo is far better than Suri skinny butt any day!

  8. Ben

    Chadwick Boseman passed on in 2020. You should fact check before trying to be first to put an article out.

  9. Shawnte

    Chadwick Boseman died in 2020, not 2021. Check your facts!

  10. Peter Hallenbeck

    I they should let Michael B. Jordan’s character be the New Black Panther!!

    1. rogerman.sr.

      Jordan us the better replacement,for Chadwick, let him rest in peace ,,we are not interested in having a female panther never

  11. Trent

    Storm? Try Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat – Earth-13519

    Felicia is reformed and is recruited into the Avengers by… Wait for it… The Black Panther.

    See Marvel Universe: Millennial Visions Vol. 1 #1

  12. Ray M Haney

    ummm…that isnt Storm as Black Panther, that isnt WHOEVER as Black Panther “with white hair”… Shuri/Black Panther had a white fur ruff over her neck google “shuri as black panther comics”

  13. Beth

    The New Black Panther could easily be T’Challa’s daughter or son by Ororo.

  14. Gideon bari

    I think it’s nice but we need to see how he comes back in the movie

  15. Bob. B

    They need to find a T’Challa variant within the multiverse as the new Black Panther

  16. Jep

    Black Panther needs to be recast. Like Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, and the other characters that have been recast.

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