Comments for MagicBands Were Influencing, Tracking Your Day Long Before Disney Genie Ever Did

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Credit: Disney


  1. Victor Nazarian

    Magic bands have a couple of interesting radio frequency devices built in. One is the contact payment communication system that can behave similarly to a smart card credit card / government ID. The other is a battery powered short/medium range transceiver that works similarly to WiFi and can be used for tracking and location services such as confirming you are close to a restaurant for reservations or finding a lost child.

    One interesting thing is that these systems continue working while far away from Disney property and can theoretically even keep limited tabs on the magic band when it is ‘back home’. This may use sub-channel ‘ping’ communication via modern WiFi routers/bridges or be part of mesh communications built into many modern smart phones.

    Some of this was confirmed by a user who took a magic band apart and disabled the battery which caused the previous version of the Disney Parks app to mark that magic band as disabled. That occurred when the magic band was hundreds of miles away in another state while other magic bands stayed active.

  2. Adam

    Isn’t the personalised surprise seeing your name pop up on rides like Small World and having ride photos and videos appear in your app? The Snow White ride video was especially cool. Then there’s the whole “Best Guest” thing when they know you’re a guest that is happy to spend money, but that’s just hospitality in general.

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