Comments for Lucasfilm Officially Loses Rights to Exciting New Project, “Let Development Languish”

kathleen kennedy disney investor day 2020

Credit: Disney Investor Day Live Stream 2020


  1. Jeff

    I think it’s a good thing. We don’t need another preachy, woke vehicle. Focus on what people WANT to see, made the way they want to see it made. Disney has enough projects in that realm to keep them plenty busy. And, if made well, to make them plenty of money.

    1. Ned


    2. Ned

      Amen! My thoughts exactly!

    3. Jordan

      Oh yeah
      We need more time to get ahsoka out

    4. Mike

      Look up “woke” in the dictionary. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  2. Simon Quinn

    This article is spinning the truth. They didn’t let it lapse, Kathleen is obviously being let go as a studio head. Every new project that is not in development is going away. Disney doesn’t want the truth about failed leadership to be in the open because it’s a PR nightmare.

    1. Ned

      They’ve had to find out the hard way we don’t need more woke B.S.! We want entertainment and nothing more! She was clearly a failure at that endeavor, kept leaning to woke messaging instead!

    2. Chris Stowell

      I thought her epic ineptitude might have something to do with it. I just want to find out if Disney is ever going to do something with Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth. If nothing else they need to sell the rights to HBO so that an awesome buy R-rated level fanatasy even better than GOT can actually be given cinematic justice.

  3. Robert D Peterson

    Great that Lucasfilm lost this. We know their history with any kind of black characters. Finn was wasted and should have been the star. No attempt at a Mace Windu movie???

    1. Ned

      Take note, nobody cares! If they were meant to be stars, and have enough charisma, they would be! Mace Windu will happen! But anything that comes across as an attempt at inclusion rather than fielding a solid character like the case was with Finn and the other l lost Storm Troopers only loses its effectiveness as entertainment! It’s not a podium, it’s entertainment! Don’t forget that!

    2. Bob

      Robert, agreed!

      Ned, you seem to be on a crusade to cry about projects that are “woke” and about the “spoiled 13%”. I’d say it’s a solid bet that you’ve always had the luxury of seeing people who look like you as the heroes in films and shows. How fortunate for you…

      1. Ron

        Oh enough already. I’m so tired of this “privilege” nonsense. Nobody is handing out checks to white people. Trust me. In all honesty it seems to actually be the other way around.

  4. RosieP

    It just goes to show Disney Studios’ unwillingness to be original. And I’m certain that the narrow-minded fan boys who always seemed threatened if a story isn’t about a man – especially a white man – must be relieved.

    1. Ned

      Heaven forbid they cut back on giving the spoiled 13% more air time to moan and complain some more; that they aren’t getting enough that they are not themselves willing to earn! I prefer a fanboy club any day that doesn’t have an agenda! After all, it’s entertainment we seek, not constant preaching and attempts to spread more hatred!

      1. Chris Wood

        Never heard of this movie!
        But I’m sure it would have been a train wreck.

    2. Chris Stowell

      Shh, just a warning from a white dude. They might get there panties in a twist. After all truth isn’t often the friend of the woke paranoia that drives their fear, anger, and hate(you know path to the Dark Side stuff). Besides just like in Star Wars some actually aspire to evil and hate and suffering seeing Power as itself worth the cost. But that’s just this guy’s take. LOL

  5. Steph

    If you look at IMDB pro Acolyte has no director attached. It wont be made either.

  6. Le Sigh

    There is nothing “exciting” about this racist, woke, anti-cop tripe. Paramount can have it and add it to there failures… Disney already has enough with the m-She-u, the woke republic and now, with Bore-a Fett

  7. Grunf

    That’s some real production line of half-a$$ed shows

  8. Candy

    I could careless, when reading the storyline, I’m glad they gave it to Paramount. It sounds like a bunch of blah….
    I’m glad they are more focused on Star Wars.

  9. Ned the Incel

    Wait, so… Lucasfilm–owned by Disney– let it lapse. So it was snatched up by Paramount, which is ALSO owned by Disney?

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