Comments for One Disney Park Closes Due to COVID, Are the U.S. Parks Next?

Wearing Face Masks Comfortably

Credit: Disney


  1. joe

    HAHAHAHA this story is awesome— should they close the parks — OH MY –Its a cold thats it.

  2. Sebastian Hale

    No, I don’t think that Disneyland and Disney World will re-close. I think they’re going to stay open for the rest of the winter and, by springtime, they’ll be the way they were before. For instance, the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique will be giving princess makeovers again and the Royal Hall will be having meet and greets with Ariel, Snow White and Cinderella again.

  3. Cam

    Ha! Disney in the USA will not close. There is too much MONEY at stake (nothing to do with safety). The shareholders will never let that happen. If it did happen it would be CALIFORNIA. Desantis won’t allow Florida to be closed. Really, unless we see a spike in DEATHS and I mean a loss of life like the PLAGUE Disney will not close in the USA.

  4. Benjamin Collins

    Think of the order that both Disney parks opened, Disney world opened 1st, Disneyland was the next to reopen. This could be the opposite to have universal close first in Florida, then Disney world. Everyone working in businesses have gotten hit the hardest.

  5. Kenr

    Oh sure! The closures in 2020 made such a big difference to rid the world of Covid. So did all of the masks mandates too. NOT! LMAO.

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