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  1. Jack

    You need to change this to say she should be in a 5 point harness. Children should not move to a belt positioning booster until a minimum of 5. She’s 3.

    1. Kaitlyn Kelly

      Agreed!!! Being up to date on these things is so important!

  2. Shena

    How bout mind ya business…. Dang, so many experts these days.

    1. Kaitlyn Kelly

      Please research what would happen to this child in an accident before saying ignorant things like this. Keeping our children alive is important and many children die this way

  3. RoC

    It is amazing how many people my age lived beyond being a toddler. We did not have seat belts, ride bikes without helmets or any other protective gear, we even, dare I say it, played outside unsupervised at the playground. I am not saying safety measures are not good, I am saying that even waking up is full of risks, always has been. Leave these people alone and go encase yourself in bubble wrap if you are worried about getting bruised.

    1. Kaitlyn Kelly

      We’re not worried about getting a bruise, we are worried about her child dying or someone who trusts her decision and does the same on account of it child’s dying. Please do 5 seconds of research on what happens to a child who isn’t in a car seat during an accident. It’s do ignorant to say that because some one never followed car safety and was fine that no one should. Not being in a car seat at that age is a big deal. Do you also not think she should be wearing a seat belt or think it would be great if her parents were drinking and driving? I am all for deciding what risks are warranted and which ones aren’t as parents but doing something that will for sure get a child killed is not something to take lightly. It was her choice to be a figure in a position to be an example to others and with that comes a responsibility to not encourage things that will get someone killed. Not putting a three year old in a car seat is not going to just give them a bruise but get them killed. It’s scary you’d down play it to that. Please do some research before making that claim and getting someone hurt!

      1. I lived through my childhood and it wasn’t a law to wear a seat belt much less a car seat or booster seat and my siblings and I all lived. We even rode standing on the handlebars on the back of a truck still didn’t get hurt. Rode on the tailgate of the truck many times we lived. Rode trikes and bikes without kneepads or helmets yep we survived. Ate dirt too and we survived.

  4. Stacy

    What a bunch of shrill, finger-pointing harpies everyone has become these days.

    1. Kaitlyn Kelly

      Do you not think keeping our kids safe is important?

      1. SomeMumblingBum

        You want to keep kids safe… By gathering an army of mothers to tar and feather anybody that does something against the establishment. This is how our country dissolves.
        It’s called Mob Rule End it is exactly the same tactic Trump and his Republican heathens are utilizing.

  5. Kris

    I’m not saying it was a bright decision, but if there are some harsh and judgmental comments.

    There may be more to the story than meets the eye number one. You know nobody these new stories never ask questions as to why that happened.

    Number two there are so many people living in their 50s and above who went without these restrictions as a child. So yes something could happen, but the chances aren’t as high as everyone is making it out to be.

    1. Kris

      Sorry for the typos.

      Second paragraph should say, “You nobody running these news stories…”

    2. Kaitlyn Kelly

      I see your point but the comments don’t sound judgemental but just concerned and it sounds like no one has given an explanation but I would be surprised if she didn’t know the law on this. Usually you read car seat manuals when you become parents and you can’t leave the hospital without getting some kind of briefing. Look up rates of death for a car seat when a child isn’t in a car seat. It happens more than you think. Also cars didn’t go as fast 50 years ago either as they do now, that matters too. I think it’s important people do research on this and do what is the safest, even if it wasn’t around 50 years ago.

      1. Heather Warner

        Just how old are you that you think cars were puttering along 50 years ago. A 1966 Shelby went 200 mph. I was born in 1977 and my dad drove a CORVETTE and No I was NEVER in any form of car seat and even fell out of a moving car at 5 when the door popped open. It is NO ONES business what goes on in someone else’s home as long as the child isn’t being beaten or starved.

  6. The One Who Knows

    I understand, but I have a life and thus don’t put my nose in other people’s business. I don’t care about this, the Kardashians, Jenners, Chrislies, Housewives of Whothehellcares, Bachelor and Bachelorette, View, Talk, Voice, Idols, Dance and Masked Singers, TMZ, People, Enquirer, Jersey, Tattoos, or any crap that hails itself as “reality”.

    That’s why I’m happy.

  7. CJ

    The years are backwards, its 2004-2011.

  8. The child’s had 2 adults in the back seat they weren’t driving dwn the Hwy. Cut her some slack you might have done the wrong thing at times with your kid. Focus good quality happening there. Don’t be so critical.
    Haters hate.😜

    1. Kaitlyn Kelly

      This isn’t a small thing though. Accidents can happen anywhere and this child would be dead if they were in one. It’s important to point out and spread education on this. You’d certainly care if it was your died child.

      1. SomeMumblingBum

        You want to keep kids safe… By gathering an army of mothers to tar and feather anybody that does something against the establishment. This is how our country dissolves.
        It’s called Mob Rule End it is exactly the same tactic Trump and his Republican heathens are utilizing.

  9. Jan

    I rode in a car standing up in the front seat and as I got older rode in the back of a pickup truck on hay at 50 MPH. I also drank out of the water hose from the back yard. We also walked to school without an adult and then home again and at times I was alone after Campfire Girls meetings. I also rode my bike to the little store 4 blocks away to get my mom her cigarettes! I realize times have changed but I did all this with my parent’s permission (most of the time). Now my haters can just go look in the mirror and tell me what you have done that you have done wrong and need to have others tell you how to raise your children?

    1. Kaitlyn Kelly

      I think it’s sad when it is this frowned upon to let a mom know she could have gotten her child killed. Also many people follow her and it does matter if they follow this and their child dies. Please do some research on why this law is there! It’s not for fun

      1. SomeMumblingBum

        Kaitlyn Kelly, Calm down. Take a few slow and deep breaths…and Then imagine how much pollution you just inhaled and how that is going to do so much more harm to everyone on the planet including and up to the extinction of humanity.
        Nothing. Now then… please focus your energy on being happy that nothing happened to the little girl who was with her family in the backseat of a car my while blissfully minding their own business.

  10. Marcia

    Ok so my kids grew up watching this girl my son had the biggest crush on her to Mom shame her is not okay she needs to be educated not Mom shamed it doesn’t even look like they were driving and y’all should know the whole facts before you start mom shaming somebody Hillary you do you babe and don’t let nobody discourage your mothering skills cuz from what I could see from pictures on your Instagram you are a damn good mom people need to get their facts straight and find out the whole situation before they start mom shaming people love you Hillary

    1. Kaitlyn Kelly

      I don’t think educating is mom shaming. The comments were just pointing out their concern and there is nothing wrong with that. Please do some research on why 3 year olds have car seats before downplaying what happened and yes from the video it looks like they were driving around

  11. Marcia

    And honestly mind your own damn business mom shammers these celebrities can’t even be left alone and lead a private life with their children without being ridiculed they bring you entertainment through the movies to keep you sane and you just want to hate on them screw y’all y’all need to find a better hobbies and maybe worry about your own children instead of somebody else’s. I feel as though people that Mom shame need to be looked at as a mom or a dad. Once again Hillary love you girl you keep doing you don’t let these people hate on you ignore them and you do you you are a beautiful amazing woman and I wish you your husband and your beautiful kids all the best ♥️♥️♥️

    1. Kaitlyn Kelly

      Educating isn’t the same thing as shaming and please do some research on what would have happened if they had been in an accident. If this was your child’s life St risk I’d hope you’d want someone to kindly point it out to you too.

      1. SomeMumblingBum

        Then do that. Kindly pointed out… Once… Then go away.
        Do your research… People who are hopped on and publicly shamed about something they’ve done do not suddenly follow the rules you would like them to.
        They lash out in anger and do the opposite.

        1. SomeMumblingBum

          People who are HARPED on

  12. Alicia

    I just wish we were all as perfect as Kaitlyn Kelly! Do your research. … 59 years ago cars were made alot better than today. No plastic. Steel! And would blow most of today’s off a race track. They didn’t come with seat belts. Simply AMAZING how so many of us are still alive.

  13. Mickeymouse3

    If this was anyone else, an average joe (or josephine), there would be no press about it whatsoever. Because it’s a tv personality, the world will be coming to an end if it’s not reported. Stay in your own lane people. You don’t know the circumstances behind her actions.

  14. Connette Suzanne Sigmund

    Accidents happen so fast. Please be safe!

  15. Christy Smith

    Yes the little girl Banks should have been in a booster seat because it is safer and it is the law but it is not the fault of Hilary Duff. She is not even in the car from what TMZ said. She does need to make sure in the future that whoever is taking care of her child/children always uses precautionary measures for the safety of her child/children. God bless Hilary and her children! 🙏💗

    1. SomeMumblingBum

      And God bless Hillary Clinton!

      (Sorry! I couldn’t resist… as that’s what I read the first time I read through your previous message!) 😝

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