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Rise of the Resistance

Credit: Disney


  1. Billygstiltz

    I think I should be a writer too all I need to do is repost reddit!

  2. Alice

    When everyone used a single line, the line actually moved along. I also like the atmosphere Disney has put surrounding us as we move down the line.

  3. Julie S

    Just came back from Disneyland. It was so packed!! No free fast pass or free virtual queue. Had to pay extra for Genie+. Don’t know why they required a reservation for the parks because it didn’t seem regulated at all. They need to figure out a way to make it a better experience because the crowds and waits sucked.

    1. Dave

      Agreed. The reservation idea is a farce. Restaurants reserve tables bases on availability and capacity. Disney over packs their parks and reduces the enjoyment of park-goers.

  4. Chris

    Go back to the way it was in 2000. Fast pass!

    1. Julian H

      Spot on Chris. Also bring back all the things that were included in your price in 2000, that have now gone or are an extra charge. Not right at all. Please remove Bob Chapek and Bob Iger both are no good for Disney.

  5. April

    Hell no I hate virtual lines because It is sooooooo extremely hard to get a time to get on the ride because you are competing against thousands of other people to get on the ride ! It is absolutely horrible ! I will stand in the que line any time over NEVER being able to get a virtual come back time !!!!! They need to do away with virtual lines !!!! It keeps people from being able to experience the rides and that is not fair because people pay so much to be able to get on all the rides !

  6. Charles R Blankenship

    Fast Pass always seemed to work much better than the current systems. They were available to everyone and similar to the current systems you had a specific time to arrive. Of course the new “improved” idea of charging extra to get Genie+ and then pay for the LL is why the new system is in place, about the money. Just at Disney World two weeks ago and the LL for Rise of the Resistance was about three hours. Get the free Fast Pass back.

  7. Lisa Buescher

    All queue’s, genie, genie plus and Lightening lanes are a major fail. Disney does not have the ability to support all the users trying to access the system. So basically they 1) sell you a ticket and most buy at another additional fee the park hopper that is a gamble about being available based on numbers in parks 2) then you pay again for the genie/genie plus that is a be product that they sell that they admit they cannot support as to many people using it
    And 3) if you want a good chance of actually getting a top tier ride you pay a much higher additional fee for Lightening Lane. We just returned from 7 day trip, 4 adults and 2 youth. Once you pay the daily, per ticket fees for hopper, genie and buy Lightening Lane it’s a significant amount of money. I also hate how it puts parents on the phone always trying to “get the next ride” to keep kids from being in line all day. Food reservations are another issue. Luckily we planned as best we could there and took food for the kids or it’d been a mess. The Magic is gone. Oh and don’t get me started how those from outside the US get price breaks and do not pay the full price like US citizens yet we get no discount if we’d visit Disneyland Paris etc

    1. Deb

      Discounts are u serious for a family of four it’s over £15000 for two weeks and that does not include food

  8. Sue

    Was just there last week. I feel the lightning lane ruins everything. The wait for RoR was 130 minutes and even if I would have considered paying for LL, they were sold out for the day. In MK Space Mtn was 80 minutes because only one side was being used for the Stand By queue. The whole other side was for LL! Bring back the old FastPass system!

  9. Kenr

    A big no from me regarding the virtual queue. That system stunk. Long standby lines eventually work their way out and as long as they don’t have a crazy 10 lightning lane riders er every standby rider it will work.

  10. Took my family to Disneyland last October. My grownup daughter was very savvy getting our party a Virtual Queue for Rise of Resistance or Spider-Man Webslingers every morning
    You have one second to push refresh then join to get it at 7:00am haha. Anyway it was kind of nice the way the lines moved quickly on the other rides without fast pass or the new genie plus being in place. Now when I occasionally look at my Disneyland app I see terrible standby wait times for most popular rides. Adding $20 per ticket per dayfor genie+ for my party of seven for four days would have been costly. It’s going to be a few years before I think about going back to Disneyland or Disneyworld😲🙂

  11. a good mouse

    I think more virtual queues would eat into their coveted genie+/lighting lane revenue. Why buy lightning lane if you get a good virtual queue booking?

  12. EM

    It will come back when they figure a way to charge for it.

  13. J.Remiyac

    Rise of the resistance
    January 8, 8:30 pm
    Only a 15 minute stand by line wait.
    I can’t figure out how we got so lucky. But we did.

    1. Ryan

      Because the park closes at 9, or everyone was watching fireworks so that is the best time to go on the rides. It’s not hard to figure out.

  14. Joshua

    It sux that Bob cheapskate is creating 2 different classes of guests. It feels like they are going against old Walt’s dedication words “to all who come to this happy place, welcome, Disneyland is your land…” Now it’s set up to profit from the feeling of shame that you can’t buy your way to the front of the line and the feeling of jealousy when you see the folks who can.
    That’s not Disney magic

    1. Ryan

      Yep. I said that when it began. If you feel that you should skip the line because you think you are special or you don’t want to wait, then you are the problem. Everyone wants to ride the same ride and why are you paying $15/person to skip a line for a ride that lasts only 5 minutes? And then you can’t ride it again unless you stand in line. My wife got us LL for Ratatouille but even the LL line was wrapped around and took up like 45 minutes to get on it. No one was in stand-by at all! If you can afford it, fine but it does turn it into a class thing

  15. Buzz

    Back in the day when they had both lines operating was way better. The lines actually moved. The fast pass was never a good idea. Standing in a line and it not moving sux. I’m sure if both lines were open like the old days. Everyone would have alot better of a time.

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