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  1. Sue

    Rude for sure. Some think they are entitled. In all my years of going to Disney this past year has been the worse as far as people go, and the cleanliness of the parks. Cast members are treated like crap from sone guest. And I have seen women walking around the parks with less clothes on then at the beach.

    1. Adam

      You hit the nail on the head – it’s entitlement. Unfortunately premium prices can create a sense of entitlement
      that can be really ugly. I think we will see more and more examples of guests “getting their money’s worth” now that there are so many extra costs for a day in the parks.

      1. Jordan

        Blaming the rudeness on Disney’s prices makes no sense. Literally someone will still feel the need to not care about others feelings regardless of the price. That’s literally all on the individual and not the company on how you react to situations

    2. Sometimes the line jumping is because someone needed to stop and use the bathroom before standing in the long line. Some people have health reasons, and small children. I never experienced more then a couple people cutting through.

  2. Bradley George

    We saved up for 2 years and we were finally able to take our 3 kids to Disney World for Christmas. Like everyone else has or does we left a bag of merchandise worth about $400 on a scooter to ride a ride. When we went to the next attraction we realized it was gone because it had our masks in it as well. It was extremely frustrating as we had to spend an extra hour and half walking around to different lost and founds and Noone had our bag. We missed out on an enjoyable experience at Magic Kingdom on Christmas eve because of it. Also of course it cost me an extra $400 we didn’t really plan on spending again.

  3. Kiri

    People have been more rude since pandemic and not just here. Drivers have been insanely rude and crazy, not to mention airplane conduct. I think society as a whole has just become more “every man for themselves”

  4. KarYn

    No one stole “your” table. She was more diligent than you were about securing a spot for her family to sit and eat.
    If we are eating at a quick service spot, one person will take everyone’s order and have everyone else go scope out a table to sit at. This works even better now that we can order online. It’s better if your large group splits up to look for available spots for all of you rather than stick together. I’ll usually ask the seated group that starts winding down if they’re getting ready to leave. If they say yes, I stay put. If they say in a bit, I’ll kind of hover but continue to scan the area. Disney removed ALOT of tables to create space, you have to be diligent, not rude, but proactive….or eat while standing over a trash can (been there, done that too!) You can actually find tablecloths designed for exactly this on Etsy! Best of luck next time!

  5. Slmc

    Everyone has the right to their own opinion of course. On a December trip I was tired and found an empty table to sit at while we waited for our mobile order. Then we noticed groups standing with trays in hand and no where to sit. We got up and looked for another table before our order was ready. That’s just we would have liked to been treated.
    We also found some folks being undeniably rude. I had a dad pushing a stroller look me in the eye, laugh and say “just keep swimming” as he push the stroller into our group. I don’t think that’s what Dory had in mind.

  6. Danie

    We were there last June during the garden festival. Teens were picking the flowers in the butterfly enclosure and trampling the shrubs to get selfies. Toddlers were running in and out of everything. The entire trip was filled with people trying to cut the line to catch up with a group. It was the most chaos I’ve seen at WDW. As crazy as it was, DL was worse this month.

    The table issue though, that’s long been a problem. On one of our early trips about ten years ago I watched two grown men nearly come to blows in MK over a table during a rain storm.

    1. Hteubert

      Disney needs to crack down on guests that act like hoodlums. Once they start kicking ppl out and every blogger publishes it-they would stop. But once again-they want money. And every guest held accountable is a guest not spending money. They should up security throughout the parks-the fights are getting out of control too.

  7. Hteubert

    So…the party of 6 was more entitled to the table than the “granny” with kids? Look-the more Disney ups the price the more angry the guests will be. Either learn to deal with it or don’t go. I’ve been going for 14 years. There is no magic left in the parks. The prices are out of reach for so many ppl, and those that try to make it happen are probably a little bitter as their expectations of a Magical trip are less than imagined. Disney needs to lower park attendance-open every single attraction and meet and greet-as well as dining options-to pull crowds to make the parks seem less crowded. The new reservation system is a joke. Those that get what they want rave about it-and talk smack about those who are posting negative comments. I am happy eating my lunch standing -and using a trash can as a table. But imagine never being at Disney, saving for years for a trip of a lifetime-and not being able to do attractions due to the options being sold out-or standing in line for hours for one ride. Disney is slacking. They are more worried about money than magic..and that isn’t up for debate. I know-they are a business-that’s what they do. But If what their selling isn’t “magic”-well welcome to any other theme park in America. And that-is bad business.

  8. Jen

    I had a two teens cut myself and a whole bunch of people in line at Space Mountain. They stopped right in front of us and I asked if they were with the elderly couple in front of us. I was shocked by how no one else spoke up and the kids offered to let me in front of them, but I asked them what about the rest of the people they cut.

    If you let people take advantage, they will just keep taking advantage and when I called out those kids do you think they went to the back of the line? No. They just went a few people back and no one said a word.

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