Comments for Guests Show Distaste For Bob Chapek at Magic Kingdom With Giant Signage

Bob Chapek Sign

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  1. Cameron

    I’m split on this I agree with your point on both bob iger and D’Amaro taking part responsibility for alot of the critism. However we can’t keep blaming the pandemic if you look at the results coming in there not great for disney but still the little stuff there doing, like switching the waffle to these pancakes and lighting lane, I don’t think they should do this or fast pass in my opinion really a more updated version of virtual que, and all the take aways even tho there profiting, someone is being cheap, and that’s never good for a theme park, oriental land over in Tokyo suffering the same problem but there expanding like crazy and ain’t taking away anything. I think universal atleast here is junk, not my thing but I understand if your a huge coaster guy why someone would like it, and even there not offering less then they were [ which I didn’t think was great to begin with but atleast they didn’t scale back] and I think that says alot for the excuse of the pandemic. The problem is who to blame I really don’t know if it’s Bob or D’Amarro but either way Bob should be stepping up and taking the reigns as CEO. But as far as the sign meh Bob should be able to stomach something that mute.

    1. Shawna

      I have been to Disney world several time. 3 times when my children were younger which they are now 24 and 21. We have recently stared going back and I can tell you right now the magic that was there when I took my children is gone. They always seemed to go out of their way to do little things that made your trip special and memorable. Even the people they have working for them now do not seem happy. They have lost what makes them Disney. People go to Disney for the experience and the magic that you feel when you are there. I can go anywhere to ride rides but I have always enjoyed how Disney make you feel. We just don’t feel or see it anymore. They used set the standard so high. Even the movies Disney has been putting out are not the Disney we once knew. I believe they need to remove several of the people that now seems to run things and replace them with someone that actually gets what Disney really is.

      1. Craig Spina

        I totally agree, the magic is gone. We used to go every few years with the kids and the last 2 times just myself and wife. Every time we left couldn’t wait to go back,but after the last time there we left and could care less if we ever went back. Something was missing not only from the parks but even the hotel, just wasn’t the same. Felt like we were only there to hand over our money.

      2. Diana

        I totally agree. I believe that sadly, there are a lot of politics involved, and some of the people people making the decisions are from the “woke”.

    2. Juli

      Don’t know if it is Chapek or someone else but SO disappointed with Disney. The Genie has got to be the biggest epic fail ever.

    3. Dennis Mallin

      It’s very simple to get Chapel to change his ways, simply don’t go to the Disney parks. If attendance dramatically dropped he would be forced to make changes. However attendance dropping dramatically is unlikely to happen.

    4. Cameron

      Think he should sell rights to oriental land . That way they can focus on subscribers which seems to be what they care about.

    5. Bob

      I have been to WDW over 150 times and I am a DVC owner for over 20 years. Disney has lost the magic and no longer values the park guest. The cost of taking a family to WDW has increased significantly over the past two years, all of the perks have been taken away by Disney Management. Many shows are no longer, attraction break down regularly, and the ability to plan a WDW vacation has been taken away by the current management team. Costs will continue to increase, park staff will continue to be reduced, and wait times will increase significantly in 2022.

    6. Kit

      I don’t think a younger CEO is necessarily going to be better. My personal opinion is a lot of these younger people all have the attitude of what’s in it for me. Many of them while yes they’re willing to work to become a CEO a lot of them feel like they’re entitled. What they need is people in the company to say hey the guests are the purpose of our business not an interruption and they are anything that is going to ruin our business unless we screw it up in their eyes. That seems to be the problem with most customer service businesses these days many of them have forgotten that the customer is the purpose of their business and not just money. It’s about servicing the customer not the customer servicing you.

      1. Michael Bird


  2. Amy

    It may have disappeared quickly, but we saw it in Epcot while we were running around Mile 25.5… so it also came back quickly.

  3. April

    If Walt and/or Roy was still alive, they would not be happy with how things are going. Yes, they were business men, but at the same time, they built these parks for families to enjoy and to AFFORD. I feel that the Disney business has gotten of track. I just wish that the plans of the Disney brothers (especially Walt) would have been respected and upheld. My mom met Walt Disney when she was in grade school and, he explained Disney to her class.

    1. Eileen

      I believe all the cost cutting Disney is doing is going to haunt them for years. Between losing the Magical Express, fast pass, and extended late and early hours, guests have had it.

      1. Denise

        I booked in 2019 for Oct 2020 family dream trip for 12. Art of Animation was shut down fall of 2020 due to COVID I extended till oct 21 Then now till oct 22. Again due to COVID Now gone is the Magic express, fast passes, magic bands and meal plans included in our original package. Now Genie plus cost per day extra and all the losses. Disney should have honored our original package. Yes the Disney Magic is now Disney Dissatisfaction./Disaster. If I didn’t have my 5 grandkids to break there harts. I would cancel all of this 2022. Come on Disney give us with extensions something !

        1. Michael Bird

          The light lane and Genie are simply greedy BS ….HOW PATHETIC

  4. AT

    I think the point that should be heard is that many of us don’t like the changes we are seeing. The list is too long for me to draft here right now.

  5. Jeff P.

    Oh! A petition! What is this, middle school?

    Fans have been predicting the end for the decades they’ve been on the Internet, and clearly there’s no risk of this happening.

    1. Beth Bosses

      Chapel is a money-grubbing MAGGOT that will cause the demise of Disney. Things have gone downhill so much that I wouldn’t even visit the parks for free!

      1. Doug

        Disney survived mostly intact, for many decades after the founder passed away. that was a great achievement. But the Disney we knew is gone. Perhaps the new Disney needs to be as it is. But I will not go again. My Disney is history. I’d rather spend money on more worthwhile pursuits. Chapek is the choice of the Board, so by default, he is what the Board wants him to be. He serves the Board, not the public. As long as he makes the quarterly numbers the Board wants, he can violate Walt’s wishes completely. And as long as people support those numbers, he will feel no pressure to improve the guest experience.

  6. Chris

    There is no value add anymore to spend the money to stay at the park.. we are scheduled to go in March and everything we planned for before the pandemic is gone.. esp all the added expenses.. from getting to the hotel. The meal plans and now the pay to get in line. Is rediculous oh let ne not forget now we have to buy magic bands

  7. Carl S

    I know many of the Cast Members at Disney World and they all despise Bod Cheapskate, that’s what they call him among other names. He does cut experiences if they do not make a profit. Disney did bring back the College program because they needed cheap labor desperately. But when you charge more money for a Lightning pass for a 3 minute ride than you pay a Cast Member per hour you know something is very wrong with the Mouse.

  8. Allison

    We’ve had annual passes for years and this is the first time we’re not renewing. Prices have gone way up for less IMO. We’re done with passed for now….unless things change in the future.

  9. Andrew

    Right, because you know every little detail from behind the scenes *rolls eyes*…whether or not its his fault, leaders should take accountability.

    1. Jon

      Isn’t that what the sign is attempting to do? Your just trying to argue and be right, but you arnt

    2. Michael Barnett

      And you do? I think that’s the exact point Matthew was trying to make. Leaders should always take responsibility, you’re right. But protesting and whining on and on isn’t gonna do anything. Direct your anger at the ENTIRE company. Not at a single man. If real Disney fans truly wanted to see Disney succeed, they’d be more methodical about how they try to raise concern to the issues in the Disney company.

    3. Kern Barrow

      I spent 2 days at WDW 12/9-10 $90O.00 admissions for a less the satisfactory experience parks packed 90 minute waiting times for most venues. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party was a attenuated experience.

      1. Geetah

        They doubled the prices for Mickeys Very Merry. $258 to go the weekend we usually go. Normally the cost is $95 per person. Chapek needs to go and take the rest of the board with him. It makes total sense to charge more and give less.

    4. Eli

      Hit them where it hurts and where they will notice. STOP buying
      /using Disney products/services until they get back to treating guests as they used to.

  10. LRP

    The problem is that SOMEONE is wrecking the Disney parks. Merchandise is lame, the food quality has dropped a LOT, ticket prices are astronomical, then they want to make everyone pay extra (and we’re not talking 5 bucks either!) for every little thing. Guests and fans of Disney are MAD that this family- centered thing is becoming a money hungry beast. The point of Disney parks was families being able to enjoy themselves together whenever they went. It was not supposed to be a once in a lifetime trip because regular families cannot afford to go more than once.
    My parents used to save $1000 for the 5 of us to go in the mid 90’s. That was tickets, one meal in the park, usually one snack with a drink, and a souvenir at the end of the night. That wouldn’t even get a family of 5 in the park now. That’s what people are sad and upset about. It is what needs to be fixed by WHOEVER needs to fix it.

  11. Gavin

    To everyone mad about genie pass. I highly encourage you to watch the YouTube documentary “Disney’s FastPass: A complicated history” it really goes into the details about how the fast pass system was flawed and was a huge problem for disney and the overall guest experience. There was no really good solution that would satisfy everyone.

  12. Abby

    I will probably not be getting to go to a Disney Park soon but it’s not because I don’t want to, it’s because the prices are way to high for even just one adult which I am.
    If I were able to do a Disney Park of any kind anyway I would have to admit that I am so disappointed about what is going on with rides and attractions being built and torn down like crazy all of a sudden. There are even things being built in places such as EPCOT that shouldn’t even be there as far as I’m concerned. I know for a fact that there is still plenty of land at Walt Disney World so why not just build another park?
    I know that there are others who are reading this who know what I’m talking about.
    I know that Disney Parks are supposed to be ever-changing but I think that you are going a little bit to far at the moment 🏰

  13. Han

    For me he’s not bad I think he’s better maybe he never be open park in China

  14. Lily

    I just like to know when WDW will stop giving money to planned parenthood and resolved all these additional issues. It’s so sad what it has become. We’ve had the best memories in wdw.

    1. Adina Long

      Really? Helping the less fortunate is your gripe? You’re what’s wrong.

  15. Jason

    Chapek is terrible. He doesn’t get what made Disney Disney. Thats why the magic is gone. The decisions being made now will have negative consequences for decades.

  16. Roy

    I never could imagine that I would say this, but, Bob makes me miss Michael Eisner! The current Walt Disney Company is a sad shadow of it’s former self.

  17. Adina Long

    We the people have no control or say unless you are going to stop going. Shareholders are happy to see more money in pockets. Many people here have been proactive though. They have canceled APs. We quit and bought Universal because they gave us a year for less than 5 days at Disney. I do love Rollercoasters and their employees seem happier.

  18. Marathon Mama

    It costs to run an empire like Disney. You can’t complain about paying the cast members a wage that’s liveable for Orlando and providing guests with the most advanced technology in the world without paying for it. Disney has bills to pay just like the rest of us.

    1. Kelly Connerton

      Well, Disney doesnt pay a wage thats livable in Orlando. Chopek did away with many free perks that came with the annual passes. Everyone now has to pay to park hop, There is no dinig plan which on the outset seemed like it was expensive but it really did help defray the cost of the food in the park, I can understand food prices rising but they rose and choices are no limited. Paying for the lightening lane pass becomn
      es extra onerous when the ride breaks down and there are no refunds. On top of spending > $100 just to walk into the park, its $15 a day for the Genie plus AND an additional $8 to $20 to ride certain rides. No, Disney has put the whole experience on the fast track to be out of reach from the very people Disney created the park to begin with. I have read several books and articles about Walt Disney , visited the family museum and feel I can say that this is definately not Disney envisioned.

  19. Keith

    Do you work for Chapek or Disney? Read your post!
    1. Chapek has been with Disney for 30 years. Taken directly from his bio “Mr. Chapek served as Chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products since the segment’s creation in 2018, and prior to that he was Chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts since 2015.”
    2. “You” don’t think? Since when did you become an expert on Chapek and his role at Disney?
    3. What does that have to do with raising prices through the stratosphere? Gouge people for every penny you can before they come to their senses?
    4. Oh well, why didn’t you say so? So sorry, Bob. How about we start calling you Bob Cheapskate?

    1. Sherry

      Love it!

    2. Mary anne

      Thank you
      Total greed

    3. Donald L Bruce

      I have to agree with that point the prices were outrageously high on our last trip the last trip and they even charged me for parking in the parking lot at the resort I stayed at

    4. Julie

      Walt Disney’s dream was that his parks be a place where the common man could bring his family for a day of fun. I know this because my father was A Disney imagineer. He knew Roy. Helped build Disney World. Well, the common man can’t afford it anymore. A member of the actual.disney family said that no one should have to wait in line for 90 minutes to get on a ride. I grew up Disney and I’m heart broken over what it has become.

  20. They are all involved. It’s an actual crying shame, It was hard to go before, but I’ve now been priced out of the parks. I can’t afford to go next year. My daughter and I just went and could barely get on any rides…Genie plus was a rip off and a joke. We split meals, of which no effort is put into anyway, and left with squat for souvenirs…way to overpriced. What are they trying to do?? Where’s the Magic? Even cast members weren’t the same. No magical express…that’s a big one. Rides to and from the airport eliminated a big stress for travelers. Price gouging is illegal and shameful. Someone in corporate needs to stand up.

  21. Lisa Buescher

    Just returned from DisneyWorld yesterday. The internet at Disney cannot support guests usage for the Genie system and Lightening Lane. By 7:03 all that’s available most times are afternoon slots. I pay for a ticket daily, I pay for a genie ticket that is hard to get an opening and then to not disappoint my young grand children end up paying for Lightening Lane use. So in the government that is called double dipping . Disney is exempt. No help from cast members. They’ve all been schooled in how not to help and be part of the issue. Bus driver shut the doors with my grandson on bus, me and my other grandson getting ready to get on and no notice shuts those pressurized doors. I had to hit the door and yell so he wouldn’t leave. He forces us enter the back of the bus and I had to yell for people to please let me thru to get my child. The Photopass wasn’t working. I tried to get help and they give me a number. The number is to the park hopper hotline. They then tell me I have to go to Disney Springs to try to resolve. I’m back from my trip and I still don’t have photos. There is no Magic at Disney. It’s all about the $$$$. There are more things that didn’t work and happen but after 3 days there I cried from all the frustration and stress. Universal is looking better than ever. Bottom line, this was my 12th trip and I don’t things given, I understand it costs to go. But I would like what I’m paying for.

  22. Adrian Hall

    I’ve been fortunate enough to visit Disney World and stay on world on eight previous occasions from the UK. I’ve booked to go again in August of this year. This will probably be our last visit as there no longer seams to be any real advantage of staying on world and its just gotten too expensive. I loved the Fast Pass system and the free dinning options because we could organise everything up front. I have real concerns over Genie, we get a dining credit which is not an equivalent substitute and now we have to pay to park at the resort hotel! Just toooo much sorry.

    1. Keysha

      We just got back from Disney. I am 50 this year and been going almost every year of my childhood as it is where we would spend Thanksgiving. Now that I have a family we go every other year and love it. I can no longer say that. Genie + is a disaster. I hated having to get up on my vacation at 6:30 am to fight for a ride then not get any the rest of the day. And we pay for this on top of the tickets. We were yelled at twice by cast members for no reason. There were hardly any restaurants open and we couldn’t even buy Mickey Mouse plush toy because there are none I’m all of Disney. It was so disappointing. I tried to make a complaint and our front desk said they don’t have a complaint desk anymore. They had to find a card with an email on it.

  23. Julian H

    Love the sign and it is true. I do not like Bob Chapek and Bob Iger, both have brought the Disney Name down. Sadly I think the over the last 20 years we have seen the best of Disney edge away and its simply just not worth it anymore and I have loved going. But their Nickle and Dime mentality and take take take attitude sucks. Its not been the most magical place on Earth for a number of Years but it certainly is the most expensive and with so much taken away the cost has gone up – Crazy just crazy. I hope the new head on the block Susan Arnold can attempt to bring it back as I fear its a bigger task than anyone else has taken on. All their own doing by the way.

  24. Vernon

    I understand that alot of things were happening before he took over. That’s business. But, that being said. The company is under new management. That’s you. It makes you responsible. Suck it up and fix it. If you can’t handle the comments and how the people feel about you. Then maybe CEO isn’t for you. Step back and let someone who can handle it do the job.

  25. Whether it is Bob’s idea or people under him, nickle and diming an already expensive vacation is not a popular idea. Now they want to cut meal portions because the Disney elites think we are all fat. It’s getting harder to find the magic with covid and cost cutting Disney.

    1. Julian H

      Its so nice that Disney are thinking about my Health and waistline God Bless them…. I only wished they had the same feelings when they think about whats in my Wallet…. Greedy Gits.

    2. Ruth

      My family just returned from Disney World and Walt would hate how it is changing. Cast members are rude, lines are confusing at times and Genie is a time waster. (And to pay $12 extra for a fast pass is totally ridiculous ). This was the least magical visit I have ever had and I have been many times. This guy a ruining Disney and I honestly don’t know when I will go back. Even the shops do not have the cute and traditional merchandise they used to have. (Bring back Mouse Gear). It is very sad see the all the greedy changes.

  26. AH

    All this stuff started under Eisner. Back in 32018 my father-in-law took the family to WDW was part of his bucket list. He is a WW2 vet and I tried to get management there to have him be the veteran for the flag lowering ceremony. They did not care saying he would have to hang out near the flagpole about 30min before flag drop to be in the running for it. They chose a Afgan vet because “no one wants those old guys”.

  27. Ron V

    To all who invested alot of money purchasing a DVC membership like I did……….
    Is it REALLY worht it? I’m really not sure anymore.
    Fast pass gone,
    DME gone
    Free Magis bands gone
    180 day ADR gone
    Husekeeping severely cut back

  28. V

    Chapek looks (and acts) like the typical villain. No idea how he got hired, but our Disney experience this year was no where near as magical as we hoped due to the new genie- /loser lanes system. It’s just for money guzzling. The “reservations” and “less capacity” was a joke. When i booked our trip and tickets a year in advance, the reservations were almost out. Then they kept opening more and more reservations to the point where there was no ability for social distancing in outside areas at all. It was a cess pool. I feel bad for the workers that can barely protect themselves. No one is helping them. Chapek needs to go before he completely ruins all of the Disney magic.

  29. Ronald

    And yet the Parks are full, ride wait times are long, the runDisney events sell out in less than an hour, special events like the Boo Bash and Disney’s Very Merriest After Hours event sell out quickly, sports and cheer competitions are being held at ESPN, by this spring all the on-site hotels will be open again and Disney continues to hire. It appears Disney will not been impacted by y’all staying home. Even the person holding the “Chapek is a bad boy” sign paid for the privilege to hold up that sign while in a WDW park. And you’re complaining on a website that is dedicated to Disney news?? Hope it makes you feel better because Disney is not suffering. There is no reason to change a thing.

  30. Doug

    I think what people like Chapek don’t understand is that Walt was an innovator to his core. He valued creation and the happiness it brought people more than accumulating wealth. Disney’s focus for decades has been solely about accumulating wealth for share holders and those are the top. Until Disney reignites its original soul of innovation, imagination, and bringing happiness to the world, the magic will continue to die. I still believe Walt would be incredibly disappointed in what Epcot became. But, it’s too financially risky to actually make an Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

  31. Disney is no longer for the middle class it is for the rich. Walt Disney built a park to take his kids and for you to take your kids that you could spend the day and afford. That is no longer the case. Who in their right mind would spend 5000 dollars for a motel room for 3 nights. It is very disappointing. Disney was a place to go to and forget your problems and be a kid again and make memories that you and your kids could have forever. They are getting rid of the magic for a dollar! It’s a sad day for Disney and a sad day for Walt.

    1. Patricia Gilmo

      Was just at Disney what a disappointment compared to the many years of going! I went with my children & grandchildren & as everyone has said The Magic is GONE
      I seen nothing that was good anymore! It won’t let me post I never posted before

  32. Kit

    Who are you kidding many of these issues were there when Igor’s predecessor was. Biggest problem is that shareholders and the board have pushed the Disney family out and have lost sight of what the original vision was to be. And by original vision I don’t mean that things shouldn’t change or improve or have more added to it what I mean is Walt’s original vision was for Disney to be a family playground that was affordable. He didn’t want it to be for the elite or the rich and the last three people running the companies under the Disney umbrella have kicked that vision out and said how can we pad our pockets the best. The board started a really nasty way of doing things when they kicked tiger’s predecessor out and agreed to continue paying him millions of dollars even though he was doing nothing for the company. It’s one thing for someone to be getting a pension it’s another thing for someone to be getting millions of dollars in bonus money when they don’t even work for the company. He certainly didn’t need it. Geiger certainly doesn’t need it. Yes I understand everybody wants to put money in their pocket but eventually they’re going to price themselves out of anything going into their pocket and they’re going to find themselves losing money. I think eventually the common citizens are going to say yeah no not anymore. They’re already unhappy with an awful lot at Disney. Speaking of someone who has gone to Walt Disney World almost every year for the better part of my 51 years of life and having a parent who worked for the company I can tell you that things have gone down not only for the visitor but for the people who are actually doing the jobs that are actually earning the money coming in. Anybody who is not physically working in the Parks is making a fortune while the people working in the Parks are there slaves.
    I do agree traffic is becoming the Fall Guy and that’s really sad I think he had potential but they’re going to do what they can to shut them down and keep him as their scapegoat.

    1. Rudy

      Come on Kit … there are currently 29,529 full time jobs available in Orlando area on “JustHired” alone! Help wanted signs are everywhere. And many of them are positions that a “Disney” employee could do with little previous experience. People choose to work at Disney World and can leave when they want. Calling them slaves is demeaning and inappropriate. And disingenuous since so many were thrilled to be re-hired after the Covid layoff. Fabricating stories to fit your narrative isn’t working. But your spell check is working too well, you should re-read what you type before posting.

  33. Julian H

    Its so nice that Disney are thinking about my Health and waistline God Bless them…. I only wished they had the same feelings when they think about whats in my Wallet…. Greedy Gits.

  34. Sarah

    FYI: this was a run Disney event and you can bring signs. He wasn’t pulled out and sign wasn’t taken away. May just want to re-word your blog

  35. Stevie

    Don’t blame Chapek ? Ohhhh that’s right, we still have the GASP!!!! Pandemic to blame!!
    Good grief, stop being the frog in hot water and take a look around. Faded paint, lame “Cavalcades “ light bulbs burnt out all over the Floridian and paying now for what once was a given. We are being gouged for our money and our faith in Disney to provide the “Magic”.
    It sickening to see the place we loved and built so many memories in turned into a mediocre version of Six Flags.
    Chapek not to blame? Gee maybe, it seems lately all of our leaders are not to blame, it must be our fault for not giving our money without question.

  36. Patricia Gilmo

    Was just at Disney what a disappointment compared to the many years of going! I went with my children & grandchildren & as everyone has said The Magic is GONE
    I seen nothing that was good anymore!

  37. Robert

    Even though the signage is prohibited and could’ve been seen at Magic Kingdom. The sign was not removed from the Guest… I was too running the marathon and still had the sign at Epcot (near the finish) as well as after the race, taking pictures where the actual finish was… Still had his sign.

  38. L. Brown

    After reading all the comments, it seems that to get the wealthy’s attention is to hit them hard in their pocketbook. Simply (yea…right) boycott ALL of Disney, not just the parks but Disney everything. In two years, you can bring Disney to its knees. I know this would be a huge undertaking for all of us but it can be done. That gives Disney vacationers 2 more years to save and Disney time to rethink how they operate.

  39. Lloyd Brown

    If Chapek is the top dog at Disney at present then it all falls on his shoulders. It is much easier to remember one name than all the others. Case in point, the President vs the 600 members of Congress. Hope Chapek develops thick skin.

  40. Brooke

    Chapek gutted the Galaxy’s Edge budget – removing union actors, a dinner theater experience, and gave us a ride that breaks down daily. He also gutted the Starcruiser hotel per insiders. Chapek owns Avengers Campus – an outdoor mall with a kiddie ride – the cheapest in the business (it’s Legoland’s Ninja Go ride). We have seen some AP’s DOUBLE in price – if you pay for all of the included services, water parks that were previously included. Spirit Jersey’s have now DOUBLED in price. The Loungefly for the 50th is $300! The Mickey soap dispenser has DOUBLED in price to $19.99. The new Starbucks tumbler is $49.99 – another doubling. Hotels at WDW are over $1k per night, not per stay. Some are at $2k a night. The Grand Cali is over $1k a night. What the h.ll is going on? Chapek has dismantled included services like memory maker, water parks at WDW, experiences, entertainment, and sold them back to us a la carte. I don’t care if Chapek says he doesn’t like being called a bean counter – I think he’s being called worse. He has ruined the experience of visiting, staying, enjoying the park and it’s magic. He’s all about the bait and switch too, from the zero blockout Magic Key AP, to the grossly over hyped (with concept art for years) Galactic Starcruiser – that actually resembles a Star Trek set, from the 60’s. One of these baits/switches is the subject of a lawsuit. The other will likely be on March 1st. Chapek also wants to get into online gambling. Gambling…Disney? He has to be forced to resign by the board. Vote with your wallets people.

  41. Matt

    Chapek is CEO. It is his decision. Disney’s has chosen financial success over customer experience. He is CEO so he is responsible. Regardless. All other arguments are without merit. Until the shareholders speak up and put a priority on long term goals, ie customer experience over everything else, then Disney will continue it’s slow slide into mediocrity.

  42. Kim

    I’m here for the comments. I’ve only been to WDW twice because I live in California and Disneyland is closer. I hate my first experience was during the pandemic but it is what it is. Disney is trying to cater to the rich. But if you’re rich, you could care less about Disney when being rich gives you every option. It’s stupid. But CEOs are greedy and more concerned about how much they make during their tenure than the quality of the product/service they sell.

  43. Samantha

    My suggestion would be that Bob Chapek should be asked to spend a month living on a normal person’s wage, scrimping and saving to see if he could afford a holiday to Disney world. At the end of the month he should go to the parks incognito with his hard earned money and see if the experience on offer is worth all the work to get there. I think it would open his eyes. These people in charge are just so rich they don’t understand normal people anymore.

  44. S

    At this rate I’d rather have Donald Trump himself running Disney than Crooked Bob. Make Disney Great Again.

  45. Dayna

    Raising process of Annual Passes and then also charging for Fastpass shows he wants to squeeze every dime out of the guests. Even cast members don’t like working there any more. They keep pushing profit over what Walt had invisioned.

  46. Rosemarie rabiola

    I don’t like what he is doing at wdw. It seems all he cares about is the almighty dollar. He will soon be out pricing families. If he continues, the magic will fade, people will go to other parks. The bus he just got rid of was a foolish mistake. Now people will get a car, if they have a car, they don’t need to eat on property. Don’t need to stay in hotel on property. It dismisses the experience that made disney different from other parks. ..very dissapointed in changes…very sad.

  47. Amber

    People will always buy things from Disney. Look at the Christmas parties that sold out for $250 a ticket. The dessert parties that are hard to book. I domt think enough people will refrain from buying extras and expensive disney things and items to really make disney hurt.


    Disney needs Michael E. back. It has been going to crap since he left.


      Michael was an imagineer not a greedyneer like bobby.

  49. Matt

    They raised rates for annual pass holders who spend thousands upon thousands a year there. I understand inflation but why take away so many benefits with it. And why raise the rates by 500 dollars annually?? It feels like a slap in the face to long time pass holders who have been loyal through the pandemic…. What did we get for it… Nothing. We actually got benefits taken away and rates raised… Here is what you get for sticking with us during these times…. Thanks Disney. We went and got universal passes for a fraction and are having the time of our lives!

  50. Diana

    So this explains the reason that Disney is doing away with different perks and programs that Disney had, Magic Express, Magic Bands, which is coming, fast pass, etc. Such a shame.

  51. Diana

    Because the truth needs to be told.

  52. Brandon

    Between the paid Lightening Lane service, the early hours for all parks for resort guests (making it impossible for of resort geusts to ever rope drop again), discontinuing the free magic Express service, and the horrible park hopper rules (making it not nearly as venogram anymore) it seems every change Disney has recently made has been financially driven instead of customer satisfaction driven.
    Which seems very counter to what Disney has always been about. Hoping for some course correction soon with all the negative responses.

  53. Michael Bird

    Nice try Bob ..next time why dont you ne honest umpire replying here

  54. WE recently returned from a family vacation, there were 12 of us It was my dream to take my family to WDW. It was the first time for all of the children and it was verrry expensive. I’ve been to WDW several times, I lived in fla for 15 years and took advantage of the fla resident pass. We went to the 25th anniversary of WDW and it was awesome. I wanted my grandchildren to experience what the old WDW was like……forget about it, it is a thing of the past. We didn’t see 1 character walking around, or at any of the rides, we lived on pizza and burgers for the 3days we were there due to long lines DISGRACE we thought. Reservations were to limit the crowds due to Covid Wrong We were packed in everywhere like Sardines. EVERYTHING is sooooooo expensive, eventually only Rich families will be able to afford WDW
    WDW Is only Magical for the Stockholders!!!!! We won’t be back.n

  55. Character breakfast Gone to my knowledge!!!
    Souvenirs OUTRAGEOUS. Thank goodness our kids were gifted cards for christmas there parents couldn’t afford the prices. I couldn’t afford the 4th day at the park. WDW did away with airport transportation to the hotels What an expense that was to and from the hotel to the airport .WDW I go on and on but what is the point. I barely went on anything do to the Large Crowds……. Shame Shame on the Ceo and stockholders

  56. LegoGuru2000

    Chapek’s standing at Disney as CEO will rise or fall based on performance, monetary performance and not some ideological worship that Iger seemed to allow. If Chapek can make MARVEL and STAR WRAS profitable they’ll give him leniency on the parks but if he can’t do that and teh parks and the 2 of the 3 most expensive acquisitions Disney has ever made continue to see declining sales in all areas Chapek can kiss is CEO title good bye. Disney is a publicly traded company and shareholders will tolerate these kinds of acts but for only so long because to them share price and earnings are king. It doesn’t matter how much cost cutting Chapek does if it leads to equal reputation cutting for Disney. He’s killing Disney’s reputation and angering customers all to pinch a few more dollars. That won’t be acceptable for but just so long. If Capek’s boss doesn’t take care of Chapek then shareholders will just sell and then we’ll see how fast the rest of the board replaces Bob and his boss both.

  57. Ralph

    Disney needs to raise prices even more to thin out the riff raff from their beautiful theme parks.

    1. Ralph

      The clientele truly leaves a lot to be desired. Something I’d expect at Busch Gardens. Yuck!

  58. S

    Well guess what boy, I’ve got plans to seize Disney in a hostile takeover and destroy all traces of Cheapek as if he was never there. I will make Disney great again and be the Trump it needs. I’d even rather have Trump himself running Disney than Cheapek anyway. Disney under my rule will go back to asking “What Would Walt Do?” again like they did for years after his death. If that means keeping Disney stuck in the 60s forever, so be it.

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