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  1. Thomas

    And they’re well within their rights to be upset. If you spend years working on a movie, and work in the movie industry anyway, you want your work to appear on the big screen, not have it shunted for streaming services. I wouldn’t be surprised if in the near future people at Pixar go on strike. Unless movie theaters are being closed there is no reason why (and it’s not as if Disney doesn’t have the finances) for a dual-release on both Disney+ and Cinemas and give people the choice rather than making people continue to live in fear of what is always going to be there.

  2. Pocho Villa

    Pixar deserves this. There is nothing original about their films. It all about THE MESSAGE and that hurts the brand just like Star Wars. Instead of good storytelling, they rely on time travel, retelling, or woke politics. Pixar should either be moved to Disney LA or Orlando properties as well as Lucasfilm.

    1. Please go away

      I can tell you’re a Star Wars fan. You scream “woke! Woke! Woke!” From the rooftops.

      But when there’s a female tuskin raider who teaches boba fett how to respect indigenous cultures, you remain silent because Jon Favrou and Dave Filoni are your lord and saviors.

  3. Eric Johnson

    Luca, Soul, and Onward? Anyone think these would have been hits in the theatre?

    1. Jessica Glasser

      Onward WAS on the theater. I saw it the weekend before the shutdown.

    2. Alberto

      I’m guessing you didn’t watch them…

    3. s

      Onward was definitely in theater.

      1. john

        which also flopped according to Box Office Mojo

  4. Barbara Miles

    I think the are risking the possible chance for more revenue than they’d hoped. It’s also depriving those of us who do not have Disney Plus and opportunity to see this film. Recently I was at the movies with my daughter and friends from church and we saw the upcoming preview for red. We all experienced the enjoyment of seeing the trailer and we were planning to get together to go see this in the theater but now the choice has been taken out of our hands. Yes I understand everybody’s scared because theaters are closing things like this and the pandemic yes. However I have been to several movies since the theaters reopened and I can assure you with 100% accuracy that the theaters are doing more than ever to protect people from getting the virus. So please reconsider for the those of us who do not have Disney Plus or any other way to stream it and do not have the financial means to see it because of the subscription however we do have this community to see it in the movie theaters and now I don’t know if I ever want to see another Pixar movie again because I’m going to be afraid that I won’t be able to see it because I don’t have the option to.

    1. Stew

      Unfortunately you’re the exact person Disney are trying to sell this to. The decision to do this is to try and get you to subscribe to Disney+ and then keep the subscription. The irony is, if you just buy 1 month and then cancel, they’ll receive less income than if a family of four went to the cinema (on the basis that I would imagine they receive 1/4 of a monthly subscription per person in a cinema at least).

      On the subject of whether you do subscribe, I am a Disney+ subscriber and I’ve seen both Luca and Soul, but disappointingly, neither was I able to sit down and properly watch it with my children because life goes on around you in the house. You find yourself having to be drawn away to do something, like cook, or answer the door, or sort the animals out. However, my children will then rewatch the film a good three or four times straight after so…

  5. Bonnie

    Disney cares only for $$$
    Notice all the Ice Age movies now debuting on Disney Plus? Those are Blue Sky Studio productions….Disney bought Blue Sky promising them the “Disney treatment”. They then turned around in one year and closed down the studio
    Over 500 employees have no jobs….just like that….,
    AND they now “own” and are profiting off of Blue Sky
    productions……disgusting 😡

    1. Kamm

      Let me guess…Either you or a family member worked for Blue Sky.

  6. Jody Mosier

    I think it’s ridiculous how a LOT of Disney/Pixar stuff is going straight to the streaming platforms, which really isn’t fair to people who want to see these films, but don’t have Disney Plus or any streaming services. I don’t have any streaming platforms in my home, but I do go out to movie theaters if there is something I would really like to watch. I’m not afraid of COVID since I’ve already had it (and thankfully, very mildly), and I have already been to see a movie in the theater within the past few months. Disney needs to start putting more of its movies back in theaters, instead of just putting them on its streaming platform that only a relatively small number of people are going to get to see, anyway. Some of us don’t have streaming platforms, and some of us are NOT afraid to go to movie theaters!

    1. Stew

      I’m not sure the term “unfair” is right. You could probably subscribe for 1 month at a cheaper price than you would watch all the film’s at a cinema. Watch more than 3 films by yourself on home in a 1 month subscription and you’ve paid for it by not going to the cinema. But I do also appreciate that you wouldn’t get the “cinema” experience.

      From the 45m US people that statistically go to the cinema, Disney had 33m US subscribers (2019) so there’s not a huge number of people that would be missing out, especially as the subscribers number is likely to have increased with Covid being a concern. Even with vaccinations now available and reducing the impact it has on health if Covid in contracted, it’s still a concern of having the infection and potentially passing on to a vulnerable loved one whether their vulnerability was known before or not.

      It’s a shame not to see these films on the big screen, it’s a worse shame it seems to be Pixar taking the brunt, but with streaming becoming an eventuality like the CD and Blu Ray eventualities, they do have to react and for me, Pixar is a big pull to sign up to their subscription

      1. I love Disney

        Whether streaming will become an eventuality is debatable because there are too many streaming services out there, like too many fish in the sea. It would be better if they all combine into one streaming service, like cable. Most streaming service will fail, and Disney+ is one of them. It would be better if Disney presents itself as a Netflix option, for example. It’s too expensive to operate Disney+ by itself and it will never stop losing money.

        1. FL-Dad

          Cable died because people don’t want to pay for programming they will never watch, but are billed for.

          Streaming services capitalize on the “a la carte” pricing system, where people only order and pay for what they want to watch.

          1. Kamm

            Exactly why we “cut the cord”. Tired of paying for so many channels we didn’t watch ever.

  7. This is playing dirty pool with all those creative folk at Pixar! Not only do many homes not have Disney+, many can’t AFFORD it! I would rather go to a theater (if one is available!) to get that lovely theater ambiance and view a great film. Home is nice, but when you’ve been cooped up in yours for a long while, you need an escape – and Pixar films especially give the fans exactly that. The imaginative minds at Pixar deserve credit for their outstanding and original work! Just saying that if I worked with them, I’d be a bit more peeved than I am right now! They definitely have a “friend in me”!

  8. I love Disney

    Turning Red is boring, like Luca, with no villain. Would have lost money in the theaters. Might as well dump it on Disney+, the toilet of all failed Disney shows.

  9. I love Disney

    By dumping unpopular shows on Disney+, nobody would ever know how poorly it would do in the theaters, and it can help Disney cook the books and make Disney+ look more popular than it is.

    Turning Red is about middle graders. Yet another confident, brash female lead. Disney females have no other personality type.

  10. I love Disney

    Doesn’t matter how many movies Disney shoves into Disney+. It will never make money. Why are people getting Disney+? It doesn’t make sense. It’s one thing to get Netflix, but Disney+ is so limited, it only has Disney stuff, which most adults don’t watch. The handful of Star Wars shows don’t justify the expense. Disney+ loses a couple of billion dollars a year, and Disney should abandon it by next year, when its demise will be obvious for everyone to see. Right now, Disney is still planning to spend some 30 billion on Disney+ next year because Chapek isn’t done throwing good money after bad. In case you wonder why Disney is charging you for Genie+, Disney needs every extra dime to try to float Disney+ for another year.

    1. john

      Disney+ has the chance to be a family friendly version of Netflix and HBO. plenty of people have kids that they would do exactly like they did when they had cable and Disney Channel. Plenty of people have nostalgia for Disney shows and movies. Granted if Disney didn’t act like every soulless conglomerate it would have more people signing up. If Disney actually had more variety that wasn’t just 3d cgi animation, live action, and star wars or marvel, more people would sign up. Plenty of shelved movies and series like Treasure Planet 2 or Princess Academy could make their way to Disney+.

    2. john

      Disney needs every penny not just because of ‘Disney+’, they need it because they’re losing money on the parks from covid and practically every last movie they’ve pushed out or had their brand connected(outside of Spider-man No Way Home), Pixar or animated, has lost money and didn’t even come close to covering the production budget

    3. Kaddy

      Would you go troll somewhere else for cripes sake.

  11. Sebastian Hale

    I think the decision to release “Turning Red” on Disney Plus, instead of in theaters, will be the last time PIXAR has ever done something like that, because the COVID-19 pandemic is going to stop this spring and all restrictions are going to be lifted for good that very same time. I think “Lightyear”, which is scheduled to be released this summer, will be the first PIXAR animation studios film to be released in theaters after the pandemic.

    1. Brian

      That’s a pretty accurate crystal ball you have there, maybe ask it for lottery numbers next time instead of when the virus is going to go away.

  12. I love Disney

    There’s no need to feel sorry for Pixar. If they come up with something interesting and profitable like Spiderman NWH, Disney wouldn’t be shoving their shows into Disney+ and miss the billion dollar box office feat.

  13. john

    Well, how ironic, Pixar may have been one of the nails in the coffin for Western 2d Animation, but now Disney’s already digging Pixar’s grave. They better hope Light year makes at least double of what the budget is, which i’m assuming is probably over 150+, unless they want to go the same route Disney sends all of its unprofitable studios. Though I don’t blame Disney honestly, non of the modern Pixar films can come close the same feelings that radiate from Toy Story 1-3, Monsters Inc, Finding Nemo, ratatouille or Monsters Inc.

  14. Cheryl

    I understand their
    Concern. Maybe they should get an up charge? But I have a 4 and 6 year old grandchildren whom I am not taking to the theaters!! I already pay for Disney +. I feel good about the release! They love Luca!!!!!

  15. Jay

    Onward did not debut on Disney+. It was released in theaters. I know this because it was the last film I saw before the pandemic started shutting down the country.

  16. b

    You have to take into consideration the Box office and polls about 2022 anticipated films: Lightyear was in the top 3 of all the lists and Turning Red wasn’t even in the top 10. I am sure audience buzz was a factor that could aid Disney Plus and subscribers. Turning Red is opening Theatrically world wide in all the markets without Disney + , in which there are many. Look at the amount of Fox product that went straight to Disney +. The 30 day theatrical window for Encanto , then moving to Disney + , helped subscribers and not the overall profitability of the film. It is a new product base trying to grow in this uncertain Covid times. Some choices will pan out, others not. I think overall the premium up-charge model turned out to not be successful and seems to have been stopped.

    1. Sarah

      I definitely think the movie industry is changing. Disney is smart though to have their own platform to be able to immediately release it to the masses. When I think of the past movies many did much better streaming than it would have in theatre cumulatively. The issue here is like what disney did to Scarlet and the deals were negotiated wrong to pay those who worked on the movie. What Disney is doing is shifting sales from ticket and movie sales to merchandise sales. By getting viewers to remain engaged in the movie by being able to watch it over and over with no additional cost it entices the viewers to buy more merchandise. Ex: I saw both Encanto and Sing 2 in theatres. In theatres I preferred Sing 2. But now I have Encanto stuck in my head because it’s repeated over and over by my kids and me on Disney+ and yes the kids wanted the toys and merch for it, so yes I got it. It’s shifting the demographics of it’s target market to make more money – and unless the creators of the movie negotiated a % of merch sales all that extra is going straight to Disney and not paying it’s creators. It’s messed up.

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