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genie surprised from Disney Aladdin

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  1. To be fair, wait times are not an exact science. In the old days, they would pick random people in line and have them carry a lanyard to the front of the line. They would time how long it took to get there. It would not surprised me if Disney was inflating times; they have in the past. Sounds like they want to make money off of the infamous Genie plus. I say infamous, because not many are happy with it. Some have asked for a refund after a disappointing day.

  2. Indy

    It’s nice to see that FINALLY I’m not the only one who understands that Disney is creating the problem they are then turning around and charging the consumer to get around. That is, standby wait times are longer BECAUSE of LL(FP). So they have created a problem and then ask you for money to get around it. I’m super happy FP went away because wait times have dropped significantly for standby, at least at Disneyland. I was there last week and most posted times were 20 mins less than advertised.

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