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  1. Terry

    Be swept up in a world of wonder filled with disappointment, anger and confusion as you watch this nighttime have no mention of Walt or Mickey on the 50th anniversary as bob chapek continues to destroy the magic . Fire bob chapek

  2. Myesha Cannon

    I don’t love the show, but I don’t hate the show either. Disney Enchanment is just very “Disenchanting” to me. It was hyped up to be bigger and better than any other firework show. But, it didn’t turn out to be “Spectacular” it was just “meh”. Nothing about this show told me this was to celebrate 50 years of Walt Disney World. No mention of Walt, Roy, or Mickey; The fireworks were underwhelming and the projections, although bright and colorful, were hard to see what they were showing; The songs were…not from the older, more popular Disney films (renaissance) to fit the “50 years in the making” story and seemed very randomly placed throughout the show, especially the villains segment. Very element of the show did it’s own thing instead of tell the story of what Disney Enchantment is or what it means. Why the “Magic is Calling” wasn’t the theme of the 50th fireworks show is beyond me. But that should have been, if anything, it’s own show entirely. Honestly, I thought “The Magic is Calling” was going to be the fireworks show but no. It was just the theme of the whole celebration.

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