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  1. Manic

    Netflix’s current problem is a $20 a month proce point. It’s almost to a point where I’ll have to pick a stream service to drop and Netflix looks like that service

    1. Alicia

      Exactly my issue as well. It is not worth that price. There is no sign that they will.stop raising their price either. I have Prime which ibwould pick any day over Netflix if it comes to it.

    2. Ted

      That is the main problem. Disney is half of that and offers HDR and Dolby vision support on many titles. Netflix does not. Netflix needs to give its head a shake . Also Netflix is unreliable. So many shows ger the axe making it hard to get invested in their original programing. I’m looking at you Jupiter’s Legacy!

      1. Mike

        Netflix keeps raising their prices, if not for my kids watching and Squid Game, I would cancel it

    3. Dave

      That’s exactly the issue. It’s too bloody expensive. They keep raising the prices. In NZ it’s 24.99. I also have Amazon prime and that’s 8.00. Prime doesn’t charge me extra for 4k. I’m currently binge watching what I want from Netflix and will soon be dropping it for Disney plus. That’s 10 per month. I’ll be better off.

    4. Comet

      Precisely. Netflix price hike and attempt to limit account sharing between family members is the main issue. I understand that Netflix needs money to create the best content but they shouldn’t forget what made them popular in the first place. It was all about cutting the cord.

  2. JM

    Ozark is finally out and Stranger Things isn’t until later this year. Once those two are done and gone I will be too. Although, I did watch Archive 81 and it was very good…

  3. Tanap

    I rarely stay with one streaming service for more than a month or two. I might not see the shows when they come out but I binge them when I have time. Why waste money on one streaming service.

    1. johnf

      I will never subscribe to Disney, ever. No matter what shows they get. Their recent woke rewriting of traditional stories is inappropriate to me and mildly offensive. It’s as if they are saying their viewers aren’t smart enough to know it’s just a cartoon. Their continued remodeling of their theme park to appease the perpetually offended is far more offensive to me than an animatronic pirate selling brides. No one condones the pirate’s behavior, but it did happen. Hiding it removes a teachable moment for what they must think is the small number of their viewers that are a little intelligent.

      1. SomeOneSpecial

        You write an entire post about the “easily offended” yet there you are complaining about how easily offended you are…

        Heck what “woke rewriting” are you even going on about…?

      2. Axt113

        So you’re easily offended as well

  4. James

    I don’t pay for any streaming service, there’s more than enough sites out there where you can get all the shows for free, that these sites stream. You just gotta know where to look.

    1. Jordan

      The problem with that is that they then don’t get the money they need in order to keep making it. Don’t get me wrong, some shows can’t be watched anywhere and I find a place to watch it for free, but if it’s on a streaming service, I have to show them some love in hopes they can keep it going.

  5. CJ

    Netflix is no longer worth subscribing to monthly (Netflix is worth subscribing for months to binge on one or two Shows, then canceling until they have Content worth streaming for another month).

    Hulu is just as bad – in fact? There is PG-13 content on Disney + (shamefully neutered!). that should be on Hulu!

    If it’s Star Wars, or Marvel, exclusive to Disney +? It should be moved to Hulu once the Season has finished streaming on Disney + (except we know of that I’ll never happen because Team Chapek wants you to pay more as a consumer to bundle!)

    Finally? I 2nd the comment about “there are plenty of free streaming sites” from Tubi to Pluto TV (and more!) Paying for Internet service cost enough, Consumers don’t deserve to be upcharged and price gouged by streaming sites (that’s on par with paying more for less cable / satellite channels – and that’s what drove Consumers to cut the cord!)

    1. TV Watcher

      In the US, Hulu is a Disney+ product and can be bundled on for a few more bucks a month alongside D+. You have a great idea to move the 13+ content to Hulu so it’s not edited. But that would mean adding a few more $$ to your D+ subscription. At this point that may be worth it. We have been bundling Hulu since it was offered to us. I am starting to see Netflix may not be worth it anymore. We have them all, D+, Netflix, Prime, AppleTV, etc. The most expensive one is Netflix.

      1. Sweets

        Netflix is the most expensive but they also have the most variety of exclusive content. I don’t find Marvel and Star Wars to be that much of a variety. They’re fun but they’re fruit from the same branch. I find Disney+ a bit barren of over all content. While my husband could probably watch these tires of shows all day, at some point I get sick of it and crave something

  6. Julian H

    Netflix in the UK is riding high, I do not think it is going to go anywhere. I cancelled my Disney + because it was lacking in content and no where near as good as Netflix.

    I currently have Sky, which I hardly ever watch and Netflix. There is so much choice, which I believe is worth the cost at the moment to be honest.

  7. Sweets

    I don’t see any reason to stop Netflix. I like the service. I also like Disney+. The two are not so expensive that I feel the need to choose. Cable is still the most most expensive option by far.

  8. Brian

    I am not interested in marvel comics or the others jumping ship. I can always find something to watch on Netflix, and I know I pay less than 20 a month.

  9. Fabiano

    I totally agree with those who think $20 is a way to much for Netflix. I have it, but only because TMobile pays it, otherwise I would not waste my money on it. Netflix, do you want more subscribers or keep those you have? Then stop raising your prices.

  10. Luna

    I’m just amazed that in 2022 people think $20 a month, for a ton of original content, is expensive. Have you seen your own grocery bill? $20 a month is almost nothing unless you’re truly scraping pennies, in which case you should learn to pirate imo.

  11. Paul

    The erroneous assumption is that those handful of shows are the only reason those 750,000 subscribers are with Netflix. These contract changes do not occur over night. Like any previous one, Netflix sees them coming and adapts.

  12. Roldy

    I might drop Netflix eventually, but I will NEVER sub to Disney+. Never ever. I don’t care what shows they have.

  13. Domo

    With reading all the comments I guess I’m the only one that has HBO MAX. If I was to ever cancel Netflix I could live off of HBO MAX alone…

  14. Jeremy

    The only reason. I have Disney is for the Star Wars series. Other then that they really don’t have much content and new content coming. Netflix’s prices are out of control but at least they have a lot of content and always new stuff coming. I can never find anything to watch on prime or Hulu anymore.

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