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  1. Bill M.

    Well, I had not even thought that Disney might be inflating wait times for profit, i.e. so that guests would buy genie In order to not have to wait so long. But, let us examine this. No doubt, the genie system was designed to make a profit. And there is no doubt that the longer the wait times posted, the more likely people will purchase the genie. So, it is a natural consequence that people would suspect that the wait times are inflated for this purpose, i.e. for profit. The genie system has many negatives. But one negative is indeed the perception here that it gives. The continuance of the genie system will demand the accuracy of wait times. The stated reason above by a cast member (that guests are happy when they find smaller wait times than what is posted) will not do with the new genie system. Accuracy in wait time reporting is now a key element in the guest’s purchase. It is a key element in the decision making process. And no matter the reasons that Disney may give for posting inflated times, Inflated wait time reporting will rightly be viewed as a for-profit element.

  2. George Pilar

    Former CM from the Disney Reservation Center here. We were taught long ago that wait times have always been inflated to create “magic”, in that for example, a guest gets in a line with a 30 minute wait time, but often ultimately only waits 15 or 20 minutes. It has always been that way, long before Genie. However, I can also see 1000% that Disney will also use this to their advantage and push the use of Genie by making sure every guest knows their wait will likely be much shorter if they take advantage of Lightning Lane access. Without a doubt, they’re using what ever tools they have to ensure Genie turns a profit.

  3. Lisa D

    There is this whole process I have to go through now when I go to Disneyland just so I can get on my favorite attractions. I have to literally investigate everything and be two steps ahead the whole time it’s exhausting! Going to Disneyland use to be so much fun. I would just go with the flow and have so much fun. Now a days you have to learn all tricks ,the app, watch YouTube bloggers to figure out the system. it’s become to much. it’s a chore now not a vacation anymore. It makes me sad beacuse I love Disneyland so much.

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