Comments for Hollywood Icon Backtracks After Decimating Johnny Depp’s Acting Career in Memoir

Johnny Depp in Pirates

Credit: Disney


  1. Beth

    Backhanded compliments and self justified apologies simply are what they are. I hope Mr. Depp refrains from commenting – allowing the opinions so arrogantly spoken about him to only reflect the one who spoke them.

    1. Deana

      I have nothing to add to Beth’s perfection of a comment 😘

      1. Deets

        Eh… but you did!

  2. Heather

    I think Brian Cox is a pompous windbang who can’t act to save his life. At least JD has natural talant not only for acting but in the music world as well. Also he has millons of fans. Which I totally doubt the pompous windbag has.

    1. marcie harris

      Johnny Depp, I’m sorry this ridiculous man added any misery to your life. I’m sorry for your marital troubles as well. Amber Heard is not someone I have much respect for. I loved your movies and have always thought you to be an excellent actor. You shine! So I will. Sign all petitions to watch you in action in any movie you are in. Brian Cox I will avoid like the plague.

      1. Marie Woodward

        Are you proud of kicking a man when he is down!? Johnny Depp does not find it necessary to say mean things about you!

        1. JB

          Don’t know if rumors are true about JD, but respect his talent in all areas.

          Trally love his movies including “In the Nick of Time.”

          1. Yogi

            Maybe you need to hear J.D. and A.H. in their own voices recount the abuse. I find it extraordinary that no one has commented on her admitting to abusing him, instead of the other way around. And her behavior with Kevin Costner. She’s a nasty piece of work!!

        2. Ashley Arnold

          I’m sorry. Who is Brian Cox? Johnny Depp has been a treat to watch my entire life. can’t say the same about this random walking talking douchebag.

    2. Annabel

      Him. An icon?

      Media clutching at straws, init?

      1. Mike

        More of an icon to acting than Depp is.

    3. Mike

      Can’t act to save his life? Not only is that a stupid and inaccurate statement, it is also embarrassingly childish.

      1. Mike Cox by chance

  3. Ryan

    Who TF is Brian Cox, again?

    1. Ash

      That was my exact reaction.

    2. EXACTLY! Never heard of him! This, Jonny’s followers will always stand behind him.

      1. Kimberly

        Johnny Depp is the only true Pirate of the Caribbean and shame on Disney for their fickle reaction. If they don’t know the man after the first 5 movies, successful movies, SHAME on them again. Johnny…you rock and we love you!!

    3. Mark

      He plays the main villain in the Bourne movies.

    4. Diana

      Sounds like Cox is craving attention. His uncalled for remarks just show how pitifully miserable he must be.

  4. Plutarch Heavensbee

    Funny opinion coming from a person I couldnt even identify in a lineup. Who is this dude. Did he play on 90210 or something

    1. Beverly

      I would like to sign the petition for Johnny Depp I love his acting and movies he is Brilliant with it. Can anyone tell me how to go about signing this petition for him? Johnny Depp will always have my vote and signature.

  5. I NEVER LIKED Brian Cox from the start. He and Amber Heard are two birds of a feather. Total idiots. Johnny Depp is far more Brilliant, and a thousand times more talented than these two put together. And eventhough I have never met Johnny, in person, I believe he is as his co workers and close friends say: a treasure gem, a rare and extraordinary creature that needs to be cherished. And my own description, a common ordinary man with a beautiful heart. Johnny shines brighter than any Hollywood star that is or ever will be.. He’s incredible.

    1. Tracy

      What happened to the old saying “if you can’t say anything nice Dont say anything at all ..unfortunately Mr Cox your words did not ring true to Johnny’s fans and instead for me you have only made one person look bad …

  6. Alex A

    “Icon”?. As noted a pompous C level character actor.

    1. Savage Lynx

      Very creepy guy! Googled to find the pat he played in “Good Omens.” The guy looks like a pedophile, what was he doing around kids, was my reaction!

  7. Jules

    Was it just me, or did anybody else have to Google who Brian Cox is when this started? 🙄
    JD made the statement he would NOT return to Disney, not for $300M or 300M alpacas, so we know where he stands, and I’m thrilled he spoke up. Again. The rules have changed. Big things coming from his production companies.
    And In Virginia April 2022.
    Justice for JD is coming, and so many will be left in the dirt. Truth always wins.
    Have ya heard of his latest role in Minamata? You will! ❤️

      1. The Cruiser

        There was one?

    1. Julian H

      I just did the same . I think he has made a statement to get some press to sell his book, he must know he would get a response and therefore more publicity – how desperate he must be…

      JD is great and I’m feel for the guy, whom been put through the mill of late. I like him as an actor and I love what he has done for Children in hospital as the Captain Jack – A really nice guy crapped on by others. JD we have your back…

      1. Julian H

        Not sure why there are lines through the text sorry was not me that did it.

    2. patti

      Johnny depp is an extremely talented actor..who again is Brian cox? ..cox can crawl back in his hole

    3. Karolyn

      Totally agree 💚JD Always. AH Is A Piece Of 💩 & So Is This Guy Who I’ve Never Heard Of 🤡 I Hope JD Gets Justice 👍🏼 Is This Him Using JD To Get Press What A First Class 🤡 Brian Who?

      1. Brian Cox has achieved his aim with his comments. To sell his rags to riches book against the odds etc, etc Publicity. 2nd rate actor at best chosen to play bit parts, partly due to his perfectly sculpted facial good looks (not) . He will only be remembered by people who fed off him (ego boosters) for a short period and then forgotten. Possible sycophant. Sue him JD.

  8. Becca

    Who is Brian Cox? He apparently has a rather inflated opinion of himself, seeing how he has written a book about himself. His original comments about JD, as well as his ass backward attempt to smooth things over about those comments, just makes him look like a first class idiot.

    1. Diana


  9. Deb

    As you can see from the comments above Johnny has the support of his fans! Brian Cox? Never heard of him! But worldwide Johnny is beloved~!!
    Sending my love and support for one of the greatest actors to have ever lived…. Cox doesn’t deserve to lick his boots~!!!

    1. Well said , who is Brain Cox to make that comment !! Oh yes an old forgotten wanna be , Johnny depp is the most talented actor US has have produced

  10. It’s depressing,that a good Actor and be discarded like he was ,after how many pirates of Caribean movies he SOLD BECOUSE HE WAS GREAT,6 Wright 6 movies he mad for Disney,we all should Stand up for Jonny Depp,this Joker who wrote a BOOK ,has NO Taste for the movies,he sees how all the World Loves Johnny Depp and he can’t Stand it ,it’s just personality ,that Joker has NONE

  11. Sandra

    Haters gonna hate the simple fact “jealousy” is the word that is describing Mr. Who? Did anybody even buy the book? JD has many people in his corner. This is just a small pebble in his shoe and when he finally gets rid of it those haters like Mr. Who and that ugly jealous gold digger ex of his are going to run with their tails between their legs.

  12. William Blake

    You should have included at least ONE photo of this fellow, since it’s clear that none of us has ever heard of him. He’s a Brit who seems to have been a supporting actor in a lot of bit parts in shows and films you’ve never seen. Still, I was able to say “Oh, that guy. I think I’ve seen him somewhere” when I Googled him. At least his ego doesn’t seem to have suffered from the lack of good parts. If I was his age I’d be jealous, too.

  13. EM

    Did anyone even read this guys Memoir? No one would probably know about this if you didn’t write the story and I’m sure no one even cares what this guy has to say.

  14. Savage Lynx

    Seriously never heard of Brian Cox until his self-congratulating comments about an actor whom he clearly has staked all his own self-worth. He hates himself so much he has made sure his ridiculous memoirs are going virtually unnoticed. Instead, he is know as an envious old man.

    1. Gymy

      He has a book to sell and he cannot act. Mr monotone sat through one of monologues and thought why me.
      5 minute actor.

  15. I find it interesting that suddenly Brian Cox is offering meaningless apologies and phoney compliments. Could this be that Brian realizes that he could be a victim of “cancel culture “? Or perhaps Johnny’s people have demanded that Cox cease and desist ? Actors badmouthing other actors is just bad manners. Jealousy is a green eyed monster! Learn to keep your opinions to yourself lest it comes back to haunt you

  16. Jane D.

    Heard and Cox would make the perfect couple, the exact opposite as far as looks go, but such kindred spirits, such monsters!! Beauty, the Beast, the Bad, NO GOOD and both so very UGLY!

  17. Laura

    Brian Cox is only an Icon in his own mind! Johnny Depp is an Icon, Philanthropist and talented beyond what Cox could even begin to hope to be!!

  18. Julie

    Who is Brian Cox?? Seriously, I’ve never heard of him.

  19. Natalie

    Where do you get off judging someone more talented than you. In fact, only thing I can recall you from is “the ring”…..Mr johnny I remember him from the first Nightmare on Elm Street film when I was a kid. And I enjoyed watching him on the short lived show 21 Jump Street.

  20. Well I’ve one thing to say to this Brian Cox
    Who the hell are you
    Never seen you in a movie or ever heard of you
    You are a nobody to me but Mr Depp is someone whose made a name for himself and done much charitable work I honour Mr Depp
    Notice I’ve never put you has a Mr no respect for you
    Brian Cox what have you done in this world of trouble so many happenings have you fought for anything
    For eg animals whales the land that needs replenishing for animals the insect worl that makes the world turn round in nature how we get our food it doesn’t come out of a movie people are fighting to keep their land the farmers the backbone workers around the world and say something stupid about another man’s role in acting your not worth watching or meeting on screen or off the bloody make beleif soldiers have died for honouring their mates and fighting for a just cause to free the world of people who created slander and wrongful accusations about fella man

  21. Terri

    And who is Brian Cox? Just saying….

  22. Dala Kirkpatrick

    Brian Cox a Hollywood icon? Oh that made me laugh!! I love how they are given ridiculous titles they don’t deserve. Some apology that was, Mr. Cox. Try again.

  23. Andi

    This guy who no one recognizes is simply jealous of Johnny Depp’s talent and fame. Slinging mud at Johnny Depp is a way to sell his book. What a shame that people stoop so low. Who would want to read his book if it filled with trash like this?

  24. Bonnie H.

    Does sound like Brian Cox is craving for attention in the worst way by taking shots at Johnny Depp who it sounds like haven’t even had many paths that crossed. Perhaps Brian has been reading too many tabloid papers and has now reached a boiling over with outrage level to sell a book by bad mouthing a fellow more talented actor. Pretty pathetic Brian Cox, definitely not a Hollywood icon.

  25. Chanel McCoy

    I’d wager most of the population would have to imdb who Cox is and what he’s been in, whereas the vast majority of the world knows who Mr. Depp is and can name several of his movies. Mr. Cox just painted himself as a very jealous fellow.

  26. Sharon L Inserro

    I’m laughing at how many people don’t know “Succession” shows how
    Overrated the show is😂
    AND amber set him up!
    I’m not a fan of celebrities but he is way more talented than Cox.

  27. I met Johnny Depp when he was making Dillinger ,he was down to earth and laid back and very generous. I believe Amber Heard is money grappling fame seeker. And far as Brain Cox goes ,who the hell is Brain Cox anyways. Im sure he had some questionable acting in some of his gigs. Why go ranting about it. Only reason Jealously. Plain and simple truth. But thats just opinion.

  28. Scott Valona

    I met Johnny Depp when he was making Dillinger ,he was down to earth and laid back and very generous. I believe Amber Heard is money grappling fame seeker. And far as Brain Cox goes ,who the hell is Brain Cox anyways. Im sure he had some questionable acting in some of his gigs. Why go ranting about it. Only reason Jealously. Plain and simple truth. But thats just opinion. This probably wont get posted because there i already posted

    1. Ronnie Ambler

      When I saw the name Brian Cox, I did wonder why an astrophysicist was slagging of a world famous actor! Now it makes sense! 🤣 I did not recognise the name as an actor at all! Says everything really 😉

  29. Barry

    Brian Who?

  30. Kate

    Shade- who actually cares?

  31. Shel

    Naturally, Mr. Depp, your true form shines from within, and you’re beautiful. Nobody can ever take your light from you.

  32. Julie

    I’m thinking he wrote the book when he thought people were going to go against Johnny Depp during the trial. It backfired on him as no rational person believed that Amber Heard was bring truthful. (Except that judge.) Now he has to back track because Johnny didn’t lose his fan base.

    And yeah, no idea who this guy is. Icon?? Seriously? I was expecting Meryl Streep or Dustin Hoffman. Someone with a genuine career and notoriety. But they have enough sense to not espouse idiotic opinions.

  33. Dana brumett

    All that & and the sexiest man alive!. We’ll always love Johnny Depp! For 58 years old that man has it going on It& his talent on top of it keep rocking Mr. Depp, you’ve got your fans as you can see, we will always Have your back❣❣❣❣❣💋

  34. Shawn

    Brian Cox is a good actor, but Johnny Depp is a great actor. Brian can be in the same room with Brian and all Brian will see is the fans flocking to Johnny.

  35. Deb

    Brian Cox, (whomever he is), does not define Johnny Depp. His comments are neither here nor there.
    Johnny Depp, on the the other hand, is an accomplished actor, musician and a wonderful person/humanitarian.

    1. Shanaenae

      Agreed! I had to google Brian Cox….but everyone knows who Johnny Depp is.

  36. Shanaenae

    someone needs a proofreader. What does “…who have to singe heavily petitioned to bring…” EVEN MEAN?

  37. Diana

    Sounds like Cox is craving attention. His uncalled for remarks just show how pitifully miserable he must be.

  38. JM

    I’m sorry. Who is Brian Cox? Never heard of him,so I looked him up to see if his face was familiar. Nope. Not at all. But I did see that he is worth 8 million compared with Depp’s net worth of about 80 million. Now, I am not one who believes that money makes the man nor that a bank account is the measure of succes; however, just maybe Mr. Cox is a bit salty about the fact that Johnny has such is a fan favorite and as such has acquired a financial standing 10 times his own. But I don’t know what kind of man Brian Cox is since I’ve never heard of him. And since he apparently doesn’t know Mr. Depp personally, it just seems really weird to use his name derrogatorily in a book at all unless you think the controversy of doing so would bring more notoriety to yourself, but it wouldn’t be favorable by Depp’s legions of loyal fans so what would be the point? This whole thing seems weird. What a cad.

  39. Selena

    Who is Brian Cox though?🤣

  40. Randy W

    I know who Johnny Depp is, I’ve never heard of Brian Cox. Sounds like a jealous unknown failed actor in my book. Maybe he should get a real job. I heard Walmart is hiring.

  41. Tara Jordan

    Mr Cox, go away. Your contribution is NOT ok. We, the fans will always stand by Johnny’s side. Your best move is to run and hide

  42. Leigh

    I was attending a benefit concert in Austin, TX to support musicians struggling with medical bills at (the now defunct) Threadgills on Riverside. Threadgills was a casual outdoor venue with a laid back hippie vibe. Security wasn’t stringent…musicians (when not on stage) joined the audience to visit, enjoy the music and dance.
    I noticed a guy in a hat drop off the guitar he was carrying behind the stage and then join the audience. He was next to me and the whole audience was engaged in free style dancing. I turned to my friend a commented that not many men could pull off wearing a hat with such aplomb…I dorkily said to my friend; “Seriously, this guy could give Johnny Depp a run for his money when it comes to wearing a hat and looking cool”. We continued dancing and I ended up being twirled around by the guy in the hat. (You should know, at the time I was in my early 50’s…I look great for my age…but certainly no bombshell) The music ended, we clapped, exchanged first names, said thanks for the dance and moved on. Well, hell! I almost fell over as he was called on stage to join the band and was introduced as Johnny Depp. Apparently he was in town for The Rum Diaries.
    He seems to be a genuinely nice guy. I know for a fact that he’s an amazing guitar player.

  43. Gina

    I had to Google who Brian Cox is… nuff said.

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