Comments for Chapek Reveals 2022 Goals, Including a “Relentless Focus” on Audience

bob chapek with mickey and minnie

Credit: Disney


  1. Cameron

    Nah no need to replace him, I’ll be honest before reading this I didn’t have much hope for bob making things better, but I know it’s just words , this seems like a man with an ego. Before this i thought this man don’t give a d.. what people think and maybe even was doing some of it out of spite . But this speech highlighting the consumer[ I wish he world use a more humanizing word] over stockholders means he’s gonna go Early Eisners and start blowing money for better or worse.
    I could be wrong hope not but could be.

  2. Douglas Vitrano

    Then how about focus on how much people hate the new Genie+ and the Lightning Lane and bring back Fastpass

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