Comments for Chapek Reveals 2022 Goals, Including a “Relentless Focus” on Audience

bob chapek with mickey and minnie

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  1. Matthew Muir

    I believe the best thing Disney can do is keep Bob Chapek as CEO until the pandemic improves…….and then hire a younger CEO. I’m still confident that Susan Arnold will be able to keep him in check, and I believe the amount of utter hatred towards him has become OVERBLOWN. I genuinely don’t believe any other CEO, older or younger, could’ve done much better than Chapek at all in guiding the company through this hard period. And I believe we need to actually start being more constructive. If you dislike the parks, stop going, and more importantly, LET THEM KNOW what you need them to do to improve before you can summon up the courage to go back. That is the best thing WE can do.

  2. Cameron

    Nah no need to replace him, I’ll be honest before reading this I didn’t have much hope for bob making things better, but I know it’s just words , this seems like a man with an ego. Before this i thought this man don’t give a d.. what people think and maybe even was doing some of it out of spite . But this speech highlighting the consumer[ I wish he world use a more humanizing word] over stockholders means he’s gonna go Early Eisners and start blowing money for better or worse.
    I could be wrong hope not but could be.

  3. Douglas Vitrano

    Then how about focus on how much people hate the new Genie+ and the Lightning Lane and bring back Fastpass

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