Comments for Woman Sues Disney After Alleged Resort Electrocution

disney's contemporary resort

Credit: Disney


  1. Shes Fullocrap

    I call bullish:t I install. Wiling scans without even turning the power off and have been shocked plenty 110 will never cause any of those “issues” under your in water….just another a-hole looking for pay day!!

    1. Mary

      Electrocution causes DEATH. She received a shock. It must have been a bad shock, but she did not die.

  2. Andrew

    It drives me insane when the term electrocuted is used where their isn’t a death. Shocked isn’t electrocuted.

  3. Bobby

    This is crazy. I’ve been shocked several times while replacing switches or outlets. It’s nothing. She is just looking for a payday.

    1. Rob

      She’s not wrong when i stayed in one of the resorts and I got a shock from one of the ports on the bed I was in

  4. Tad Cook

    What does “under your in water” mean?

    What are “wiling scans”?

    Maybe you need an ESL course?

    I concur with the other commenter about severe shock being described as electrocution. No electrocution without death.

  5. ScottishLass

    She may have received an electric shock but had she been electrocuted it would be her family making the claim not her as she would be DEAD as a dodo 🦤

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